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54 I“m a lucky woman

The Crown Prince and Eunuch Xie brought the guards and the people from the Shrine out at the same time. All they had to do was ensure that no one entered the Shrine at this time. There was a small door open in the wall of the courtyard near the mountain, and when Aunt Xiu burst through it, she was not stopped.

This place should be under the watch of the crown prince's guards, but at this time, the guards who should be guarding this place were hiding in a place where they could shelter from the rain, drinking the remaining deer blood one gulp at a time. After a day of blood, the masters would no longer use it, but it was still a great tonic for the guards. Rather than throwing it away, they might as well drink it themselves.

The guards' thoughts had unwittingly helped her greatly.

There weren't many rooms with candlelight burning in the hall, so the empress didn't go to see the buddhist hall where the Bodhisattvas lived, but instead rushed to the guest room. No one would commit adultery in the temple. Her daughter must be in a guest room somewhere.

At this time, the Emperor Shizong could not see whose the woman sleeping in front of him looked like. He only knew that she was very smooth to the touch. Her hair was wrapped around his fingers, as if she was tying threads to his soul. Ah Jin? " The Emperor Shizong called this woman whose face he could not see, 'Is this woman An Jinxiu?' The Emperor almost pressed his face to the face of the woman beneath him, wanting to see her features clearly. However, no matter how hard the Emperor Shizong tried, he couldn't. Under the multiple shadows, the woman's face was distorted.

He pulled at the woman's dress. The Emperor was extremely familiar with the woman's body, and once the dress was half pulled down, the Emperor used his legs to prop up the woman's legs.

When Aunt Xiu rushed into the guest room, she saw that there was someone lying on the bed with the bed curtain down. One person was half-kneeling on the bed, and it seemed that the intercourse had already begun.

"Who are you?" Shizong was about to raise his gun and fight when he heard footsteps coming from the side of his bed. Although the current Emperor was burning with desire, he still turned his head to look at the bed in alarm.

She didn't know where she got her courage from, but Aunt Xie quickly opened the bed curtain and pushed the half-kneeling Shizong away. After Shizong fell back into the bed, she picked up her daughter and ran out of the house.

The Shizong's head hit the wall behind the bed, making his already dazed head even more confused. The blow caused him to feel extremely uncomfortable, and he wanted to vent his anger. With this strike, it rushed towards his head.

"Bastard!" Shizong get up from the floor

When Aunt Xiu was dragged to the bed by the Shizong, she saw a pair of bloody eyes. This person whose face was distorted no longer looked like a person. Aunt Xie screamed and struggled, but her scream only made Shizong more impetuous. He impatiently tore off the woman's clothes and pants, and the Shizong plunged into the spot where he could have been.

Aunt Xiu under the strenuous manipulation of the Shizong, was soon silenced. Under the effect of the deer blood and medicine, the Emperor Shizong didn't treat the woman below him as a person, but as a tool for him to vent his anger. He clutched at the tool's throat, causing her to convulse from suffocation. He tightened the secret cave that he had made water out of, and tightened the dragon's root that he needed desperately to vent.

Even though she was only a concubine, she still valued her innocence. She still had feelings for Grand Preceptor An, but never once had she thought that one day, she would be crushed by a man from outside the An Shu manor. The place where An Jinxiu and An Yuanzhi were born was soon occupied by the elite disciples of the Emperor. She accepted the fact that she had no other way out, but her daughter was still alive and well. From the looks of it, she seemed to still be a lucky woman.

My luck has always been good, being in a kneeling position on the bed, letting the Shizong ruthlessly enter from behind. The Aunt Xiu's body swayed weakly back and forth as Shizong sent her away, but her mind was thinking, "I gave birth to a son and a daughter under the eyes of the Matron, Ah Jin and Yuanzhi have grown up, Ah Jin already have husband and son, I did not come late, I did not come late, I came between the Ah Jin, and His Majesty did not notice that there was another woman in the room. It turns out that I'm a lucky woman, said Aunt Xiu finally. Her smile was crazed, but no one saw it.

It was only in the latter half of the night that this affair ended, with the Shi Zong lying by the side of Ah Jin's mother, falling into a deep sleep. Aunt Xiu bit the tip of her tongue. The pain roused her from her stupor. She crawled out of the messy bed and onto the ground. Aunt Xiu was not injured, but her body seem immobilized. As Aunt Xiu tried her best to get up, the white turbid water, mixed with the pale yellow, dripped down her legs and onto the ground.

"Second Miss, Jinxiu." After putting on her undergarments, Aunt Xiu dragged her feet to An Jinxiu's side, kneeling on the ground and shaking her body.

An Jinxiu heard someone calling her name and woke up. An Jinxiu wanted to open her eyes, but her eyelids felt like they weighed over a thousand pounds. She tried for a long time, but was unable to do so.

"Ah!" Aunt Xiu couldn't wake An Jin. She had no choice but to find a pot of cold tea on the table and pour it all over her face.

The cool water made An Jin shudder.

"Ah J8n," said Aunt Xiu as she played with her eyes. "Mother is begging you, please wake up, Ah Jin."

