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After hearing her words, An Jinxiu didn't say anything. Instead, she looked towards Grand Preceptor An. Others might not know, but her father should know that Shangguan Yong's family background was not good, and these three hundred and fifty-two yuan were probably all that this man had.

"Jin Ge, shut up!" Grand Preceptor An reprimanded. "How could you interrupt your sister's marriage?" Get out for this old man! "

An Jinge was being lectured again as she looked at née Qin with a bitter face. She just wanted to embarrass her future husband, but she didn't do anything wrong. It wasn't her fault that her husband's family was poor, so how could she not let others talk about it?

"What should we do about the marriage?" née Qin still looked as if she was thinking for An Jinxiu as she asked, "If the matter of the dowry were to be spread out, what would the people in the capital say about it?"

Grand Preceptor An shot a quick glance at the woman, only to see her standing there quietly with her head lowered. He sighed and looked back at his wife. As an experienced official, how could Grand Preceptor An not see through née Qin's tricks? On the surface, she was trying to cover up her injustice, but in reality, she was trying to slap An Jin's face in front of her family.

"Old master!" When née Qin saw that the Grand Preceptor wasn't answering her, she called out to him again.

"Why do you say that in front of the children?" Grand Preceptor An said to née Qin, "Shangguan Yong used up all his wealth to treat his stepmother's illness. Do you still want me to tell you about this?"

Madam Qin's face turned ugly, "Master, are you blaming me for being nosy? "I was the one who brought up Ah Jin. She had no face, so how could I feel good about it?"

"Alright!" "That's it," Grand Preceptor An said, "None of us need to say anything more!"

"What should I do?" Lady Qin didn't want to let it go like this and said, "How can there be a young lady from the Marquis' Mansion who only wants three hundred and fifty silver taels to go out of the pavilion? Even if Old Master wanted to repay this gratitude, he should think about it for the Ah Jin! "

An Jinxiu laughed coldly in her heart. In her previous life, she had heard many of the Qin family's words. Now that she thought about it, those words from the Qin family had actually put her at ease and allowed her to live with Shangguan Yong. She loved to act vain. She had other intentions. Thinking about it, Lady Qin saw a good big play with An from her previous life.

"How about you lend some silver to second sister?" An Jinge spoke up again, "It's to give face to second sister, since our family is not short on money, when will second sister live a rough life? "No, dad, it's better if you take care of second sister."

An Yuanzhi coldly harrumphed at this point. He knew that none of the people in the main house had good intentions. Did they think of An Jin as a beggar? These people thought that Shangguan Yong was a trash that even his wife couldn't support?

At this time, An Jinxiu heard An Yuanzhi's cold snort. She didn't want her little brother to have any sort of conflict with the main house because of her, so she had no choice but to open her mouth and say, "Ah Jinge is right. The main house is not short on money. Why should we care about the betrohal gift?" Father also said that General Shangguan had spent all his family's wealth to treat his mother's illness, so General Shangguan was actually a filial son. "

Hearing this, Grand Preceptor An's gloomy face turned back to normal. He hadn't thought that this daughter of his, who had a heart higher than the heavens, would actually be so sensible.

The Qin family's expression changed as they blocked née Qin's heart in one breath. They couldn't go down there even if they wanted to. Who knew that there would be a day when An Jin would block her heart?

"Father," An Jin continued, "Your daughter doesn't care about giving face to outsiders. Since the marriage was supposed to repay the favor, we might as well not take the money."

"Are these your heartfelt words?" Grand Preceptor An asked.

An Jin smiled and said, "Yes, your daughter doesn't ask for any expensive dowry. As long as General Shangguan serves the court well, your daughter doesn't have to worry."

Grand Preceptor An nodded. This was his daughter.

Née Qin was furious, but she could not say anything else. When only she and An Jinju were left in the room, née Qin muttered to herself, "It's better if you don't regret it in the future!"

An Jinge humphed and said, "Mother, she is indeed pretentious. An Jinxiu is the best at this. She thinks she is a young miss of a rich family."

