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979 Sky-High Reward

Fang and Gahon agreed with Razer.

After all, if this powerful person had the ability to kill eight guards within seconds, he must be at least Stellar-level!

\"Stellar-level on this planet?\" Fang was shocked. \"That's not possible. I don't believe a Stellar-level is hidden on this planet.\"

\"I think so, too.\" Gahon nodded in agreement. \"Stellar-level, that's almost at the same level as us. A person of such status should not work so rashly.\"

Stellar-level warrior!

A person that had reached that level, there were only a few in Dimu Star Sector. How was it possible they were so impulsive?

\"It seems this task is quite troublesome.\" Razer touched his chin. \"The killer arranged the scene purposely, he's rather smart. The death scene is unknown, the wounds on the bodies are hard to determine. But no matter how I see it, the killer is very strong. It won't be easy to find someone like that.\"

\"Big Brother Razer.\" Fang thought carefully then suddenly asked, \"Do you think it could be Hong Dali? If it was someone of such strength and ability, there aren't many on Faerie Star, right?\"

\"Hong Dali? I thought it was him previously. But now, the possibility seems low.\" Razer shook his head. \"Do you remember the appraisal of Hong Dali that we got from the respected Green Phoenix previously? Ranked fifth in the Dimu Star Sector. We have met the other four people and they are very strong, indeed. Although I don't think they are strong enough to kill Malone's eight guards within seconds.\"

This was the key point.

Regarding the super genius who had passed Level 30 of the Tower of Trials, Dimu Star Sector had sent people to the Green Phoenix to find out more previously. The conclusion was that this person was ranked fifth in the Milky Way. Which meant that the four people ranked ahead were stronger than him.

But Razer and the other Top Operatives had met the four people in the top four rankings. None of them possessed the ability to kill eight Fifth-Order Planet guards in seconds.

At this point, Razer said, certain, \"Looking at the current situation, the killer should be someone who is super strong and has hidden their real strength. Even if he has not achieved Stellar-level, he should be eligible to be one. The people beside him must have the ability to kill one to two Fifth Order Planet guards in seconds as well.\"

A super strong warrior who hid his strength. It was not completely rare. Many people were like that. They were usually low-profile and only focused on their training. It was possible that not many people knew about their existence.

Or perhaps it was a Black-level Honorary Aristocrat who hid their real ability. They had possibly come here to train in seclusion but met Malone, who wanted to abduct their women. Then, they killed Malone on impulse. This was possible, although the chances were low. After all, if they were willing to become Black-level, they would definitely be willing to advance further. It was not logical to hide their strength in this manner.


Fang and Gahon were completely quiet.

No matter how they looked at it, things seemed out of their expectation…

\"I can't be bothered about all these.\" Razer thought for a while, then decided. He said in a low voice, \"Spread the news of Malone's death in Faerie Star. Let everyone know. A High Noble is dead. Such a matter isn't small. We must let everyone know the consequences of killing a High Noble!\"

\"Open the reward program. A reward of one billion Dimu Dollars! If someone knows who killed Malone and produces evidence of it, one billion Dimu Dollars will belong to him. I don't believe that we can't even buy a little bit of useful information with one billion Dimu Dollars!

\"As long as anyone knows about this matter, it is not possible for them not to waver in front of such a sky-high reward. Once we get a rough idea of this matter, we'll carry out the next step!\"

Hearing that, Fang and Gahon smiled and nodded their heads.

One billion Dimu Dollars was a sky-high reward. Not many people could bear such a temptation.

What concept was that? It was no exaggeration to say that the status of a Black-level Honorary Aristocrat was only worth one billion Galaxy Dollars. The exchange rate of Dimu Dollars against Galaxy Dollars was one to five!

All in all, that was five billion Galaxy Dollars. An absolute astronomical number!

An astronomical sum just to buy a piece of news!

Who would not be tempted?! As long as they provided information, they could get five billion Galaxy Dollars, at no risk! Besides, according to the usual rules, the informants' identity was kept secret!

What could one do with that much money? They could do whatever they wanted. They could be rich without risking their lives. That was better than a warrior constantly living in danger. Especially since this sum was sufficient for one to spend for a few lifetimes.

As the saying went, people would die for money, just like how birds would die for food. Facing such a sky-high reward…

\"Hehe, next, does that mean we can just wait for news to appear?\" Fang chuckled. \"It feels good to steal a little leisure from the rush of business.\"

\"Indeed. We'll take action once we get any news.\" Gahon did not like to use his brains. It was best to sit around and enjoy the fruits of others.

