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1085 Divine King Luo Xue 3

Why did he rather bear the endless infamy and tell the world about all his evil deeds—tearing down the palace and destroying the faith—when all he wanted was to protect the extraordinary lady's heart…

An originally compassionate man eventually did not hesitate to slaughter living beings and wanted to leave this mainland with that extraordinary lady's heart.

The force of the heavenly might was increasingly frightening, making it seem as though all the gods personally brought the calamities to the people.

The scary array formation force from ten thousand years ago was still extremely terrifying when appearing now!

What was sealed in the array formation was the true force of the Heavenly Tribulation and the fury of the heavenly might.

Bolts and bolts of blood-colored lightning were destroyed by Divine King Luo Xue, and even more heavenly might exploded on Divine King Luo Xue's body.

Currently, Divine King Luo Xue's body was already covered by fresh blood, but the heroic and heart-wrenching laughter echoed continuously.

However, at this very instant, a few gold carriages appeared in the sky not far away. Several huge demons pulled the gold carriages and circled around the sky.

"Divine King Luo Xue indeed wishes to leave this mainland to revive that woman. If that woman is revived, wouldn't we definitely die?"

A deep voice sounded from one of the gold carriages.

"Haha… It's fortunate that we foresaw this and hid an ancient array formation on Divine King Luo Xue's body. Once he wishes to obtain the Spiritual Abode and leave this mainland, the ancient array formation will be activated, and he will definitely die."

Ye Qingtang's eyes were on those gold carriages right now. Once she saw the symbol on those gold carriages, she was slightly taken aback.

"The hidden ancient clan?!"

The historical records of this mainland once documented that somewhere between the clouds and mountains, there existed a hidden ancient clan that was shut away from the world, and its symbol was exactly the same as the one one the gold carriage.

There were plenty of rumors regarding those ancient clans in this world but…

In her previous life, Ye Qingtang had never seen a single hidden ancient clan even when she left this mainland.

She originally thought that the existence of the hidden ancient clan was merely a random record and not the truth or that perhaps those ancient clans had already long passed away over time.

Thus, Ye Qingtang used the name of the hidden ancient clan to deceive Peerless School and the few Peak Masters of Falling Sky Valley.

But it turned out that…

The hidden ancient clan actually existed in this mainland!

Ye Qingtang narrowed her eyes at those gold carriages.

She did not know why the hidden ancient clan suddenly appeared and came here.

But for some reason, Ye Qingtang faintly sensed that the appearance of these hidden ancient clans was perhaps related to Divine King Luo Xue.


The blood-colored lightning rained down non-stop, and the force of the heavenly might was difficult to block.

Divine King Luo Xue was eventually unable to block the frightening attack of the Heavenly Tribulation, and his body fell from the sky.

"Old Valley Master!"

Seeing that Divine King Luo Xue's body fell, Perfected Xuanchen and the other Falling Sky Valley masses were sorrowful.

Although no one knew what exactly happened to the old Valley Master's body, most of them at the scene would already have died without him.

The old Valley Master once blocked many disasters and saved the lives of numerous Falling Sky Valley members… All of this was inexplicable.

Divine King Luo Xue's consciousness was gradually blurred, and his tight grip on the Regicide Sky Blade slowly loosened. The Regicide Sky Blade sighed. "Old friend… Dignified Divine King Luo Xue, is it the end today… Your dream is not yet fulfilled… Ending like this… Is it a pity…"