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13 Under the Moon“s Incense

"Ah Jin? " née Qin also didn't expect An Jinxiu to barge into the garden without being informed. After being frightened, she hated the servants outside the garden and couldn't even stop a young miss of the mansion. The Qin family had forgotten that the servants outside were bold and capable, so how could they dare to fight with the young miss?

At the same time as An Jinxiu looked at the Qin family, she also saw the current wife of the Minister Zhou, Madam He. Madam Xiang, An Jinxiu's eyes widened. This would really let Madam Xiang have a look at the matchmaking scene of her future daughter-in-law.

In her previous life, the Prime Minister Zhou Xiaozhong followed the crown prince and died in her hands. This He clan's image appeared in An Jinxiu's mind. She quickly lowered her head and became absent-minded.

"This is the manor's second young miss?" Madam He was also from a large clan, and held the control of the inner courtyard of the Prime Minister's Estate. Her bearing was naturally extraordinary, and after being stunned for a moment, she smiled and said to Madam Qin: "It's all because Second Miss An is a beauty. Today, I've seen a real person. Sis, you sure are blessed."

"This is the lady of the Prime Minister's Estate. Why haven't you come to meet her yet?" Née Qin's heart was filled with anger, but there was still a smile on her face. She said to An Jinxiu, "How come you came here just like that? What a joke! "

An Jinxiu came back to her senses and approached Madam He. Even though she was a little anxious, she still squatted down to pay her respects to Madam He.

Madam He sat down and helped her up. Smiling, she said, "Get up quickly. This looks really good. If she wasn't engaged, I really would have been greedy this time."

An Jinge face immediately darkened. There were four young masters in the Prime Minister's Estate, and based on Madam Xiang's words, if An Jinxiu was not engaged to be married off, would she want her to be her daughter-in-law?

As a veteran of the Qin family, naturally, Madam Qin could tell that Madam He was speaking politely. However, An Jinge didn't recognize the words, so she immediately said: "Sister Ah Jin has cried a few times over our marriage. If only Auntie had come earlier, my sister wouldn't have cried so many times."

When Madam He heard An Jinge's words, the smile on her face deepened, but she quickly turned back and smiled faintly.

However, née Qin really wanted to go up and tear An Jinge lips. She was asking for the position of the Prime Minister's Wife, to mock her sister in front of the guests. Someone who could not bear to concede her sister, what position could she ask for?

"This girl's heart is straightforward, but she doesn't have any bad intentions. "Madam Qin barely helped smooth things over for her daughter as she said to the He family," In the future, I still have to teach her!

An Jinxiu laughed coldly in her heart, but her face was pale. She also laughed, "I've cried so many times. Third Miss saw it all. I know that Third Miss has good intentions."

née Qin looked at An Jin and asked, "What happened to you today? "Why are you calling your Third Sister as Third Miss?"

"She should have called me Third Young Miss," An Jinge being called Third Young Miss by An Jinxiu, giving her a feeling of victory. The Third Young Miss that was born in this house was different as the Second Young Miss was born in a concubine, so many people had said these words to her.

Madam Qin closed her eyes. This marriage that she had such an easy time taking a fancy to was about to be ruined.

Madam He thought "The matchmaker had told her that the Third Miss of the Residence of An was a magnanimous person who treated her sister and brother sincerely. But now, it seemed that this concubine of hers, the Second Miss, had been greatly angered by this direct descendant of the Third Miss. It seemed that the matchmaker had received the benefits of the Qin family beforehand and was talking nonsense with her.

"What business do you have with me?" née Qin just wanted to get rid of An Jin as soon as possible. She tried to pull back Mrs He's thoughts, "If it's a matter of the mansion, don't tell mama. With the esteemed guest here, mama doesn't have the mood to think about matters of the mansion."

He Clan smiled.

An Jinxiu hesitated for a moment. Was she really going to make a scene in front of Madam Qin? Would this incident bring her trouble?

In the moment when An Jin was hesitating, Zi Yuan pulled on An Jin's sleeves from behind her. An Jin followed Zi Yuan's gaze and saw a picture of her embroidery on a small shelf. This time, An Jin finally understood why née Qin had arranged for her to visit the Qin Manor today. It wasn't to give her, a concubine, some face, but to use her embroidery as the embroidered by Ah Jinge. She wanted to let the wife of the prime minister know how clever and ingenious her future daughter-in-law was.

So that was the reason. An Jinxiu lowered her head with a sneer. The Qin were cautious in their ways, and they begged for everything. What could be more perfect than letting the mother and daughter pair of Qin and An Jinge finish their act without a doubt? The so-called madame of a large clan, a daughter that was born directly into a large clan, was only so-so.

"If there's nothing else, then you can leave." When née Qin saw An Jin looking at the embroidery, she felt embarrassed. If it wasn't for An Jinge poor craftsmanship, why would she do such a thing?

"Mother, can you spare Yuan Zhi?" An Jinxiu asked.

"You can handle it," said née Qin.

An Jinxiu quickly agreed and turned to leave. However, she saw An Jinge looking at her with a gloomy face, and she suddenly said to An Jinge, "Third Miss, you did a good job. I wonder if you have anything to say about this embroidery?"

An Jinge wasn't as embarrassed as née Qin. If it wasn't for née Qin forcing her, she wouldn't want to be exposed to the light of her embroidery, "It's just a lotus flower," she said. "What else do you want to ask?"

An Jinxiu said, "This embroidery doesn't have a name?"

An Jinge wanted to say something about lotus flowers, but she suddenly stopped herself. This embroidery wasn't just called lotus flowers. Her mother had told her about it once, but she couldn't recall it at this moment.

An Jinxiu was just testing the waters. She didn't expect that the little lady An Jinge couldn't even name the embroidery. How could such a brainless person be born from the stomach of the Qin?

"Ah Jin, if there's nothing else, you can leave." née Qin, sitting in the seat of honor, resisted the urge to show off her skills. She cursed An Jin's music in her heart while loathing her.

Madam He then opened her mouth, "Second Miss An, do you know the name of this embroidery item?"

An Jin turned around and smiled. This embroidery did not look like it was made by embroidery. The name could only be hers. "This embroidery is called Under the Moon's Incense."

An Jinge said at this moment, "You also have such an embroidery design?"

"Brilliant!" The Qin family was almost angered to death by this foolish daughter, "Ah Jin, quickly retreat!"

An Jin walked out of the garden with her back facing Lady Qin and Madam He.

An Jin Ge couldn't stand An Jin's sneer the most. Would a bastard still look down on her? Just at this moment, An Jinge followed An Jinxiu and walked past her, getting a bit closer to Zi Yuan. "Bold girl!" An Jinge didn't wait for Zi Yuan to react before she slapped her in the face.

No matter how scheming An Jinxiu was, she would never think that An JinGe would dare to hit someone at this moment. She hurriedly turned around to protect Zi Yuan and asked, "Third Miss, what do you want to do?"

How could An Jinge vent her anger if she only hit the Zi Yuan for a while? She raised her hand and slapped her again just in time to see her An Jin put Zi Yuan behind her. This slap solidly landed on Ah Jin face instead.

An Jinxiu took a few steps back. She wasn't very strong, but her strength wasn't weak. When she received that slap, half of her face was burning with pain.

"Miss!" Zi Yuan cried out in alarm, with a voice that sounded like An Jinge had killed someone.