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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Author :Fēng Yǔ Zìrán 风与自然
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Chapter 58: Tea Party 3

Chapter 58: Tea Party (3)

Gong Yi Mo looked at her with amusement. “Who is your family’s miss?”

The servant raised her chin haughtily and replied, “My family’s young Miss is the one and only daughter of Liu Jun Wang! Such a commoner like you has no right to disrespect our young lady.”

So it was her!

Gong Yi Mo remembered her. A year ago, the young lady was punished by the Crown Prince for offending the Chaoyang Princess. Seeing her visit this time for payback, who knew what Su Miaolan had offered her to become allies.

“In that case, allow me to change my attire.” Gong Yi Mo was currently wearing her martial arts outfit from the day before; it was inappropriate for meeting a guest.

The maidservant sized her up, scrutinizing left and right. Her eyes clearly harbored ill intentions. She finally responded, “Just go like that. You mustn’t make my family’s miss wait too long. Her temperament isn’t very good.”

The old lady tried to impose on her, but this only made Gong Yi Mo angry!

Having been in a high and respected position for many years, the former princess released an overbearing pressure upon this foolish maidservant. Being faced with such a strong force field, the servant panicked and hastily took a step back. Gong Yi Mo sneered mockingly.

“In that case, don’t blame me for what I do. You asked for it.” After whispering her threat, Gong Yi Mo strode out of the room.


Meanwhile, Gong Jue and his men rushed as quickly as they were able.

Due to their great numbers, common bandits avoided them like the plague, so until now, they had only been intercepted by adversaries once.

Under Gong Jue’s leadership, the troop was able to encircle the bandits in a bloody massacre; numbering over a thousand, the bandits either fled or died. The slower ones were unable to escape his sword. Gong Jue’s impression as a God of Massacre was clearly imprinted in the hearts of these men for the first time. Those who used to despise the prince for his youth had begun to change their opinions of him.

At noon, the traveling group camped by the river.

Bai Sheng was the man appointed to Gong Jue by Gong Yi Mo, so the young prince trusted him dearly. He would only eat the food Bai Sheng prepared.

Gong Jue looked to the horizon. The further he journeyed west, the more desolate he felt. Fine sand and dust drifted everywhere, and there were fewer plants to be seen.

“At this rate, we should reach our destination in less than half a month.” Gong Jue’s tone was very calm. Unlike Gong Yi Mo, who always regarded the prince as a child, those who served him knew very well that Gong Jue was a mature and cunning thinker.

Bai Sheng absent-mindedly replied. In fact, he had been very uneasy since he received the princess’ letter a few days ago. He was truly upset–there were so many secret letters being sent to Gong Jue from the palace that revealed princess’ distressing news–and Bai Sheng had to intercept them all secretly. In the process, he had to be more attentive of Gong Jue.

Unexpectedly, there were so many enemies in the palace. Otherwise, why would there still be so many people trying to send information to Gong Jue even with princess and Zhen Xi Wang joining forces to keep the news under wraps?

Bai Sheng turned to look at Gong Jue’s childlike face. He swallowed nervously. This boy’s wisdom and calculations were not to be underestimated. However, since Bai Sheng was sent to him by the princess, Gong Jue blindly trusted him. Without question.

But if one day, Gong Jue discovered that he, the Princess, and Zhen Xi Wang had collaborated to deceive him, Bai Sheng didn’t know what the boy would do…

This was such a chore. Bai Shen shook his head. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that his future was bleak.

At this moment, Gong Jue was deeply immersed in his own thoughts and was unable to notice Bai Sheng’s unusual behavior. He grasped the strand of hair in his hand. There was only one thought in his heart:

Sister Gong, I will become strong in the future! Wait for me!

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