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58 Talk with Elise

Henry and Elise rolled in the sheets for 2 hours before they finally stopped as they were already too tired. Luckily Elise brought the lunch earlier so they can quickly replenish their energy. They wear their underwear while eating lunch.

The atmosphere went silent as only the spoon and fork sound reverberating throughout the room. Both of them just silently eat their food. Halfway through, Henry opened the bottle of wine and poured it for himself and Elise.

Then Henry raises his glass toward Elise and smiling at her. Elise hesitated for a moment before she raises her glass too and toasting Henry.

"For ourself, our parent, and our lives. Cheers" Henry is toasting Elise, and then both of them drink the wine in one big gulp.

Henry put his glass back to the table and staring at Elise. Even though he already see her naked, but he still feels she is very sexy, especially with only underwear on.

Elise flustered as she can feel Henry eyes all over her body. She is blushing when she remembers what they were doing a moment ago. She can still feel Henry muscular body and his smell, which is very captivating for her.

But then Elise confused what will be her future from now on. She was working in this hotel due to her school recommendation. Otherwise, even a decent job is hard to find due to her western look. Even though she is gorgeous, not many dare to employ her as the majority of Indonesian people still hates the Dutch.

Only this hotel accept her as there often many International guests stay here. With her western and beautiful look, she was chosen specially to serve an honored guest like Henry. Many people coveted her beauty, even her manager Alex already give her a hint many times.

Luckily there still no people dare to force her. So she is still pure until now, well not pure anymore since she already does it with Henry. There is one problem though, how she will do after this?

Elise knew Henry is a US citizen, which mean he will back to the US eventually. From what she knows, a guest like Henry will have sex with the hotel waiter like her. But that's it, a one night stand. All of them have sex, but they will never take their sex partner seriously.

It's, of course, the best if both of them forgot it. The problem is Elise very valuing her purity as she descended from a noble house. Her father taught her that a noble usually take seriously about their purity, especially a noblewoman.

Even though she is technically not a noble now, but it has already deep-rooted inside her. She is very lonely too as she has no friend, relative or even someone who just familiar. Now that she even already tell Henry her exact origin and story, she already regards Henry as her husband.

The more Elise think about it, the more she determined about what she will do. So she gets up from her seat and staring directly at Henry.

Elise take a deep breath and say, "I want to go to the United States with you!"

Henry surprised when he heard Elise sudden statement. He already decided to take Elise to the United States with him as he will never leave a woman he has sex with just like that. Even though he close with many girls when he is in Harvard, but he only had physical contact with them.

He never kisses them, let alone sex. He never promises them anything neither as he doesn't want to leave a false hope to them. The only woman he kisses and has sex until now is Susan, and now Elise.

Henry always thought that he is a passionate man, but with a Harem dream. He ready to shoulder any responsibilities from whatever he makes, so he already regards Elise as one of his women.

Initially, he wants to talk about it with Elise after lunch, which is why he opened the wine. But now since Elise is the one who takes the initiative, it's, of course, the best result.

Henry gets up from his seat too and pours the wine again for both of them.

Elise is just staring at Henry, who was pouring the wine as she has no plan to drink it. Now that she had determined her choice, she wants to make sure Henry would agree to bring her to the US with him.

So Elise directly asked, "Say it, do you agree or not ?"

Henry take a sip from the wine and say, "We would talk about this after the shower as don't you feel your body is sticky right now ?"

"Just answer my question, do you agree or not to bring me to the US with you ?" Elise patience runs out as she feels Henry evade her question. She bites her lip quite hard as this question would decide her future, so she is mad when she feels Henry seems to avoid her issue.

"I said we would talk about this after the shower, sweetheart." Then Henry suddenly lifts Elise by princess carrying her.

"Kyaaaa~~ What are you doing ?" Elise surprised as she suddenly carried by Henry.

"We would shower together of course, what do you think we would do ?" Henry quickly walks toward the bathroom. Luckily he already fills the bathtub before as he initially plans to use it after the exercises.


After 1 hour inside of the bathroom, Henry and Elise go out with Henry princess carrying Elise while naked.

"It's your fault now I can't walk." Elise pouted as they do it again in the bathtub. Her nether region is so swollen right now that she can't even walk.

"Well, I will get some ointment from the hotel." Henry then put Elise in the bed gently. Then he took a towel from the drawer and dried her up. He then uses the phone to call the hotel service and ordered a set of woman clothes and a bottle of ointment for swollen.

Since he and Elise already make their mind, he didn't mind the hotel know their relationship. He believes he can take Elise out easily even without need other help. Even though Elise is beautiful, but he didn't think the hotel would choose to retain her if he talks to them.

Even if that happens, he can seek help from Soeharto as he believes his deal with Soeharto already a foregone conclusion. This hotel is an industry under Soeharto name, so if he wants a hotel waiter, he thinks Soeharto would agree with this simple request.

It's not like anyone know Elise true identity beside him and that old man.