Grand Preceptor An had been a bit preoccupied with his own matters all day and it was rare to see that he hadn't done it for the sake of the country. He had always ignored the matters of the inner court. It was just that Grand Preceptor An had no choice but to think over the matters of the inner court. Even though An Jin was a Shu's daughter, she was still her own daughter. Grand Preceptor An wasn't the type to disregard having children born out of a concubine.

Shangguan Yong had also gone to the morning assembly that day. The three hundred and fifty taels of silver dowry had made him unable to sleep well for the past few days. When Madame Wang left that day, her face had turned green and red, which made Shangguan Yong start to reevaluate his marriage as if it had come from the heavens.

After thinking about it for a few days, Shangguan Yong felt that he had gained the noble family's support. He came from a military background, and had only learned a few words in the military. He also thought about how he had a pair of younger siblings at home. Since Second Miss An had married into the family, would he wanted to marry a wife that would act as a mother to his siblings. Could this young miss Jin, who was used to living a life of wealth at Gao Men's Mansion, really do this?

"Grand Preceptor," Shangguan Yong stopped in front of Grand Preceptor An's palanquin after the assembly. He had already made up his mind that he wasn't going to have an easy time with a young lady from the Residence of Peace, lest he waste her entire life.

Grand Preceptor An was already in the palanquin. When he heard Shangguan Yong's voice, he hurriedly got out of the palanquin again. He called out to Shangguan Yong's watch, "Wei Chao, what's the matter?"

Shangguan Yong said, "Please lend me a hand, Grand Preceptor."

Grand Preceptor An thought that Shangguan Yong wanted to explain the matter of the salary to him, so he and Shangguan Yong stood behind each other. After hearing Shangguan Yong's words, Grand Preceptor An was so angered that a scholar almost started fighting with a military husband like Shangguan Yong. So this fellow was trying to end the engagement!

"Grand Preceptor," Shangguan Yong still stood there, looking at him honestly.

Grand Preceptor An was silent for a long time before saying, "Shangguan Wei Chao, my daughter and you are already engaged to be married next month. If you break off the engagement now, what will my daughter do in the future?" Have you ever thought about her? "

Shangguan Yong was stunned for a long time. He had not expected that he would not want to miss An Jin's life, but it would also ruin her reputation.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" Grand Preceptor An thought back to what An Jin had said to him that morning, then looked at Shangguan Yong. He felt more and more that this daughter of his had been married off, and this Shangguan Yong was a martial arts man who didn't understand any grand principles!

"I …" Shangguan Yong was at a loss for words, he said: "I just feel that I'm too incompatible with Miss, I've never thought of anything else, it's not that Miss is bad, it's because I'm unsuitable, my family, my family is poor."

Grand Preceptor An's face drained of all color. "Then you're saying my daughter thinks she's poor and loves to be rich?"

"No, I definitely did not mean it that way." Shangguan Yong panicked, waving his hands as he said, "I was just afraid that I might have wronged Miss."

Grand Preceptor An held in his anger. "Then my daughter personally said today that she didn't want the dowry."

"You don't want it?" Shangguan Yong was still dumbfounded, he said: "Miss, why don't you want it? Don't all the girls in the capital still need the bethrotal money when they leave the house?"

This wasn't just a matter of the capital. Which family in Shun Dynasty would marry a girl without paying for the job? My silly daughter! By now, Grand Preceptor An had started to worry whether this Shangguan Yong could actually support An Jin. How could he know nothing about mundane affairs other than riding horses and fighting?

"My daughter said that General Shangguan used up all his family fortune to help his stepmother treat her illness. He's a filial son, and as long as she follows you well and lives with you, she won't have to worry about not having a good life," Grand Preceptor An passed on An's words to Shangguan Yong. According to his daughter's words, he shouldn't have let any other man know, but at this time, Grand Preceptor An was scheming to let Shangguan Yong think about An Jin's life.