Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Chapter 52: Teaching the Prince a Lesson 2
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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Author :Fēng Yǔ Zìrán 风与自然
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Chapter 52: Teaching the Prince a Lesson 2

Chapter 52: Teaching the Prince a Lesson (2)

His pitiful eyes scrutinized the girl. She was still young and tender, but her eyes shined with maturity and wisdom that was unusual for her age. Although her words were quite vicious, those bright red lips that moved like petals… didn’t seem so annoying…

Especially the sweet scent of her body that emanated whenever she approached–it seemed to give off a strange and relaxing taste. It made her seem more appealing than she actually behaved.

Suddenly, Gong Yi Mo reached out and pinched the soft meat on his face! She had initially wanted to do so. This feels really good!

She said, “Little boy, you still haven’t answered my question.”

“Ouch… Ow, you bastard! You dare to pinch me! D*mn woman, th-this prince will definitely cut off your hand!”

Shen Shi Ye’s words gradually faded until swallowed the rest of his words at the back of his throat. She was clearly an annoying, ill-tempered girl. No wonder even the emperor didn’t want her!

The more stubborn he acted, the more Gong Yi Mo had the urge to mess with him. She continued to pinch his skin here and there, especially on his delicate face. What kind of pampering was used to maintain such good skin? It gave one the urge to take a bite out of it.

Shen Shi Ye was completely defeated. He began to beg pitifully,

“Great Aunt, I give up! I surrender! I’ll tell you everything, just please let go!”

He lay limp on the ground in defeat. Why did nobody come to save him? He even had to compromise with her. Why?!

Gong Yi Mo reluctantly put down her hands and asked, “Then tell me the truth, why did you make trouble with me?”

Shen Shi Ye’s eyes were wet with tears, but he dared not complain. He could only look at her sheepishly, his expression filled with grievances. Gong Yi Mo almost couldn’t hold herself back from teasing him again.

“It’s because you made Little Sister Su unhappy!”

His words caused Gong Yi Mo’s laugh to freeze on the spot. “Little Sister Su?”

Her eyebrows raised, and she spoke slowly, thinking over these three words, “When you mentioned Sister Su, did you mean Zhen Guo Household’s favored daughter, Su Miaolan? What is your relationship with her?”

When Su Miaolan’s name was mentioned, a smear of red suddenly appeared on Shen Shi Ye’s face. “She is the daughter of my mother’s younger sister, my cousin.”

Gong Yi Mo narrowed her eyes slightly. It seemed like this pair of cousins had a really good relationship.

She looked at him and said, “I don’t remember meeting her in the past.”

This was the truth.

Ever since her rebirth, Gong Yi Mo had avoided Su Miaolan deliberately, afraid that if they met, she may not be able to hold back her grudge. Thus, for the past fourteen years, Gong Yi Mo had never laid eyes on her, despite hearing so much about the young lady titled as the capital’s most stunning beauty.

Shen Shi Ye could sense Gong Yi Mo’s darkened mood. “You may not have met her, but last time, Su Miaolan gifted the Crown Prince a double–sided peony embroidery that she painstakingly sewed the past whole year. You saw it and said you liked it, and he ended up giving it to you! Sister Su was sad for more than a month when she learned of this. Do you have any idea what you did?!”

The more he spoke, the more excited he became. When he looked up, he suddenly noticed sorrow and self-deprecation displayed on Gong Yi Mo’s face, as if she had once faced deep resentment. At that moment, the angry words he was about to say stuck in his throat.

The girl was only twelve years old. How could she have such complicated emotions in her eyes?

For a moment, Shen Shi Ye thought he saw his mother. When the concubine was alive, she often looked at him with those same kind of eyes which he couldn’t understand. Gong Yi Mo’s eyes seemed just like his mother’s.

At this time, Gong Yi Mo suddenly reached out to unravel the whip tying down his body.

Just when he was about to shrink back in surprise, the girl had pulled out an item out of thin air like magic and held it out before Shen Shi Ye. It was the double-sided peony that Su Miaolan embroidered!

Gong Yi Mo laughed in self-ridicule. She would often store precious treasures in her space and this embroidery was one of them. But since this was made by Su Miaolan, she no longer cared for it.

“Is this what you were speaking of?” She smiled calmly but her voice carried a certain chill, “I’ll give this back, and I hope you never make trouble with me again.”
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