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Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Author:Chen Ji Tang Hong Dou

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UpdateTime:10/15/2019 4:44:27 AM

Updates:354 The Kind and Charitable Big Prodigal Hong

“I have to squander; otherwise, won“t it be a waste of my parent“s talent at earning money?“ Hong Dali answers a reporter“s question matter-of-factly.

Just after the interview ends, Hong Dali opens the Great Prodigal System“s interface and looks at the various good stuff displayed in it. Stroking his chin, he mumbles to himself, “I just need to squander 200 billion yuan more t...
《Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal》 Volume 1
1 Great Prodigal System
2 The Engagement Proposal
3 Squandering Is Actually a Type of Skill
4 I Must Have Opened the Script the Wrong Way!
5 Not in the Least Expected
6 The Feeling of Being a Nouveau Riche
7 The Prodigal's Exuberance
8 The Outcome of Squandering
9 The Unfriendly Brother
10 To Squander on a Large Scale!
11 Buy a House to Raise Dogs
12 Am I Squandering It Right?
13 The Legend of the Lackey
14 The Dreadful Queen Fan Er
15 Dog Shit's Luck
16 The World of the Rich
17 The Squanderer's Breakfas
18 Haven't You Heard of Dali's Miracle?
19 The Invincible Dali
20 Mayor Jiang's Classic Name-Calling
21 Neither Predecessors nor Successors
22 I Just Want to Hear I
23 The One and Only, No Others
24 Dig a Bigger Pi
25 Not Bad, This Is the Taste!
26 The Prodigal's Recipe
27 Hong Family's Family Meeting
28 The Waves at the Back Overtaking the Waves in Fron
29 I Will Have This Hill!
30 Mu Yuxi
31 I Want to Be the King of the Mountain
32 The Love of Parents
33 Dali Is Healthy
34 The Noble Community Is Really Messy
35 Playing in the Film Industry Seems Quite Interesting
36 An Unforgettable Nigh
37 “Lightning Pursuit,” Li Nianwei
38 Lighting That Cost 20 Million Yuan
39 This Smoke Is Too Choking
40 This Is Truly My Biological Mother
41 I Don't Expect Myself to Be Awesome, but I Should Wish for My Opponent to Fail
42 An Unexpected Reward
43 Scold Me with One Sentence and I Will Kill Your Whole Family
44 Unexpectedly, Dali Creates Miracles
45 Embarking on the Pinnacle of Life
46 Dali Is Actually Blushing
47 The Start of the Concer
48 Superprodigal
49 Laser Show
50 Comrade, You Have Worked Hard!
51 Blockbuster
52 This Pillow Is Comfortable
53 You Just Want Me to Genuflect? I'll Do It!"
54 God-level Plan
55 Producing Clouds With One Turn of the Hand and Rain with Another
56 I Can't Speak The Truth?
57 I Choose You!
58 Five Authors
59 Awesome Recipe for Prodigals
60 Because of Dogs
61 My Sense of Logic Has Shattered All Over the Floor
62 Liu Yihui
63 Excited Plus Dog Treasure
64 Eat Steamboa
65 The Cooked Duck Had Flown Away
66 Liu Mingxin
67 A Trick Within a Trick
68 The Story About One Dollar
69 Don't Stop The Medicine!
70 Since Yu Was Born, Why Liang Was Also Born
71 Come, Let's Squander to My Heart's Content!
72 The God-level Nouveau Riche
73 I Cannot Tolerate This!
74 The Zealous and Righteous Hong Dali
75 Manner
76 Acting One's True Self
77 I Better Just Look at the Pork Shoulders...
78 Erase to the Zeros
79 Difference Between the Tips
80 A Toy to Grind One's Teeth
81 I Didn't Regret It, Just That My Intestines Went Green
82 Dark Gold Quality, Trustworthy
83 Sister Blood Consor
84 In My Name
85 Hurry up and Find a Wife
86 The Fantastical Jewelry Se
87 Dali Is a Real Man!
88 This Isn't Enough!
89 Meeting of Foes
90 Big Bro Dali’s New Nickname
91 Thank You For Bestowing Kindness Upon Us, Young Master!
92 I Want! I Want To Sleep With You!
93 Gold-digger
94 You Will Not Understand Even If I Explained
95 Will This Burn Money?
96 The Tang Family's Crisis
97 Preparation for “I Am a Singer”
98 Sir Mu
99 Real Man!
100 If You Don't Seek Death, You Won't Die
101 Descent of An Immortal
102 Still Quite Sweet...
103 Difficult Decision
