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On Faerie Star.

Not long after Hong Dali's group of five left Mother Bear's cave, Hong Dali suddenly stopped. He frowned, deep in thought.

\"Young Master, what's wrong?\" Levis asked curiously, \"Why have you stopped?\"

\"I keep feeling that something is wrong.\" Hong Dali thought for a while, then said, \"First of all, Malone is dead. With the technology the High Nobles possess, they should already know about his death. Then think, the most important question is, why did Malone come to this planet? It would be easy for them to find out why Malone came here. It was either for me or Sister Nianwei.\"

\"I see.\" Blood Demon immediately understood. \"Young Master means that since Malone could find us easily, it means that other High Nobles could also find us easily. Now, Malone is dead. If they find out why he came here, the fact that we have disappeared from their radar would stick out. The Top Operatives will definitely guess that we were the ones who did it. Then, when they cannot find us, what would happen? They would definitely go straight to the Milky Way looking for someone to take responsibility. If that happens…\"

\"If that's the case, Earth will not have enough time!\" Hong Dali gritted his teeth fiercely. \"Everyone, go back and put on your trench coats! The Top Operatives must find us in the shortest time possible! Earth will have enough time only if we distract them!\"

He was not wrong.

If the Top Operatives came and started investigating, they would find out the purpose of Malone's visit, which was to look for Hong Dali.

It turned out, however, Malone died once he reached here. It was inevitable that Hong Dali would definitely become the number one suspect.

Then, the first thing they would want to do would be to check on the coordinates of the Honorary Aristocrats and Galaxy Aristocrats in the area. And they would find… nothing!

When that happened, it would confirm Hong Dali's identity as the killer. He killed someone and absconded. The monk might have run away, but the temple would remain. What was sure to happen next would be obvious—they would create trouble for the Galaxy Aristocrats, and the Galaxy Aristocrats could not possibly allow their entire race to be wiped out for the sake of one Hong Dali, right?

Then, New Earth would be in trouble.

Time, time was what they needed most now. Although Hong Dali had telepathically called for the Emperor Beetle to lead the Zerg forces to New Earth, according to what they had inferred, they would definitely not reach in time!

So now, Hong Dali's plan was simple. The six of them would attract the attention of the three Top Operatives. At the very worst, Hong Dali could make use of his Star Knight transformation and directly kill the three Top Operatives.

This way, the High Nobles would have to send people again, and they would have enough time!

\"Let's go back and put on all our trench coats!\" Hong Dali said through tightly gritted teeth, \"We will be beacons and wait for them to come to us.\"

\"Okay!\" Everyone agreed in unison and immediately made their way back.

Among the stars in the Universe, a star sector near the Faerie Star.

Space oscillated, folded and fluctuated. Then, a 2000-kilometer-long Stellar-level Space Carrier appeared.

\"My Lord, reporting.\" The messenger ran into the command center and reported, \"We are 56 hours away from Faerie Star now.\"

\"Well, it looks like we are in luck.\" Of the three, Razer was obviously the commander. He nodded, and then instructed, \"Contact the space carrier that Malone was on, and ask his purpose for coming here.\"

\"Yes!\" The messenger then left, and soon, the central hall of the command center projected an image. Once the person in the image saw Razor and the other two, he hurriedly bowed in greeting. \"Malone's subordinate, Dimons, greets the three Lords.\"

\"Well, Dimons,\" Razer directly asked, \"what's Malone's purpose in coming to Faerie Star?\"

\"My Lord,\" Dimons replied, \"Lord Malone found out the identity of the super genius from the Milky Way who passed Level 30 of the Tower of Trials. He came here to bring that super genius to Dimu Star Sector Headquarters.\"

\"Oh? Is that so?\" Razer touched his chin, thought for a while, and then asked, \"It's the Milky Way, right? I'll check it out first.\"

As the Top Operatives under the High Nobles, Razer's authority would definitely not be lower than that of Malone.

Soon, the coordinate positions of all the Galaxy Aristocrats and Honorary Aristocrats on the Faerie Star appeared—

\"Hmm? The current position of the Galaxy Aristocrat is at the entrance of the respected Green Phoenix's cave?\" Razer did not look well. If the Galaxy Aristocrat was in front of the entrance to the Respected Green Phoenix's cave, it seemed unlikely that it would be her. Most of the Galaxy Aristocrats would wait around the entrance to the Respected Green Phoenix's cave. After all, they were usually only sending people here. Only the Black-level Honorary Aristocrats went all around the world to train.

\"There are so many other Milky Way Honorary Aristocrats all around.\" Razor was a little troubled. \"Which one is the real killer?\"

The High Nobles were the supreme law in the Dimu Star Sector. Now that a High Noble had been killed, they had the authority to extract punishment for a crime, but that did not mean that everyone who was from that galaxy had to be killed.

