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After the hot water was sent to his room, Shangguan Yong was urged by An Jinxiu to quickly wash his face behind the screen.

When he came out, he saw his little wife sitting on the bed folding clothes for him to take away, while the small clothes were already placed on the side of the bed along with the steaming hot porridge and steamed buns.

"Eat some before you go out," An Jinxiu heard Shangguan Yong's footsteps and called out to him, "Zi Yuan just went to the kitchen and got here. It's still warm."

Shangguan Yong sat down next to An Jin, drinking hot porridge. Seeing An Jin's nimble hands and feet meticulously packing his luggage, Shangguan Yong suddenly had the illusion that he wasn't newly married, but an old married couple who had been married for many years.

"I've wrapped some winter clothes for you," An Jin softly said to Shangguan Yong. "I'm afraid that after you go, the Winter will still be outside."

Shangguan Yong said: "The army will issue winter clothes."

"How could Dong Yi be better than our family's?" An Jinxiu lowered her head and said, "I originally wanted to make a set of Dong Yi for you, but it's too late."

Shangguan Yong put down the empty bowl of porridge, and pulled An Jin's hand away. He said, "There's still hot water behind the screen, I haven't used it before. You go wash up too, I'll do it here."

An Jinxiu acknowledged and got up to walk behind the screen. Without washing herself, her lower body was still wet, and it did not feel good to move as if something was still flowing out of her body.

Shangguan Yong prepared to pack his own luggage, but only then did he realise that An Jin had already packed his luggage, even the Golden Sore Medicine. All he had to do was tie a knot for his luggage. Shangguan Yong picked up another steamed bun and started eating, looking at his luggage before looking at his new room, he grinned foolishly, he finally have a wife that will take care him.

An Jin stood behind the screen, her hand pressed against her slightly bulging stomach. Her lower body seemed to be unable to control itself as more and more white Qi flowed out of it. Although no one had seen it, An Jin's face was still red. Just how many children did Shangguan Yong plant in her stomach last night? Could it be that even after she fell asleep, this man still hadn't stopped?

"Big brother!" Shangguan Rui's voice came from outside the door, "Can sister and I come in?"

When he thought of the fact that the Ah Jin was still washing up, Shangguan Yong hurriedly got up and walked out of the house, saying: "You guys wait here, big brother will come out to see you guys."

Outside the new room, Shangguan Rui stood in front of the door with Shangguan Ning who was still sleepy. Seeing Shangguan Yong come out, Shangguan Rui hurriedly said: "Big brother, you're going to war?"

"Mm," Shangguan Yong said: "I don't know when I'll be back, but you guys have to listen to my wife at home."

"Brother, can you not go?" When Shangguan Ning heard that his big brother was really going on a long journey, she immediately bit her lips and looked as if she was about to cry.

An Jinxiu changed into her usual clothes and walked out of the room. Her lower body was sore, and her steps were unsteady. Shangguan Yong quickly reached out his hand to help her.

"Eldest Sister-in-Law." When Shangguan Rui saw An Jinxiu, he immediately greeted her in a formal manner.

"Ning'er," Shangguan Yong said to Shangguan Ning, "Have you seen your sister-in-law yet?"

Shangguan Ning, on the other hand, only looked at An Jinxiu. Anyone who saw her, even if it was her sister-in-law, was still a stranger to a six-year-old girl.

When Shangguan Yong saw that Shangguan Ning was only staring at An Jinxiu and not calling out to her, he became a bit anxious. He was just about to call out to Shangguan Ning when he heard An Jinxiu gently say: "Little Uncle, Little Aunt Ning, I'm the An family, your eldest sister-in-law. We'll be family from now on."

"Eldest Sister-in-law is so beautiful." Shangguan Ning stared at the woman for a long time before suddenly opening his mouth to reply.

"Little girl," Shangguan Yong smiled. Seeing that his younger brother and sister were getting along well with An Jin, he left with a peace of mind.

"Big Brother, can you not leave?" Hearing Shangguan Yong's words, Shangguan Ning remembered that his elder brother was about to go on a long journey, and he rushed over to hug Shangguan Yong's knees and said coquettishly.

Shangguan Rui pulled Shangguan Ning and said: "We can't disobey the imperial orders, don't cause trouble with Big Bro."

Shangguan Ning turned around and frowned at his second brother, "Little old man!"

Shangguan Rui was a teenager, so he didn't argue with his little sister, he just patted Shangguan Ning's head.

He wanted to help Shangguan Yong take his luggage out of the house, but how could Shangguan Yong let him carry anything heavy? He brought his sister-in-law into the room, and immediately put the luggage on his bed, then followed Shangguan Rui and Ning. "Big brother, I'll say it again, when Big brother is not at home, you guys have to listen to Eldest Sister-in-Law!"

Shangguan Rui immediately nodded. Seeing Shangguan Rui nod, Shangguan Ning also nodded.

Shangguan Yong turned to look at An Jin. It was the day of their wedding, and he was reluctant to leave.

"I …"

"You don't need to call yourself that," Shangguan Yong interrupted An Jin's words. "Our family doesn't have these rules, you're my wife, not some concubine."

"Alright, I'll send the general out," An Jinxiu corrected herself obediently.

Outside the door, the military officials who wanted to follow Shangguan Yong to the White Jade Pass were waiting there. When they saw Shangguan Yong and An Jin coming out one after the other, they all smiled and said, "This is Sister-in-law?"

