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3 This daugther is willing to marry

When Née Qin saw that her youngest daughter had been scolded, she spoke up to persuade Grand Preceptor An. "Jinge did this for her elder sister."

"A loving mother has many failed children!" Grand Preceptor An said to Née Qin.

Lady Qin just sighed and said, "Master, don't resent Jinge. Even I can't bear to part with the beautiful Ah Jin. "We can afford to repay favors like ours, whatever General Shangguan wants."

"Can the marriage that this old man promised change again?" Grand Preceptor An's face changed as he spoke with anger, " Parents always make decisions in matters of marriage. How can the sisters decide for themselves?" Is it possible for a daughter of my Xunyang An clan to not know shame?! "

Nee Qin wiped away her tears. "I'm a woman, so what if I can't bear to part with my daughter? "Ah Jin was not born in my stomach, but I raised it myself. I just can't bear to part with it!"

Seeing his wife cry in grief, Grand Preceptor An slapped the table next to him before finally falling silent.

An Jinge ran up and held Madam Qin's hand, comforting her in a low voice.

An Jinxiu only watched the scene play out in front of her coldly. That's right, it was just a play, but the previous life's An Jin was unable to see through it. This Madam, the Qin who had raised her as her daughter by her side, was known as a good wife and mother.

In her previous life, An Jinxiu had also thought that this mother was a good one, and had thought wholeheartedly about her and helped her marry Shangguan Yong. She had always complained about the injustice, and had even secretly approved of the relationship between her and Bai Chengze. And the result? An Jinxiu lowered her head and gave a self-deprecating smile. Thinking about her previous life, it seemed like she had never done anything right before.

"Ah Jin," Madam Qin called out to her from above. "Your father's words will make you suffer for the rest of your life!"

"Mother," An Jinxiu took a few steps forward, knelt on the ground and said, "General Shangguan saved my father's life, and I am deeply grateful to him. This daughter's marriage to him is also for repaying his kindness, so she will definitely serve General Shangguan well."

Madam Qin's sorrowful cries stopped as she looked doubtfully at An Jin. This bastard had always had a heart higher than the heavens. Was she really going to accept her fate this time?

"It's for the best that you can think like this," Grand Preceptor An was very satisfied with the words spoken by An Jin and heaved a sigh of relief. The Grand Preceptor calmed his heart and thought that Shangguan Yong, this future son-in-law, really wasn't worthy of his daughter from the An Clan. Shangguan Yong had been poor since he was young, and had never read a poem before. Just his age of nearly thirty caused Grand Preceptor An to frown. An Jin was still sixteen years old, and coupled with such an old man, Grand Preceptor An had already sighed many times when he was by himself.

At this time, Madam Qin suddenly said, "When you get married, I'll let your brother send you out. No matter who you marry, my daughter will marry and leave home."

An Jinxiu looked at her big brother. When she saw the great Young Master An, an unhappy expression instantly appeared on An Yuwen's face. The eldest son sent a young lady, born from a concubine, out the door. He had gained face for An Jinwen, but this made An Yuwen, the assistant minister of the Ministry of Industry, lose his status. In her previous life, An Jinxiu had been deeply grateful to the Qin family's mother for this, but she hadn't realized that her elder brother hadn't been willing.

"Alright, Ah Jin can stay. Everyone else can leave," Grand Preceptor An didn't say much about Madam Qin's decision. He had treated his daughter unfairly and made his eldest son give her the marriage, even if it was a form of compensation from a father.

His family had already left, but Madam Qin didn't leave. "She's already willing to marry into the General. Old master, please don't force her any further."

"You may leave as well," Grand Preceptor An said to Madam Qin.

"If you don't love this daughter of yours, I'll love her!" Lady Qin sat unmoving as she spoke to Grand Preceptor An, "There are some things you shouldn't say to Ah Jin anymore. Old master, do you really have the heart to make her sad?"

An Jinxiu lowered her head without saying a word. Those who were reborn knew clearly in their hearts that the Fifth Prince, Bai Chengze, had already hinted to her father that he wanted to marry her, a concubine of the An clan, to give birth to a second young miss. When her father had first discussed the matter with the Qin family, he had wanted to marry the Third Miss of the Residence, An Jinge, to Shangguan Yong. In the end, the Qin had cried and begged for a night to 'save' her daughter. Right now, Madam Qin didn't want Grand Preceptor An to speak. It was simply that she didn't want him to explain everything to her.

"You can leave too," Grand Preceptor An finally said no more and waved his hand for her to leave.

An Jinxiu withdrew from the main house.

"Are you satisfied now?" Grand Preceptor An asked Madam Qin after he left.

"The back of her hand is covered in meat," née Qin still wiped away her tears, "I know I have let down Ah Jinxiu."

"Nonsense!" Grand Preceptor An grew angry again at née Qin's words. "You raised her, so you shouldn't treat her too well. Don't talk about it again in the future!"

Watching her husband leave, Madam Qin revealed a cold smile. Her daughter would naturally become a phoenix on a branch. As for a concubine's daughter, what was there to treasure? A daughter born of a concubine wants to marry into the royal family. Thinking of the concubines in the residence, Madam Qin felt depressed again.

An Jinxiu brought Zi Yuan along in walking along the winding corridors of the Residence of Tranquil East. It was when the summer flowers were beautiful and the Residence of Tranquil East Tribe was filled with flowers and clusters of flowers. An Jin ignored the fresh flowers around her. When she thought that she and Shangguan Yong would meet again soon, she couldn't help but smile.

"Miss," Zi Yuan said softly, looking left and right. "What should we do with the Fifth Prince?"

An Jinxiu was stunned. Ever since she was reborn, she had never once thought about this man.

Zi Yuan's face was full of concern. "Miss, are you still sad?"

"No shame!" An Jinxiu gave the purple fairy's nose a hard scratch.

Zi Yuan cried out in pain and covered his nose.

"Let's see if you dare to spout nonsense in the future!" An Jinxiu pretended to be fierce, "What happened between me and the Fifth Prince? "At most, you have sent me a few letters. Little girl Zi Yuan, your young miss's innocence lies with your mouth!"

The purple-haired girl's face turned pale with fright. She hurriedly wanted to kneel down in front of An Xiuxiu, but she stopped herself. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

An Jinxiu reached out her hand to support the mandarin man and said seriously, "There's really nothing going on between the Fifth Prince and me. From now on, this person has nothing to do with us."

"Mn." Zi Yuan nodded and said seriously to An Jin, "I will remember, Miss."

She and Bai Chengze met by chance in the garden of the crown prince's residence, and she went to please him as the crown prince's brother, they were all born from concubines, he was born in the royal family, she was born in a noble family, in this situation, she was more or less the same. After she was abandoned in her previous life, An Jin had thought of many things regarding her and Bai Chengze. She gave her heart to this man and thought that her heart was a priceless treasure, but what about Bai Chengze? She was just a pawn that had formed a connection with the Grand Preceptor's estate, a pawn that he'd been bewitched by.

"Miss, where are we going?" Seeing that An Jinxing wasn't heading towards the pavilion, Zi Yuan asked behind her.

"Let's go see my mother," said An Jinxiu.

"To see Madam, this is the opposite way, Miss." Zi Jin pointed in a direction.

"I'll go see my mother," she said to Zi Yuan.

Zi Yuan was stunned for a moment before he caught up with An Jin. "To see the concubine birth mother?"

"Mm," An Jinxiu responded.

"Why?" The young lady of her house had always disliked her birth mother, and didn't even want to hear the words' embroidery aunt '.