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After a hasty meal with An Yuanzhi, An Yuanzhi left Shangguan Rui and Zi Yuan to watch over the house. An Yuanzhi himself drove the Shangguan family's newly purchased carriage to the east of the capital with An Jinxiu to prison cells in the Supreme Court.

An Yuanzhi was still on the way back, "Sis, are you really going to buy people?" All the money you save is hard money, do you have to do this?"

"You have to join the army in the future. Isn't it good to have loyal helpers by your side?" An Jinxiu told An Yuanzhi, "If you don't like them, just give them to brother-in-law."

An Yuanzhi said, "If we go like this, will the justice courts release those people?"

"As long as you're Qi Shun's subject, you can buy any of the slaves. As long as we spend money, how can the justice courts not release them?" An Jinxiu put down the carriage curtain and said, "You don't have to worry. Even if we can't buy these people, it would be good if we could buy some servants to go home."

It was much cheaper to buy a sin slave than to buy a slave at the market. The only difference was that it was not a good fortune to have a guilty slave, so no matter how cheap the guilty slave was, most people wouldn't buy one.

An Yuanzhi did not believe in destiny, so he naturally did not believe. After lashing out at the horse for a bit, he told An Jinxiu, who was sitting in the carriage, "I'll drive the horse faster. Sis, you sit steadily."

It was already dusk and there were still many pedestrians on the street. Many of them were hurrying home. An Yuanzhi wanted to gallop faster, but the streets were bustling with pedestrians. He had no choice but to slow down.

An Jinxku sat in the carriage as she carefully calculated. In her previous life, the Death Soldiers that Wang Yuan raised were things that Bai Chengze wholeheartedly wanted to get his hands on. However, that time when Bai Chengze made his move too late, he ordered his men to save the Wang family's Death Soldiers after the beheading of Bai Yuan and his son.

In the end, it was said that the nine Death Soldiers with the highest martial arts skills had already been killed. Bai Chengze had treated these Death Soldiers as treasures in the future, and An Jinxiu had also personally witnessed the power of these Death Soldiers. Killing people, arson, poison people, anything that these people could do.

If Bai Chengze's most powerful killing tools could be used by Shangguan Yong and An Yuanzhi, then their military careers would undoubtedly be smoother. For the two people he cared about, An JinXiu decided to fight it out and see if she could save those Death soldiers when she heard Wang Yuan went to jail.

When the carriage was still two streets away from the prison, An Yuanzhi said to An Jinxiu, "Sis, there's something wrong with the street."

An Jinxiu, who was sitting in the car, asked, "What happened outside?"

An Yuanzhi said, "There are quite a few yamen runners. There shouldn't be so many yamen runners on the streets."

"Could it be because of the Wang family case?" An Jinxiu guessed.

An Yuanzhi said, "Sis, take a seat. I'll drive into the alley."

"There are still paths to drive on?" An Jinxiu lifted the curtain and asked.

An Yuanzhi said, "Sis, since you've never been to the capital, of course you don't know. Sit down. I'm going to speed up the horse."

As the horse carriage speed up, it started to shake violently. An Jinxiu almost fell out of the carriage. Fortunately, she had grabbed the door frame with both of her hands to stabilize herself.

An Yuanzhi galloped into an alley. There were residences on both sides of the alley. An Yuanzhi brought An Jinyi along to these intertwined roots. They drive around familiarly in the residential alleys.

In the end, An Jinxiu was completely confused by these alleyways that didn't seem too different from her usual ones. However, An Yuanzhi told her that they had almost reached the eastern part of the justice courts.

An Jinyi sat on the horse carriage and looked towards the direction they were heading. What she saw, however, was still a large area of residents. She didn't even see the top of the half inch cell wall.

"Just three more alleys and it'll be fine," An Yuanzhi told An Jin with a smile. "Don't worry, Sis. I won't get lost in the capital."

"You run around the city all day?" An Jinxiu asked snappily, "You're not going to practice martial arts anymore?"

An Yuanzhi said, "There are many experts in the martial arts world hidden in the capital city. I'm just looking for them to compete in martial arts. Is this not also a type of martial arts practice?"

An Jinxiu patted An Yuanzhi's back, but didn't say anything. She didn't ask An Yuanzhi to teach him martial arts, nor did he allow him to go outside to study martial arts.

An Jinxiu knew that An Yuanzhi's martial arts was quite good, but she now somewhat clear on how he had learned those martial arts.

"We'll arrive in a hundred li." An Yuanzhi said to An Jinxiu, "Sis, my martial arts aren't any worse than brother-in-law's."

An Jinxiu smiled and nodded. Looking at the dark sky, she asked An Yuanzhi, "Do you want me to light up the lamp and hang it on the front of the carriage?"

An Yuanzhi said, "No need. I can see the road."

The deeper they drove into the alley, the less people there seemed to be. An Jin didn't know what kind of people lived on either side of the alley and why they didn't light up even when it was dark.

"There's a gust of wind outside. Sis, you can go back to the carriage." An Yuanzhi urged An Jin to return to the carriage after the night breeze blew.

An Jinxiu sat back in the carriage and they drove along the quiet road. This caused her to become nervous for some unknown reason.

An Yuanzhi drove the carriage through two alleys before suddenly stopping the carriage.

After the car came to a halt, An Jin stuck her head out of the carriage and asked anxiously, "What's wrong?" Then, before An Yuanzhi could say anything, An Jinxiu saw the flame shooting up into the sky from the high wall not far away.

An Yuanzhi exclaimed, "The prison is on fire!"