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12 Family Punishmen

When An Jinxiu rushed to the small parlour, the servants outside the parlour still did not let her in. They said that it was Madam's orders and that no one in the mansion was allowed to see An Yuanzhi.

"Scram!" An Jinxiu shouted angrily and walked inside. She didn't think that the servants would dare to touch her.

The servants guarding the door truly did not dare to touch An Jin. They retreated one step at a time. Finally, they were forced into the small parlour by An Jin.

"Sis?" An Yuanzhi was in the parlour. He had already heard the argument between An Jin and her servants. When he entered the hall, he hurriedly called for An Jin. His voice was urgent. If word were to spread that a young miss of a great clan was quarreling with a male servant in the manor, would his older sister still have a good reputation?

When An Jinxiu saw An Yuanzhi, she felt her vision darken. Luckily, Zi Yuan was behind her and helped her up.

"Sis!" An Yuanzhi was still shouting at her. "Hurry up and go back. Don't worry about me."

An Yuanzhi had his hands tied behind his back, and he was kneeling on a pile of rubble. His knees were also tied, and he couldn't even stand up.

An Jinxiu was so angry that her entire body was trembling. She looked at the sharp edges of the stones. What was the difference between kneeling on these stones and kneeling on them? One saw blood, one did not have to see blood?

"Second Miss." Seeing that Qin's Family two mama had walked up to her, they pretended to bow towards her and asked, "Why have you come? Madam has ordered that no one is allowed in here. "

(T/N: Mama) – a form of address for an elderly female servant.)

"No one can enter?" An Jinxiu said coldly, "Then are you humans or ghosts?"

The two of them were the Qin family's trusted aides, and they had always looked down on the shu-born, An Jin, who was fawning on the Qin family. Hearing An Jinxiu's words, they sneered and said, "Second Miss is angry, so you don't need to send any orders to the servants. This is Madam's order."

"Get out of the way," An Jin said as she let the two women pass.

In her previous life, she had helped the create a Fifth Prince to take over the world. She wasn't even afraid of killing people, so how could An Jinxiu be afraid of hitting them? These two slaps were so loud that everyone in the hall could hear them.

The two servants each received a slap to the face. They were stupefied and stood there motionlessly for a long time.

An Jin pushed the two old ladies away and ran to An Yuanzhi. "How are you?" An Jinxiu asked An Yuanzhi while squatting down and pulling at the rope that tied him. The rope was very tight, and even his clothes were stuffed into An Yuanzhi's flesh. She pulled at it a few times, but was still unable to untie it.

"How can we live on like this!" The two matriarchs in charge recovered their wits and began crying as they lay on the ground. They were afraid of the Qin family and weren't afraid of An Jin.

"Sis!" An Yuanzhi was extremely anxious. It looked like things were about to get out of hand. "Just go back and look after mother. I'll be fine after kneeling down for a while."

"I won't let you suffer any grievances with me around." An Jinxiu ignored the two wailing servants. She only cared about An Yuanzhi, "Does your leg hurt?"

"I'm fine," An Yuanzhi said.

An Jinyi didn't care about the distance of men and women anymore. She lifted An Yuanzhi's robe and saw that both of his knees were soaked with blood. The two red lumps of blood almost made An Jin heart bleed. She suddenly turned around and looked at the servants standing in the parlour. Apart from Zi Yuan, she looked at them one by one, as if she wanted to memorize their appearances.

Although the servants were all men, they were all shocked by the venomous glare from An Jinxiu. Unknowingly, they retreated a few steps back.

Zi Yuan ran up and helped An Jinxiu to help An Yuanzhi sit on a chair to the side.

"I'll call a doctor for you." An Jinxiu dared to kill someone, but she didn't dare to touch the wound on An Yuanzhi's knee. She said softly to An Yuanzhi, "Let Zi Yuan help you return to your room first."

"Second Miss." The two women cried out. Seeing that An Jinxiu didn't care at all, they got up from the ground. One of the women said to An Jinxiu, "It's against the family's rules to request a doctor as a private doctor."

"So what?" An Jinxiu said, "Why aren't you crying? Even if I break the rules, it's not up to you two to bother about me! "

The two servants were momentarily at a loss for words.

"Let's go!" An Jinxiu supported An Yuanzhi as she prepared to leave.

"Do you want to be beaten to death by Madam?" When the two wives saw that An Xianxiu and An Yuanzhi were about to leave, they hurriedly called out to the servants, "Please wait a moment, Second Miss and Fifth Young Master!"

An Jinxiu looked at the door that was tightly shut by the servants. She was so angry that her hands, which were supporting An Yuanzhi, were trembling. Even if they were the children of a concubine, could her mother be sick and unable to get a doctor to treat her injuries?

An Yuanzhi saw that An Jinxiu was so angry that his hands were trembling. He could no longer suppress the anger in his heart as he scolded, "You dog slave!" He wanted to go up and do it.

"Yuan Zhi." An Jinyi held An Yuanzhi back.

The two women were afraid that An Yuanzhi would rush over and beat them. Seeing that An Yuanzhi had been stopped by An Jinxiu, they even thought that An Jinxiu was afraid of the Qin family. Their faces immediately became arrogant as they said, "Second Miss is sensible. You can't go against any rules in this house."

An Jinxiu soothingly patted An Yuanzhi's hand and sneered, "You're a young master from the Residence of Peace. It would be a joke if word of this got out if you made a move against two wives. I'll go find their master. Yuan Zhi, wait for me here. "

An Yuanzhi didn't even have time to say anything before he saw An Jinxiu walk out. He hurriedly called out to her, "Sis, it's useless for you to find Madam!"

"Whether it's useful or not, we'll find out when we go there," An Jinxiu said as she walked out of the door that the servants spontaneously opened, "Yuan Zhi, you shouldn't fight with these people. They're not worth it. Listen to Big Sis."

An Yuanzhi also wanted to walk out, but when he saw the servants blocking the door, he turned around and said to the dumbstruck Zi Yuan, "Quickly go look for my elder sister and tell her not to cause trouble!" As expected of his biological sistee, they had been a stranger for more than ten years. But now, An Yuanzhi felt that this sister of his was going to find trouble with the Madam Qin.

Zi Yuan hurriedly ran out to chase after An Jin.

This was a good opportunity to drag Second Miss An. The slap they received just now couldn't be for nothing. Having served in the mansion for so many years, no one really dared to slap their face.

An Yuanzhi paced around the parlour anxiously, but he also knew that if he were to make a move, he'd have to poke his head into Grand Preceptor An's hands. It didn't matter if he suffered himself, but he couldn't let An Jin suffer with him. An Yuanzhi would be an awe-inspiring general in the future. He would be able to make great contributions to the court, but he was only a teenage young master at the moment. He didn't know what to do now, nor did he have the determination or decisiveness to make such a decision in the future.

When An Jinxiu had asked where An Yuanzhi was kept, she also asked for née Qin's whereabouts. She knew that née Qin was at the back garden, receiving guests in the Fragrant Garden.

After Zi Yuan caught up to An Jinxiu, she asked in fear, "Miss, are we really going to go see Madam?"

"There's nothing to be afraid of," An Jinxiu said. The Qin family's reputation was the face of a good wife and mother. She wanted to see them in front of their guests. How would the Qin family resolve this matter?