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27 Bai Chengze Gentleness

"Your Majesty?" Under the imperial carriage, Eunuch Xie whispered, "Your Majesty, are you going to take the carriage back to the palace?"

The Emperor didn't care about the auspicious circumstances, he just looked at An Jin. That's right, the Emperor recalled that An Jin had married Shangguan Yong yesterday and was now the Shangguan Family's daughter-in-law.

The current An Jin was dressed in old clothes. Her face was plain to the eye, and there was a hint of worry on her face. She didn't look like a newlyweds at all. The Shizong felt a sudden sense of regret. He had overdone it by telling Shangguan Yong to set off on his wedding day.

"Eldest Sister-in-Law, Big Brother has left." At this time, Shangguan Ning pulled on An Jin's dress and said with a pout, "Eldest Sister-in-Law, when will Big Brother return?"

An Jinxiu bent down and picked up Shangguan Ning, patting her little face lovingly, smiling as she said, "After Big Bro finishes his fight, he'll be back. Ning'er and Big Sis will be together at home waiting for Big Bro to come back, okay?"

Shangguan Ning looked towards Shangguan Yong's direction unwillingly. At this time, the expedition team was already nowhere to be seen, so Shangguan Ning buried her face in An Jin's bosom.

"I want to go too!" An Yuanzhi said, "Sis, when do you think I'll be joining the army?"

"Wait until you've refined your martial arts a bit more," An Jinxiu said to An Yuanzhi as she turned around and walked into the city with Shangguan Ning in her arms.

An Yuanzhi and Shangguan Rui followed behind her. Ah Yuanzhi was unconvinced. "My martial arts are already very good. Sis, have you seen me practice martial arts?"

She turned around and smiled apologetically to An Yuanzhi. "Yes, yes, yes. I haven't seen you practice martial arts before, but you just have to wait for your brother-in-law to come back. Along with him in the army, I can rest easy."

"Join the army with brother-in-law?"

"He's a general after all, isn't it better for him to mention you on the side than joining the army in the dark?" As An Jinxiu spoke, she saw that An Yuanzhi's face was covered in sweat. She quickly wiped it off with the invitation in her hand, "It's too hot today. When we get home, I'll make some heatwave soup for you."

An Yuanzhi was already used to An Jinxiu's company. He did not avoid her movements, but instead slightly bent over so that she could reach his forehead.

"Heatwave Soup." When Shangguan Ning heard that there was food to eat, her mood improved a bit. She immediately asked An Jin, "Eldest Sister-in-law, is it sweet?"

An Jinxiu wiped the sweat off An Yuanzhi's forehead and wiped the sweat off Shangguan Rui, who was also sweating. She even answered Shangguan Ning's question with a smile: "Ning'er likes to eat sweet soup? That sister-in-law will make the sweet summer soup. What about Brother-in-law? Do you like sweet food too? "

Shangguan Rui felt a bit awkward standing and asked An Jinxiu to wipe his sweat. Hearing An Jinxiu's question, he hurriedly said, "Sis, I'm a man, I don't like to eat sweet food."

"Nonsense, Second Brother," Shangguan Ning immediately shouted, "Even Big Brother knows that you love eating sugar the most!"

Even boys didn't like to admit their fondness for sweetness when they were older. An Jinxiu looked at Shangguan Rui, pursed her lips and smiled, then raised her eyebrows, "We won't let others know that little uncle likes sweetness, we'll know as long as only we know."

An Yuanzhi hurriedly nodded. "That's right, we won't tell anyone else, Wei Jun." An Yuanzhi called out to Shangguan Rui's calligraphy, "Just relax and eat the candy at home."

Shangguan Rui was thin-skinned. After hearing what the two siblings said, he lowered his head and walked quickly into the city in embarrassment.

"Still shy?" An Yuanzhi chased after him with a smile.

"Second brother is embarrassed." Shangguan Ning was also in An Jin's embrace, shaving her little face from Shangguan Rui.

"You little rascal!" An Jin brushed against Shangguan Ning's nose. She took a step forward and chased after An Yuanzhi and Shangguan Rui, who had already run far away in the blink of an eye.

The Emperor had seen An Jin's smile. She had seen An Jin's pitiful appearance, her gentle smile, and her calm demeanor, but she had seen it all in the eyes of the Emperor.

Born in a marquis residence, did this woman really willingly become the wife of a general? Even if she was only a concubine, this girl should still marry a better husband.

"Return to the palace." The Emperor watched as An Jin blended into the crowd and walked far away. They then told the princes and officials standing beside the emperor's carriage, "You don't have to follow."

The Crown Prince took the lead and knelt on the ground, respectfully escorting the Emperor back to the palace.

The Emperor didn't pay attention to the kneeling crowd. They only thought to themselves, "If I had such a woman, I would definitely love her as if she were a treasure. It's a pity that the An clan has such a woman, but she stays in their room and no one knows her."

"Get back to the palace!" Eunuch Xie shouted from beside the chariot.

After the royal family entered the city, the Crown Prince entered the city again. After that, the princes and officials dispersed at the North gate.

An Jinxiu carried Shangguan Ning to where they kept the carriage. An Yuanzhi was already sitting next to the driver, while Shangguan Rui leaned out of the carriage to wait for the carriage.

Bai Chengze brought his men and walked in front of the carriage. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw that the person carrying the child was An Jinxiu, so he stopped.

"Sis," An Yuanzhi saw Bai Chengze before An Jinxiu. When he saw Bai Chengze stop his horse and dismount, he quickly asked An Jinxiu to turn around.