104 Finding Something Fun
105 Good Friend, You Have a Bright Future
106 Confirmation
107 A Prodigy in the World of Lucky People
108 You Are Planning a Revolt!
109 Cost of Joining
110 I Don't Ask to Be the Most Wealthy, but the Most Incredible!
111 Respect for Young Master
112 You've Got to Look at This
113 Crazy... Everyone is Crazy...
114 Drink Might, Acquire Migh
115 Chui Chui Is My Male Idol!
116 The System That Prohibits Gambling
117 I Can Only Help You Till Here...
118 I Can See That Your Bones Are Special
119 Fight the Landlord
120 East's Mingxin, West's Zixiao, South's Yifeng, North's Dali
121 Going Against The Heavens!
122 This World Is Really Mystical!
123 “Wash, Cut, Blow” Geezer Wang
124 The 18 Palm Attacks to Defeat Dragons?
125 Hardcore Fan
126 Prepare Some Rapid Action Heart Tonic...
127 This Plot Is for People to See?
128 Kowtow a Thousand Times
129 Hong Dali, the Great Conner
130 I’m Here to Get Hit?
《Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal》 Volume 2
131 Can Only Squander Money, but Not Earn It!
132 Holographic Projection Technology
133 Villains Collude Together
134 When Dali Produces Something, It Must Be The Best!
135 Family's Rules
136 He Is My Son
137 Domineering Statemen
138 Young Master's Capabilities
139 A Stunning Opening Ceremony
140 Miracle
141 A Storm
142 Craziness
143 The System's Mission
144 Do You Think That I Can't Count!?
145 Nouveau Riche!
146 Some Celebrate, Some Worry
147 Donald Duck
148 The Corn of Capricorn
149 Quentin
150 Lin Zixuan
151 A Terrifying Battle Prowess
152 E-Sports
153 Monster, Show Yourself!
154 Picked up from the Roadside
155 Old Rogue
156 Have Boldness! Have Foresight! Have Magnanimity!
157 800 Stainless Steel Beds
158 Zhang Gongyan
159 Kidnap the Director of a Gaming Company
160 Actually, I Am Very Pure and Innocen
162 Xiaoyi's Troubles
163 The Rabbit Dies and the Fox is Depressed
164 Xiaoyi's Brother
165 How to Become a Prodigal
166 I Didn’t See Anything
167 Follow Me and You Will Not Be Mistreated
168 Young Master's Wrath
169 Axe Gang
170 Heavenly State's Four Talents
171 Beautiful Woman Are Just so Self-Confiden
172 Chui Chui, I Love You!
173 I Enjoy Bullying Others in Numbers
174 Full Missile Launch
175 Found a Coal Mine? Iron Mine? Hot Spring?
176 “Let us all eat and drink well!”
177 Brother, I Can Only Help You This Much...
178 I Have Special Recitation Skills
179 What a Cute Lolita...
180 Grand League
181 Service Must Be Proper, Attitude Must Be Sincere
182 An Awesome Invention
183 Can You Kiss Me Again? Part One
184 Can You Kiss Me Again? Part Two
185 This Is My Home
186 Underground Expedition
187 An Amazing Discovery
188 Brother Turn Back
189 The Mascot of Tianjing City
190 Only After Being Able to Stand Disadvantages Will You Then Be Able to Enjoy Advantages
191 Alarming Luck
192 The Superb Mu Zixiao
193 It Should Work
194 Never Lef
195 The Woman Who Jumped into the River
196 Dreams Will Never End!
197 Good Luck
198 System Upgrade
199 Family Meeting Part One
200 Family Meeting Part Two
201 Family Meeting Part Three
202 Family Meeting Part Four
203 Family Meeting Part Five
204 Family Meeting Part Six
205 Family Meeting Part Seven
206 Family Meeting Part Eigh
207 Family Meeting Part Nine
208 Family Meeting Part Ten
209 Family Meeting Part Eleven
210 Family Meeting Part Twelve
211 Family Meeting Part Thirteen
212 Family Meeting Part Fourteen
213 Family Meeting Part Fifteen
214 Family Meeting Part Sixteen
215 Family Meeting Part Seventeen
216 Family Meeting Part Eighteen
217 Family Meeting Part Nineteen
218 Family Meeting Rookie King!
220 Harming Others Without Even Batting an Eyelid
221 How Can I Stand I
222 Unresolvable
223 Saving Big Turtle
224 Turn over!
225 Emergence of the Black Tortoise
226 The Whole Heavenly State Erupted!
227 Yuanshou's Anger!
228 The Prodigal Phenomenon
229 Brother Dali is Going to Open a Park
230 A Two Billion Yuan Land
231 "What the Heck!"