Shangguan Yong looked at his brothers who were staring at An Jin with displeasure. If it was possible, Shangguan Yong didn't want anyone to see this little wife of his.

On the other hand, An Jin bowed towards the brothers of Shangguan Yong and said gracefully: "Everyone here are my general's brothers, I am Shangguan Anshi. Thank you very much."

At first, they had been worried about the Grand Preceptor's daughter, but the woman from the house of the Marquis was not someone their eldest brother could bear. No one had expected An Jin to salute them. When he finally reacted, one of the military officials cupped his fist and bowed to her, while the others followed suit.

"I hope that everyone will take good care of this expedition," An Jinxiu said as she sidestepped everyone's salute.

"Sister-in-law, how can we be considered masters?" the thick-skinned military official joked. "They all call me Qing Nan. You can just call me that too."

"Qing Nan, in my previous life, this young man who helped Bai Chengze become Emperor through his services of a dragon and obtained the title of Marquis Yuan. Out of Shangguan Yong's brothers, he was the most vicious and merciless when it came to fighting." Brother Qing, "An Jinxiu called out to Qing Nan," It's better if we don't die together and get hurt.

Shangguan Yong heard something from An Jinxiu's words, he turned to her and said, "Don't worry, I will come back, just wait for me at home." As he said this, Shangguan Yong remembered something and whispered to her in a low voice, "I will fold the sheets, you don't need to wash."

An Jinxiu knew what Shangguan Yong was talking about and blushed when she thought of the red bedsheets on the first night, so she couldn't help but blush.

"That's right, sister-in-law. We will all return. We brothers don't even care about a mere North Turk!" After Qing Nan had spoken to An Jin, her mood had improved. Qing Nan said loudly, "With Big Brother Shangguan leading us around, we'll definitely be fine!"

"Are you flirting with your sister-in-law? Elder Brother Shangguan owes you? " Some military officials started to mock Qing Nan.

An Jinxiu looked at the group of martial artists in front of her. Although this group of people spoke without restraint, they felt at ease inside her heart. At the very least, this group of people deserved to be trusted.

Shangguan Yong was no longer willing to part with his new wife, he looked at the sky and had no choice but to leave. "I'll leave the family to you, wait for me to come back," he warned her one last time before mounting the horse and leaving with his brothers.

"Yuan Zhi." An JinXiu stood in front of the door and watched Shangguan Yong and his men leave. She then said to An Yuanzhi who was accompanying her, "Let's drive them out of the city in a carriage."

How could An Yuanzhi not know? He turned around and went out to hire a carriage.

After the troops that had gone far to the White Jade Mountain Pass had assembled at the military arena in the east of the capital, they passed through the capital and arrived at the north gate of the capital.

At this time, the North Gate was already in full swing, with crowds of people. Not only did the Emperor bring the princes and civil and military officials of the imperial court out of the North City to send off their departure, but the commoners of the capital had also come with their elders and children to send off these soldiers who were on their way to the border.

Shangguan Yong was the first to arrive at the north gate with the vanguard camp. When he saw Shizong's imperial carriage from afar, he quickly dismounted and waited at the same place. When General Zhou Yi arrived in the middle of the army, the military officials followed him. They led their war horses and walked to the front of the sect to kneel before him.

The Shizong personally helped Zhou Yi up and ordered the servants to bring the generals three cups of strong wine from the palace.

"Imperial Father," Crown Prince Xiao Bai promised as he placed a cup of wine in front of the Shizong.

The Emperor held up a jade bowl filled with wine and said to the generals, "Everyone, go to the thousand mile borders. Today, I shall send you off as many brave men as possible. "I pray that men will follow the will of men and be born steely and unyielding. I will not let down my hopes!"

After the officials drank three bowls of strong wine, they threw the bowls of wine in their hands on the ground, indicating that they would rather break them into pieces than leave White Jade Mountain Pass.

Outside the north gate was the largest flower market in the capital. At this moment, the rich fragrance of the flowers in the air was replaced by the pungent smell of alcohol. The flag fluttered in the wind, and the sounds of fighting rang out.

Zhou Yi jumped onto his horse, pointed his sword towards the north, and shouted, "The three armies, listen to my command, move out!"

After Shangguan Yong got on the horse, he heard his Second Brother Shangguan Rui calling out to him big brother from the crowd of people who were sending him off. Shangguan Yong looked towards the source of the sound and immediately saw An Jin who was standing in the crowd.

She was a married woman and couldn't shout in the crowd like the men and children. She could only tell Shangguan Yong that she was waiting for him at home.

When Shangguan Yong saw the red string, his heart warmed, and he nodded vigorously at the An Jin. He would return, for the sake of his wife, who was even more petite in the crowd, and for the sake of his siblings, he would definitely return safely. In the past, Shangguan Yong thought that with his background, it would be good enough to raise his siblings well. But today, Shangguan Yong had more hopes for the future. The word 'wife' floated into Shangguan Yong's mind. Riding on the horse, Shangguan Yong turned to look at the little wife. He would never forget her, but General Shangguan just wanted to see her a few more times.

As the army of the expedition moved further and further away, Shizong sat in his imperial carriage and felt the wind brush against his face. He followed the wind's direction and saw An Jin standing quietly in the crowd. The Emperor was stunned. When they first met, this young woman was still a young girl. It was just that they hadn't seen her for a night, but she was already dressed like a married woman.