When An Jinxiu turned around, Bai Chengze had already walked up to her. She subconsciously wanted to dodge, but there was nowhere for her to go.

Bai Chengze stopped when he saw An Jin turn her head and called her softly, "Second Miss."

An Jinxiu had no choice but to bow towards Bai Chengze and say, "Shangguan Bing greets the Fifth Prince."

When Shangguan An's self-proclaimed name entered his ears, Bai Chengze then asked himself, what was he doing in front of this newly married woman? For the letters between them? After pausing for a moment, Bai Chengze said to An Jin, "Yesterday was your wedding day. Although this congratulation came too late, I still want to say it to you."

An Jinxiu lowered her head and said, "Thank you, Fifth Prince."

"The border war is urgent, so General Shangguan had no choice but to accompany the troops on the expedition," Bai Chengze added. "Don't be too sad."

"This humble one is not sad that the general has served the country."

"In the future, if you have any difficulties, you can send someone to find me. I will help you."

An Jinxiu bowed towards Bai Chengze again, "I dare not trouble Fifth Prince."

Bai Chengze gave An Jin a hand and softly said, "You and I are not strangers, there is no need to be so courteous."

When An Jinxiu heard Bai Chengze's words, she only lowered her head and smiled, not saying a word.

Bai Chengze did not mind the distance between him and An Jin, but smiled and said, "I have other things to do, so I'll be leaving first. If you need anything in the future, send someone to look for me." With that said, Bai Chengze didn't wait for An Jinxiu's reply and returned to his horse, leaving with his men.

An Yuanzhi wanted to come over, but was stopped by An Jinxiu's gaze. Now that Bai Chengze had left with his men, he hurriedly said, "Why does Your Highness seem to already know elder sister?"

An Yuanzhi's tone was a bit aggressive. An Jinxiu thought that her brother must have heard about her and Bai Chengze when they were at home. She sighed and said to An Yuanzhi, "I met him at the crown prince's Eastern Palace."

An Yuanzhi turned his head to look at the Shangguan siblings who were watching them from the carriage. He lowered his voice and asked, "It can't be that what the family has told me is true, right?"

"What did my family pass on to me?" asked An Jinxiu.

An Yuanzhi said, "I heard people discussing it the day before yesterday and said that the Fifth Prince had asked to marry her."

An Jin's expression changed. "The servants are spouting nonsense. Are you spouting nonsense too?"

Seeing that An Jinxing's expression had changed, An Yuanzhi quickly said, "I don't believe you. It seems like it's not bad. The Fifth Prince or anything like that has nothing to do with us."

Only today would she be able to take a good look at the appearance of the capital city. When she looked back at the people on the streets after another lifetime, she only felt that it was strange and at a loss.

She had not thought of this battle in July, but Shangguan Yong definitely had not gone along with the army in her previous life. Otherwise, how would he marry her in August? She used to think that it was a good thing that things were different from her previous life, which meant that she would not follow her old path. But now, when she thought of Shangguan Yong, who was on his way to White Jade Mountain Pass, would her husband also fight a hundred battles on the battlefield, just like in her previous life, not letting his enemies hurt him at all?

When An Yuanzhi saw An Jinxiu's pale face, he hurriedly apologized to her, "Sis, I've said the wrong thing. Don't be angry, I won't say such things again, alright?"

An Jinxiu forced a smile and said, "As long as you trust my mother, it's fine. As for the other people in the Residence of An, you can say whatever they want. As a married off daughter, are you afraid of their backstory?"

An Yuanzhi sized up An Jin's expression and said, "Then are you really not angry?"

An Jinxiu said, "I was just worried about your brother-in-law all of a sudden."

An Yuanzhi was just about to say, "How can war not kill people?" The words had almost left his mouth when he suddenly remembered that the person was his brother-in-law, "Brother-in-law will be fine. Brother-in-law, just wait patiently at home for him to come back."

An Jinxiu looked at him and said, "Are you that sure?"

An Yuanzhi said matter-of-factly, "Brother-in-law, you can tell from a glance that he isn't short term. Besides, I haven't even joined the army yet. How could anything happen to brother-in-law?"

What does it have to do with you joining the army and keeping up with the army? An Jinxiu shook her head. She had originally thought An Yuanzhi was a mature person, but when they got along, she realized that he was only pretending to be mature. Not only was he a talkative person, but his personality was also extroverted.

An Yuanzhi led An Jinxing to the carriage and said, "Your Highness looks like a nice person."

"I didn't ask you to come forward just now because I didn't want you to get too close to the Fifth Prince," An Jinxiu had just taken a few steps when she heard An Yuanzhi's words. She stopped and whispered, "If you want to join the army, focus on practicing martial arts and learning military strategies."

"That's exactly what I said," An Yuanzhi laughed without a care. He didn't understand the profound meaning behind her words. How could a bastard like him, who stayed in a peaceful house and didn't work in it, speak to the princes and princesses? In An Yuanzhi's opinion, his older sister had been unable to avoid the Fifth Prince.

An Jin mounted the carriage and fanned Shangguan Ning while she thought about her own matters. Bai Chengze treated others with gentleness, so he could let go of his position as a prince whenever he interacted with anyone. Such seemingly friendly treatment, in his previous life, had attracted countless helpers to help him become an emperor. In her previous life, An Jinxiu closed her eyes for a moment. Didn't Bai Chengze, before he became the emperor, still treat a married woman like her with gentleness? What happened in the end?