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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Author :Fēng Yǔ Zìrán 风与自然
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Chapter 54: Su Miaolan 2

Chapter 54: Su Miaolan(2)

After hearing Zhen Xi Wang shared the contents of the letter, his wife Li Zhang felt worried about Gong Yi Mo’s well-being. “How can this be? The princess is only twelve years old. How can she survive by herself in the capital?”

Zhen Xi Wang sighed. “I’m afraid that whoever the Chaoyang Princess suppressed will use this opportunity to retaliate. Otherwise, this old man would not be too worried, knowing her skill.”

He continued to comfort his wife, “Don’t worry, the princess is a capable person. She said in the letter that she’s able to take care of herself. When has she let us down?”

… … …

Shen Shi Ye finally arrived in the city. Not caring about how the people searching for him had turned the capital upside down in their efforts, he resolutely made his way to Zhen Guo’s household the very next day.

Since he was a man, he couldn’t meet his cousin alone. So he asked his aunt to accompany him to meet up with Su Miaolan.

While Shen Shi Ye waited, Su Miaolan’s mother, Su Ru, gave her serious advice.

“My daughter, Mother knows that you cherish the Crown Prince, but he has now lost his position and is currently unfavored by the Emperor. Mother believes that Shen Shi Ye is good. Not only is he the heir to an honorable title, he also treats you well.”

“Mother, you don’t have to tell me this. Your daughter has her own plans.”

The warm and soft female voice floated in the air like a fairy’s melody. She lifted the curtain and saw Shen Shi Ye. The beautiful maiden smiled faintly.

She wore a pastel blue tube top along with a light flowing skirt; draped over her shoulders was an elegant white coat, while a lotus flower was placed in her hair as an ornament. A green dot was painted on her forehead to add to her style. Each aspect of her fashion was eye-catching and chic. At first glance, her outfit may seem ordinary, but on a closer look, one would realize the value of each of her worn articles.

Shen Shi Ye couldn’t stop himself from staring to appreciate her beauty.

But despite his cousin’s exquisite appearance, he unconsciously thought of another girl who was two years younger.

It was a beautiful girl. When Shen Shi Ye met her in the city yesterday, she was also wearing a white dress. Her sleeves were folded up while her hair had no embellishments; she only had a loose hair bun for her style.

Her fashion was very simple, but she still caught his eye. Shen Shi Ye did not realize it at first, but her humble appearance did not lose out to his cousin who was reputed as the first beauty of the capital.

Su Miaolan thought he had been staring blankly because her and coldly laughed in her heart, smiling kindly at him. “Brother Shen, my mother said you sought me out for an urgent matter?”

She acted reserved and did not dare to look him straight in the eye. If it was him, he would believe that he was favored by the first beauty of the capital and be immeasurably self-satisfied.

Shen Shi Ye frowned slightly. If it was Gong Yi Mo, she wouldn’t act coy around him.

Realizing his wandering thoughts, the prince felt surprised. Why was he always thinking of that nuisance?! And how could he think of his cousin as coy? His brain must have a problem!

“Brother Shen?”

Su Miaolan finally sensed something was out of place when she noticed his distraction.

“En?” Shen Shi Ye suddenly gave a big reaction. “I almost forgot! I came here to give you something!”

Hearing this, Su Miaolan felt very curious. Brother Shen was quite rich, so every he visited her, he would often give her some unusual treasure or item. That was why she could always show off during tea parties.

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