A galaxy had thousands of inhabited planets and the origins of the Honorary Aristocrats were usually different. It was impossible to kill everyone because they were from that galaxy. They could not possibly wipe out the entire galaxy, right?

\"Wait, that's not right.\" Razer thought about it as he stroked his chin and suddenly said, \"If this Hong Dali is really the super genius who passed Level 30 of the Tower of Trials, then he should not be Black-level. It is more likely that he is the highest level among Honorary Aristocrats, Black and White-level. In that case…\" Soon, he began a new search. \"Milky Way, Black and White-level.\"

This time, he quickly found his target. Razer looked at the map above Faerie Star and said, frowning, \"Seems like Hong Dali did not hide, he even has five Black-levels around him.\"

\"Brother Razer,\" Fang thought about it and then said, \"Is it possible that Hong Dali is not the killer? After all, he is the most suspicious, but he has not tried to run away after killing a High Noble. No matter how I look at it, he does not seem to be the killer.\"

\"It's hard to say at the moment. No matter what, he is a genius who passed Level 30 of the Tower of Trials without dying even once.\" Razer thought of a brief moment, then said slowly, \"We must not convict a talent like him casually. What we need now is proof. When we land, we will go and see the respected Green Phoenix first, then move on from there. That bit of time will not make a difference no matter how much of a hurry we are in.\"


Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

Razer and the other two soon arrived outside the atmosphere of the Faerie Star. They parked the space carrier in space and made their way down to ground level and straight to the mountain where the respected Green Phoenix was in a small spacecraft.

Soon, the spacecraft landed. Razer, together with the other two, slowly walked down from the spacecraft.

In front of the respected Green Phoenix's cave was a long row of people as usual. There were hundreds of people seated cross-legged on the ground, and there was also a lot of Galaxy Aristocrats resting nearby.

Standing at the door of the cave, Razer and the two people took one glance at the hundreds of Black-level Honorary Aristocrats in the queue ahead of them. Razer spat out one word quietly, \"Scram!\" As the Top Operatives under the High Nobles, it was natural for Razer and the other two to be so arrogant in the Dimu Star Sector.

They had strength, identity, and status, so they naturally did not need to bow down to anyone.

However, their status was a little too high and most people did not know them—even among Galaxy Aristocrats, there were not many who had seen Top Operatives.

\"Who are you? So cocky?\" Many people in the crowd shouted.

He was asking people to scram as soon as he got here? Who did he think he was? This was the Faerie Star, and with the respected Green Phoenix here, even High Nobles had to abide by the rules!

\"One's identity is not important.\" Razor nodded imperceptibly at the 2.5-meter tall brawny man next to him, and as if talking about something trivial, said, \"Gahon, clear the field.\"

Clear the field! There were so many Black-level Honorary Aristocrats present against just these three and they wanted to clear the field!

\"Okay.\" The giant Gahon clenched his fists in excitement. His mouth turned up in a slight sneer and said, \"I'll give you 5 seconds to leave. After five seconds, I will clear the field.\" Then, he started counting, \"Five!\"

\"Crazy!\" At this time, everyone had sensed that these three people were influential, but here on Faerie Star, as long as no one died, it was not an offense to attack others. Immediately, there were three Black-level Honorary Aristocrats who immediately dashed forward to attack Gahon!

\"Four!\" Faced with the attack from three people, Gahon did not even hide. He met their attack with a punch!

His fists were huge. As he punched, his fists were quickly covered with a solid layer of stone. A loud blast was heard and the three attacking Black-level Honorary Aristocrats were immediately sent flying.

Gahon did not even move a bit!

Everyone instantly went silent!

This guy named Gahon was so powerful? They were Black-level Honorary Aristocrats, three of them, and they did not even manage to move him a tiny bit?

\"Three!\" Gahon continued counting.

At this time, even if those present wanted to leave, it was too late. Gahon obviously ran out of patience. He chuckled evilly and clenched his fists. With a rumble, he slammed them on the ground!

Boom boom boom boom—!!

The entire ground cracked and the earth ruptured. With Gahon as the center, countless stalagmites pierced through the ground and fanned outward like ripples!

One strike, just one strike and all the black-level Honorary Aristocrats outside the cave were sent flying by Gahon. They were all sprawled on the ground, groaning in pain and unable to get up.

This was why Gahon did not want to make matters too big. Otherwise, there might be bodies all over the ground.

\"You are still so impatient,\" Razor said flatly, then walked towards the cave. \"Let's go, let's see the respected Green Phoenix and see if we can get any useful information.\"

And the three of them entered the cave.