232 Demacia!
233 Dream Dota League!
234 The Pitiful Liu Mingxin
235 Who Set the Rule That Hollywood Must Be in Merika?
236 Young Master's Domineering Attitude!
237 Little Meow
238 Just Short of a Principal
239 Not Enough, It's Not Enough!
240 Super Electromagnetic Gun
241 Uncle Chief
242 The Top 8 Courses of New Lanxiang
243 Huge Reward!
244 It's a Real Eye-Opener Today
245 A Surprise Gues
246 A Fantastic Idea
247 Look at this bootlicking!
248 Hollywood's Technological Barrier!
249 For the Glory of the Heavenly State
250 The Word Young Master Wants Is...
251 Choice of Advancemen
252 Perfect-Grade Nouveau Riche Golden Smartphone
253 The Holy Warriors of the Goddess
254 "I Am MT"
255 Can I Give You a Hug? Part One
256 Can I Give You a Hug? Part Two
257 God of Fortune Hong Dali
258 The Idol in the World of Prodigals
259 Brother Dali's Small Spending
260 10 Million, to Round It Up
261 I’m so Angry!
262 Tian Di
263 Target: Hollywood!
264 Liu Family, Old Master Liu
265 Xiao Ming
266 The Awesome Gem Processing Skill
267 The Timely Rain Hong Dali
268 A Few Slaps
269 Letting Go of past Rivalries with a Smile
270 The Legendary Sister Canon?!
271 Round Table Conference
272 Angel's Wings
273 I Can't Learn
274 A Little Smack to the Face
275 Ten Million Merikan Dollars
276 At the Premiere
277 Treating the Premiere as If It Were Nothing!
278 Nothing Left Except Perfection
279 Unexpected Box Office
280 The Arrival of the Lord
281 Hong Dali Who Never Humiliates Himself
282 Young Master Brand!
283 Dalaran Technology Tower
284 Hong Dali Seal!
285 Young Master Dali Hong, A Miracle Creator
286 Shared Emotions
287 Chuyin's Tears
288 Solving the Problem Using a Chicken
289 The Pitiful Traitor
290 Mu Yuxi Learning How to Squander
291 Lazy People Change the World
292 Head of the Mu Family
293 The Most Crucial One Percen
294 Lin Jiayun’s Plea
295 Copulation by Decree?
296 Young Master Is Going Against the Heavens!
297 Granzon
298 Let's Invest Two Billion and Test the Marke
299 Treating Squandering as a Career
300 "Lucifer"
301 Young Master's Diversion Tactic
302 Golden Idea
303 In This World, There Can Only Be One Young Master!
304 Even I Get Scared When I Get Angry!
305 Hatsune Miku
306 Chuyin's Smile Part One
307 Chuyin's Smile Part Two
308 Chuyin's Smile Part Three
309 Holy Grail
310 A Man With the Power to Destroy the World
311 8 Million? That's small change!
312 Super-sports: Valsion
313 Wish You Quick Success!
314 A Capital of 200 Billion
315 A 50 Million USD Invitation
316 Alliance!
317 For the Glory of Hollywood!
318 Give Them a Scare!
319 UFO Discovered!
320 An Unfortunate Case Caused by an Airplane
321 An “S” Shaped Formation at One Point of Time, a “B” Shaped Formation at Another
322 Titanium Alloy Toy
323 The Rise of a Nation Will Surely Lead to the Arrival of a Lucky Star
324 The Failed Battle Declaration
325 Speed Must Be Increased!
326 I'm Not Really Sensitive to Figures
327 Would He Be Beaten to Death by His Dad?
328 Mysterious Figure
329 Heaven's Secrets Must Not Be Divulged
330 Start Cornering Him In All Aspects!
331 Pernicious Man Hong Jianye
332 Haven't Heard Such a Sound for a Long Time
333 Flames of War
334 Start Of "iPartment" Filming
335 I Never Need to Plan
336 The Gamble
337 Enormous Popularity Gained Through Hyping
338 Ride On Success And Attack The Enemy
339 I Am a Singer Stage Nine, Officially Begins!
340 Hatsune Tianyi
341 The Lantern Illuminates the Rivers and Mountains
342 Sweeping the Charts
343 Allied Army
344 Fierce Competition on Download Coun
345 Never Humiliates Himself
346 Rent!
347 A New Be
348 Where Are We Going, Dad
349 Coming to Create Havoc
350 I've Always Been the Big Boss In Tianjing, I Can Twist It Around My Little Finger, Grand League Is In Charge of the Area
351 The High-Class Ye Lai Xiang
352 The Battle of Poaching People
353 I Want This Village!
354 The Kind and Charitable Big Prodigal Hong