Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Chapter 51 – Teaching the Prince A Lesson 1
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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Author :Fēng Yǔ Zìrán 风与自然
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Chapter 51 – Teaching the Prince A Lesson 1

Chapter 51 – Teaching the Prince A Lesson (1)

“Tell me…” As soon as the little girl spoke up, the young prince subconsciously went quiet. Gong Yi Mo, who was kneeling by the river, slowly turned her head and looked at him with a villainous smile, “If I drown you in this river and run off with your horse, would they be able to save you?”

Gong Yi Mo’s smile caused the young man’s hair to stand on its end. The chill in her eyes was unnaturally sinister for her age. Fear crept into his heart. She just might do it!

The young prince laid helplessly on the ground. His Adam’s apple rolled as he swallowed nervously. “You… You wouldn’t dare!”

“You probably aren’t aware of my reputation in the palace.” Gong Yi Mo wiped her hands dry and slowly raised her eyes to look at him. “I murdered for the first time when I was only seven years old. Would I dare?”

The girl’s grin exposed her white teeth. An aura of malice and murderous intent spread forth from her body.

She found pleasure in scaring this youth.

The prince was terrified…

Unlike him, this young girl had already experienced bloodshed. In spite of this knowledge, the young man still withstood her threats due to his pride; his dignity as a prince compelled him to face death with courage rather than surrender in humiliation.

“So what? If you kill me, you’ll spend the rest of your life fleeing to the ends of the world!”

Despite his threat, his beautiful eyes seemed to tear up. He avoided her gaze and his eyes shifted uncomfortably.

In fact, Gong Yi Mo actually had a fondness for this kind of vigorous and youthful teenager. The princess played the role of this personality in the palace. However, in her eyes, the person before her was the truest appearance of a passionate youth.

Gong Yi Mo walked over and squatted in front of the teenager. The prince stared at her warily and shrunk back. When he realized how cowardly his move was, he suddenly puffed up his chest to show a fearless appearance.

His eyes seemed to say, “What are you looking at! Did this Prince allow you to stare?”

Gong Yi Mo grinned. She patted his face in amusement.

“Name?” demanded the girl. The Prince of Ping Wang had died early in her last life. Even if she had heard his name before, she had long forgotten it, so it was better to verify it.

“Why should this young master tell you…”

His haughty expression froze when a dagger suddenly appeared out of nowhere in Gong Yi Mo’s hands.

The girl began to play with the dagger. Its blade, along with its embedded gemstones, glittered with every twirl, giving off a dazzling yet dangerous beauty.

“Your name?” She once again threatened.

“This prince…” His unsettled eyes gradually calmed down. He finally said in a low voice, “Shen Shi Ye.”

“Shi Ye? We obviously aren’t acquainted with each other. Why did you approach me?”

“When I saw you, I thought your appearance was annoying… No… wait, it’s not exactly for that reason.” Shen Shi Ye’s eyes widened and filled with tears. Mother f**! The look in her eyes was so scary!

“So you’re saying my appearance was annoying?” Gong Yi Mo threw the dagger in his direction! The blade inserted itself deeply into the ground right beside his inner thigh… Who knows where it would’ve ended up if it landed wrongly!

Shen Shi Ye wanted to curse angrily! However, thinking that his enemy could dispose of his corpse in the middle of this wilderness… he was at a real disadvantage. Therefore, he must endure! He needed to endure this ugly woman!

Gong Yi Mo laughed darkly. She approached and came close to his face. “Then which part of my appearance displeased you? My eyes? Nose? Lips? As long as you mention one, I’ll give you a kiss. Don’t you think this game is quite fun?”

The boy in front of her was so lovely that her old aunt’s heart couldn’t help but tease this lively child.

Shen Shi Ye looked at the little girl before him in amazement. How did he come across such a shameless person with herculean strength? It was his bad luck.

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