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25 The War at the 25th Frontier

Shangguan Yong stretched out his hand under An Jin's body. His hands were wet and slippery, and he had just tasted a woman. He touched the flowers one by one, as if he was drawing a picture, afraid that he would miss something if he wasn't careful enough. Two fingers with calluses on them swept across the flower core as if it was fun to enjoy. Soon after, they fell in love with the flower core and started kneading the two pieces of tender flesh whose color couldn't be discerned.

"I don't want it anymore!" An Jinxiu struggled but was unable to open her mouth. Suddenly, she screamed. She raised her body as if she was going to sit up, but in the end, her entire body trembled as she slumped against the bed.

The wet and slippery liquid sprayed onto Shangguan Yong's hands, and he was momentarily stunned. When he recovered from his shock, he laughed out loud with a pleased expression.

An Jinxiu used her hands to cover her face. This man used two fingers to make her lose face, causing her to feel embarrassed. After hearing Shangguan Yong's laughter, An Jinxiu took her hand away, and looked at Shangguan Yong reproachfully. Unexpectedly, her body was still trembling from the lingering scent, and the 'silver spear' of General Shangguan once again stabbed deeply into her chest.

For Shangguan Yong, the only things left in the world were the bed and the woman beneath him, fiercely seizing and conquering her. This was the only thought in his mind.

The soft, broken moan, the hurried breathing, and the sound of water splashing on the bed made everyone blush. This was the first time they had heard such a beautiful scene in the middle of summer.

In the living room, even though the man was busy with his own matters, the feast continued. Even An Yuanzhi stayed behind and did not leave.

At dawn, with the sound of muffled thunder, it began to rain. As the drops of rain grew heavier, it turned into a heavy rain, washing away all the heat in the capital.

"Timely Rain!" During the banquet, Shangguan Yong's military brothers said happily: "If it keeps getting hotter, I'm going to have a fever!"

An Yuanzhi said with a smile, "Then, it looks like today is a good day?"

"Yesterday was a good day!" The military officer affectionately patted An Yuanzhi's shoulder and said, "How can the day of Shangguan's big brother's wedding not be a good one?"

In the pouring rain, a tamed horse of a relay station outside the capital rushed towards the north gate of the capital. The messenger stopped his horse and shouted towards the city gate, "White Jade Mountain Pass, open the gate!"

The general on duty at the top of the city gate tower heard the urgent news and ordered his men, "Open the gate!"

The messenger whipped his horse and rushed into the capital, madly rushing in the direction of the Imperial Palace.

The generals and soldiers standing on the city gate tower were anxious. The White Jade Mountain Pass was the gateway to the north. Was there a war at the border?

Emperor Shizong did not summon his concubine to sleep today, but stayed alone in the imperial study. In his dreamy dreams, he saw the married women of the An clan from yesterday. This little girl had caused the Shizong to sleep very uncomfortably tonight.

"Your Majesty, there's an urgent report from the borders."

"Announce him to the palace," Shizong's gloomy voice rang out from the dragon bed.

The messenger followed Eunuch Xie into the royal study and knelt with his head bowed. The army newspaper was raised above his head. Eunuch Xie hurriedly took it from the messenger and presented it to Shizong.

The Shizong read through the imperial army newspaper in ten lines. The one hundred thousand soldiers of the Northern Government had arrived at the White Jade Mountain Pass. The White Jade Mountain Pass general, the great general Yang Rui, had sent an urgent letter requesting the imperial government to increase the number of troops at the White Jade Mountain Pass.

"When you left, how was the battle at White Jade Mountain Pass?" After putting down the military newspaper, the Shizong asked the messenger from the White Jade Mountain Pass Army.

"Reporting to Your Majesty, General Yang won't be able to hold on until the imperial government's reinforcements arrive at White Jade Mountain Pass. Then he'll come out to meet the enemy."

"Yes," the leader responded. "Return to White Jade Mountain Pass immediately and inform Yang Rui that reinforcements from the imperial government will arrive soon. Let him endure for a few more days."

The messenger took his orders and left.

Shizong then ordered, "Go to Chuanan University. Zhou Xiaorong, the Military Department, the Department of Revenue, as well as a few generals in the capital."

After receiving the decree, Eunuch Xie left the royal study, trotting all the way out of the palace to deliver the decree.

The Shizong took out the list of the generals in the capital from the documents stacked on top of each other and sent troops to the White Jade Mountain Pass. The troops in the capital's vicinity could not be mobilized, and could only be dispatched from the various prefectures. The Shizong weighed the gains and losses of the general he had sent, making a line on the list from time to time. After flipping through a few pages, he saw Shangguan Yong's name.

Shangguan Yong was newly married, and should not have been sent out to fight, but after some hesitation, the Emperor drew a mark on the back of Shangguan Yong's name when he thought of the An Family's daughter who had disturbed his sleep for the night.

An hour later, Grand Preceptor An, Zhou Xiang, and the Military Department's Minister of Imperial Household, along with several generals from the capital, arrived at the palace overnight and stood behind the royal desk of the sect. After the urgent letter of Yang Rui's personal letter was passed around, all the ministers turned to look at Shizong.

"The Ministry of War and the Department of Revenue need to transfer troops and money and rations." The Great General Zhou Yi took over the general's register and said, "I order you to be the marshal of this army. I also want to draw up the generals assigned to you, Zhou Qing, don't disappoint me."

Holding the register in his hand, Zhou Yi kneeled down and kowtowed to the World Sect: "This general will not disgrace the Holy Spirit. I will kill all the barbarians of Northern Turks without any chance of returning!"