"Ning'er, you're being mischievous again," An Jinxiu didn't know where she was, thinking it was the mischievous Shangguan Ning messing with her. She waved her hands, trying to pry her eyes open.

"Ah Jin", Aunt Xiu dry eyes were once again filled with tears. This foolish daughter of hers had thought that she was at home right now.

An Jinxiu finally realized that something was wrong with the voice next to her ear. She opened her eyes and saw her mother, whose hair was disheveled and whose face was covered in tears. "Mother?" An Jinxiu sat up from the ground.

"Ah Jin, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?" Aunt Xiu eagerly asked An Jin.

"There isn't anything uncomfortable with me. It's just that when Ah Jin look down, she realize that her clothes are untidy. When she look up, she sees a man sleeping on the bed." This … "An Jin's face immediately lost all color. She opened her mouth for a long time before asking Aunt Xiu," Mother, what happened here?

Aunt Xiu did not concealed it from An Jinxiu about Ah Jinyan and Madam Qin. She could not allow her daughter to lose her life without her knowing anything.

An Jinxiu looked at her mother's mouth as she spoke, her mind completely blank.

"Ah Jin, let's go quickly!" Aunt Xiu pulled An Jin to her feet. "Take your husband's family and leave the capital to find Young Master. Didn't Yuan Zhi already go?" From now on, all of you must never return to the capital again! "

This dream was truly absurd and laughable. An Jinxiu was momentarily unable to accept the words that the Aunt Xiu had said to her. An Jinyan sent her to the dragon bed in order to win the favor of the Emperor? This dream was not only absurd, but also terrible. How could I have such a nightmare? An Jinxiu asked herself.

Seeing that she had talked for so long but An Jinxiu was still in a daze. She ruthlessly slapped her on the face, "Wake up!" Aunt Xiu shouted in a low voice.

An Jinxiu covered her painful face with her hands.

"You don't want your Ping An? And Shangguan Yong? " Aunt Xiu asked An Jinxiu.

Ping An, Shangguan Yong. These two names flashed through An Jinxiu's mind. She seemed to wake up from a dream and crawled up from the ground, rushing to the bedside. The sleeping man was indeed Emperor Shizong.

"Let's go!" Aunt Xiu ran over to help Ah Jin to leave the place.

An Jinxiu suddenly held onto the Aunt Xiu's hand and asked, "What did he do to you?" She asked her mother.

The Emperor did not take off the clothes on Aunt Xiu upper body, so even though Aunt Xiu's hair was disheveled and she was in a very sorry state, she could not tell what had happened between her and the Emperor ShiZong. However, An Jinxiu had done a lot of things in her previous life to get along with others. The dirty bed sheets and the stench of beasts in the bed all told her what had just happened.

"Nothing happened." Aunt Xiu smiled at An Jin. "I know more about men's affairs than you do. Even if there weren't any women, they would still have their own ways of resolving it."

An Jin didn't believe her, but she hoped that what Aunt Xiu said was true. "Really? Mother, you didn't lie to me? "

"Why should I lie to you about this?" "If there's anything you want to say, we can talk about it in the future. Now, we have to think of a way to survive."

An Jin was dragged out of the guest room by Aunt Xiu in a daze. They rushed into the rain. She didn't want her daughter to see what was wrong with her, so she could only hope that the rain had washed away everything on her body.

The Shizong was sleeping soundly in his bed, and Eunuch Xie, who had always served him closely, was standing under the same umbrella as the Crown Prince.

"I'll take my men and leave first," the crown prince said to Eunuch Xie. "I don't think that after my royal father wakes up, he will wish to see me."

When Eunuch Xie was about to speak, she saw An Jinyan, who was surrounded by a few court ladies, walking over to the Crown Prince, so he shut his mouth.

An Jinyan walked to the crown prince's side and smiled at Eunuch Xie. "Eunuch has always been loyal to Your Majesty."

"Yes, Your Majesty. For the sake of Your Majesty, this servant will allow the crown prince and the imperial concubine to return to the palace first."

An Jinyan turned her head and said to Madam Qin's servants, "Take Madam back home. If anything happens on the way, I'll ask you."

Madam Qin still wanted to say something to An Jinyan, but An Jinyan looked at her coldly and didn't dare to say anything.

"Let's go," the Crown Prince said to An Jinyan before leading the way for the horse.

"Sorry for troubling you, Eunuch," An Jinyan remembered to say a few more courteous words to Eunuch Xie.

Eunuch Xie bowed towards An Jinyan. This woman was not to be trifled with. Before he had made up his mind which prince he would side with, he had already made up his mind to stay far away from this crown princess.

The Crown Prince and An Jinyan led their men away, allowing Aunt Xiu to run out of the side door with An Jinxiu in tow.

"Eldest Sister-in-Law?" The mother and daughter pair had barely taken a few steps out of the side door when Shangguan Rui's voice came from the darkness.

An Jinxiu stopped. She couldn't see where Shangguan Rui was either.

"Eldest Sister-in-Law!" Shangguan Rui's tearful voice was almost within ten steps of An Jin's voice this time.