Black-level Honorary Aristocrats could obtain considerable wealth, but could that money be spent at will?

The journey of cultivation was like a boat going against the current.

It was infinitely glorious becoming Black-level. But what was next? Stellar Aristocrats gave them money to increase their ability, not to enjoy life!

If they spent the money enjoying themselves without increasing their ability and strength, once they got challenged and lost, what was once theirs would no longer belong to them!

Falling from a high place, that was not a feeling many could bear with.

Hence, countless Black-level used their money to increase their abilities. Buying attribute gems, buying herbs to increase their attributes, buying high-level equipment. Everything needed money!

They could earn money from hunting beasts. But it was easier to spend money than to earn it!

How much did a +10 attribute gem cost? Seventy to eighty thousand. Many a little made a mickle, but it was not as easy. What if they encountered danger? It was not easy to hunt down beasts.

Near the Green Phoenix's cave, Spiral Galaxy Black and White-level Double Aristocrat who passed Level 30 of the Tower of Trials, Xiao Shengzhe, sat on the ground. He pondered upon the information he got from the Green Phoenix.

He had fused with a Soul Stone. Hence, it was not important to look for Soul Stones. What was important was how he could increase his strength.

\"My current strength is about to hit the threshold of a Stellar-level.\" Xiao Shengzhe mumbled. \"Next would be my attributes. Other than Soul Stones, the most expensive thing on Faerie Star is attribute gems and herbs that can increase attributes. If I could find more herbs or Soul Stones, even if I have no use for them, I could sell them for money to buy what I need.\"

\"Once my attributes reach the limit, I could try to become Stellar-level. According to the respected one, the entry requirements for Stellar-level is for all attributes to be 1,200. At that time, I could master the fourth-level dark energy. My attributes will increase greatly then. I'm not too far from the entry requirements now. Hence, the only thing I need now is money! Hehe. Once I have money, I could increase my attributes to meet the entry requirements for Stellar-level. I would have no fear of Hong Dali, then. So what if he's a genius? Who would be better than who?\"

There were four levels in the Secrets of Dark Energy.

First-level, Gather Energy. Second-level, Strengthen Energy. Third-level, Release Energy.

Milky Way genius Li Haokong had reached this level.

The highest level of dark energy, fourth-level, was Sense of Energy. At this stage, the user could sense the dark energy within a radius of a hundred miles. They could easily use dark energy to attack, defend, or control their opponents.

In order to master Sense of Energy, the first requirement was for all attributes to exceed 1,200! This was also the entry requirements for a Stellar-level. Once he met the entry requirements, he could master fourth-level dark energy. His attributes would rise tremendously and exceed 2,000! Depending on individuals, it could even be more than 2,000.

When Xiao Shengzhe thought up to this point, a holographic projection suddenly appeared on his trench coat. The information displayed on that projection made Xiao Shengzhe completely stunned!

\"What?!\" Xiao Shengzhe stared intently at the information displayed on the holographic projection.

\"One billion Dimu Dollars?!\" Xiao Shengzhe's breathing accelerated. Even with his strength, his heart beat faster as well.

One billion Dimu Dollars, that was five billion Galaxy Dollars. Such a sky-high reward…

\"High Noble Sir Malone was killed?\" Xiao Shengzhe exclaimed. \"Who had the guts to do such a thing? But that's not a bad thing. Hahaha. Heaven is helping me. I was just worried about where to find money. Such a good thing actually came along! As long as I provide information, I can get one billion Dimu Dollars. I don't even have to worry about exposing my identity.\"

\"Find, I'll go find right away!\" Xiao Shengzhe shot up. His eyes glimmered. \"No matter what, I have to find this killer!\"

Aristocrat trench coats in the Universe were not just for display. This trench coat had a lot of functions. Other than allowing High Nobles to track their location, conveying messages was another function.

One billion Dimu Dollars, such a sky-high reward just for providing information. Who would not be tempted?

\"Shh—\" With this goal in mind, Xiao Shengzhe set off.

Sky-high reward. Everyone on Faerie Star brewed with excitement. One billion Dimu Dollars, with this money, one could get countless precious items to increase their strength in the biggest black market in Dimu Star Sector. Once they met the entry requirements of a Stellar-level, they would get much more!

Indeed, everyone on Faerie Star brewed with excitement. Not just Honorary Aristocrats, even the Stellar Aristocrats were excited.

Who would think they had too much money? Especially since this money came risk-free. All they had to do was provide information.

Just like water in a hot oiled pan. Everyone who got this piece of news sprung into action!