"Go," said the world's patriarch, "You will leave the capital tomorrow and go to Zhongzhou. The troops that will be sent from each prefecture will all gather there."

The Great Zong was a military arrangement made by the emperor on horseback. The generals in the imperial study had no ill intentions.

Zhou Yi took the register and left the imperial study. He could no longer participate in the following negotiations on the army redeployed by the monarchs and ministers, or in the matters of military conscription. If the current generation wanted him to leave the capital tomorrow, then he would have to prepare his luggage for the night and notify the sect in the register that he had personally arranged to follow him in preparing to leave the capital.

After returning home, Zhou Yi wanted his personal guards to go to the register to find someone.

"General," a trusted aide of Zhou Yi who was looking at the list suddenly pointed at it and said to Zhou Yi, "Is Shangguan Yong going to fight this time? Didn't he just get married yesterday? "

Zhou Yi was stunned. He took over the register and saw that Shangguan Yong's name had indeed been marked by the Emperor.

"Could it be that His Majesty made a mistake?" Or did His Majesty forget about Shangguan Yong's marriage? " Another trusted aide guessed.

Zhou Yi shook his head. "How could His Majesty make a mistake when sending out generals?"

"Shangguan Yong married the Grand Preceptor's daughter," one of his aides said. "Yesterday, the couple even kowtowed in front of the palace to thank the emperor for his kindness. His Majesty won't forget about Shangguan Yong's wedding."

Zhou Yi closed the register and smiled. "The correct way to do battle is to join the army on the battlefield. Your Majesty is giving this son-in-law a chance." He lowered his voice when he thought about how Grand Preceptor An had come to the imperial study before, and said to his trusted aides and aides, "The Grand Preceptor must have put in a lot of effort this time."

The aides did not say anything else.

Zhou Yi added as he looked at the roster, "The only thing to ask for money on the battlefield is whether Shangguan Weizhong has the ability to do so."

Everyone in the study had their own guesses, guessing what General Zhou was thinking about Shangguan Yong.

Zhou Yi gave the list to his janissary commander and specifically said, "Tonight is General Shangguan's wedding night. When the sun rises, we can report to the government."

The leader of the janissaries accepted the order and left with the register.

At this moment, a clap of thunder rang out in the sky. It was unknown just how many people of the capital were disturbed from their beautiful dreams.

On the other hand, An Jin fell into a deep sleep under Shangguan Yong, and Shangguan Yong was completely unaware of the thunder in the horizon, and his beautiful wife had already passed out, but he was still sweating profusely on his soft and delicate body, like a farmer who had worked hard to cultivate in the fields. Shangguan Yong wanted to plant his own blood essence inside her body, and also wanted to knead his body into his own blood and bones, and never be separated again.

After a quick and violent rhythmic movement, Shangguan Yong growled as his seed flowed out from his body. Only then did he stop to take a closer look at the sleeping An Jin. The sweat-dripping face was not even the size of his palm, the jet-black hair was disheveled, quite a number of it was stuck to his cheek, the makeup on his face had been melted away by the sweat, and the pure face was still beautiful enough to make Shangguan Yong's heart palpitate.

Shangguan Yong had always thought that perhaps he was the life of a lonely widow, but now looking at the An Jin embroidery beneath his feet, Shangguan Yong thought that perhaps he was waiting for this little girl to grow up, which was why he couldn't find the fate of husband and wife.

"I will treat you well," Shangguan Yong whispered into An Jin's ear.

The comatose An Jin's lips curled up into a smile, as if she had heard Shangguan Yong's promise.

Seeing that the sky had already turned white, Shangguan Yong didn't continue having sex. He simply embraced An Jinxiu, closed his eyes, and refused to move away from her body. Just like that, An Jinxiu fell asleep with his' silver spear 'in her cave.

Zhou Yi's janissaries walked into the main hall at dawn, where the Shangguan household was still bustling with noise and excitement.

Shangguan Yong and An Jin were awakened by the knock on the door, and they heard the person who knocked on the door say loudly: "Shangguan Big Bro, wake up, there's a war happening at White Jade Mountain Pass, we're going with General Zhou to fight at White Jade Castle, we'll leave today!"

Shangguan Yong's sleepiness was scared away by the four words of war, and he almost jumped out of his new bed.

After the object under her left, An Jinxiu felt a large puddle of mucus gushing out from under her body as if a dam had collapsed. However, she was too shy to care about that now. Her mind was full of Shangguan Yong's departure? On their first day of marriage?

Shangguan Yong hurriedly put on his clothes and left the room, but after a while he walked back in again. With a guilty look on his face, he stood beside the bed and said to An Jin, "Ah Jin, it's His Majesty's personal order for me to set off. I … I'm going to leave now, to the White Jade Mountain Pass."

"The North Turk is calling again?" An Jin asked.

Shangguan Yong nodded and said: "The Northern Turks are coming again."

An Jin sat on the bed and wiped herself with the red bedsheet. After she wore her clothes, she got off the bed and said to Shangguan Yong: "I'll prepare the luggage for you."

"Go wash yourself," Shangguan Yong said as he blocked her path, "I'll clean up myself."

An Jinxiu had already walked to the door, opened it and shouted towards the side room in the courtyard, "Has Zi Yuan woken up? Bring me some hot water for the general to scrub. "

"Yes!" Zi Yuan responded loudly in the side room. Soon, the entire Shangguan Family busied themselves.