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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Author :Fēng Yǔ Zìrán 风与自然
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Chapter 57 – Tea Party 2

Chapter 57 – Tea Party (2)

Since the princess had no subordinated under her command, she must have used Gong Jue’s maternal family’s people. Previously, Gong Che had also received news that Gong Yi Mo had sent Zhen Xi Wang a letter before leaving the palace.

In order to prevent Gong Jue from finding out, she most likely decided to be alone.

Such a thought caused Gong Che’s heart to ache from bitterness… but it didn’t matter. In a few days, it would be the day of worshipping Heaven. By then, the emperor would definitely allow him the freedom to roam. Once that happened, he would go and seek her out!

After listening to Shen Shi Ye, Gong Yi Mo remained silent for a time.

In this tense atmosphere, Shen Shi Ye didn’t dare to breathe. Just earlier, he was boasting in front of Su Miaolan saying Gong Yi Mo wouldn’t dare refuse him. Later, long after that conversation, he finally remembered that the former Chaoyang Princess was no ordinary girl–she was fiercer than most men. Unfortunately, he couldn’t take back his words. If Gong Yi Mo refused to come to the tea party, how would he explain himself to his cousin?

That was why, at this time, Shen Shi Ye obediently poured some tea and handed it subserviently to Gong Yi Mo. Only God knows even his father had never enjoyed this respectful treatment.

The young girl was inwardly quite amused. If she actually went to the gathering, who knew what kind of trouble would await her. Because of Su Miaolan’s personality, which required revenge for even the smallest of grievances, accidentally taking her embroidery was enough to draw her hatred. Why would Gong Yi Mo bring trouble upon herself by going? It wasn’t like she thought her days passed too peacefully.

At this time, Shen Shi Ye shook the teapot only to find there was no tea left. He huffed angrily, “Servants! Are you all dead or something? How could the teapot run out of tea?”

He loudly complained for a while but no one paid attention to him. Gong Yi Mo up at him lazily. “Stop shouting. I let the servant go back and rest. Since I’m here alone, I have to boil tea for myself. Why, would you like me to serve some for you too?”

Shen Shi Ye sat up obediently. He looked at her cup full of tea and cautiously replied, “No thanks, I’m not thirsty.”

Gong Yi Mo’s young face gave a gentle smile. Some people pretend to be friendly, but she was born with her soft features. Her kind expression made those around her unable to resist being close to her.

Upon seeing her smile, Shen Shi Ye believed that Gong Yi Mo was the kind of person who made others feel comfortable around her. As for how she did it, he couldn’t say. While the young prince was in the midst of pondering, Gong Yi Mo stood up and looked at him.

“It’s getting late. I better get some rest. Also, I won’t be going to any tea party. If you can’t think of any excuses, just tell her I fell sick.”

Afterward, she grabbed Shen Shi Ye and shoved him out of the room.

However, she was very much aware–Su Miaolan wouldn’t give up just like this.

Sure enough, the very next day, Gong Yi Mo was awakened at noon by a loud knock.

She felt her stomach grumble from hunger, so she got up to open the door. Soon enough, an old maidservant appeared before her.

As soon as the maidservant laid her eyes upon the girl, her eyes flashed with disdain, but she quickly hid her dark thoughts and managed to squeeze out an awkward smile: “Young lady, my miss requests your presence.”

Gong Yi Mo grumbled, “I’m not going.”

Just as she was about to close the door, the uninvited guest quickly approached and shot her a warning glance. “This girl is so impolite! My family’s miss has a good heart and is very kind. She even came here to invite you personally! If you turn down someone’s goodwill, be prepared to face the consequences of your impertinence.”

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