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42 Arrived at Nepal Again

With William Manor as the core, the entire 100sq mile already fenced by an iron fence so people know it's a private territory. There is a small lake in his territory with a size of 1sq mile, he plans to expand it to 10sq mile.

Majority of the land he buys is a forest area, he doesn't plan to change that unless it was necessary. All of this area will serve as William Territory in the future where all of his descendants will treat it as the ancestral area.

He already plans far for the future as he already can see where his future lay. He can already see when his William family become a supergiant family that controls everything like the legendary Rothschild family.

With his vision and ability, surpassing Rothschild is just a piece of cake as Rothschild mainly majored at Economy. There is a rumor that Rothschild controls 50% of global wealth directly and indirectly at its peak which he thinks it's very exaggerated.

According to many sources, the total global wealth in 2010 is $127 Trillion USD. 50% of it would be amount to $63.5 Trillion, which is impossible. But even if they control just 5%, that would be $6.35 Trillion which is still very impressive.

But think about it, just the top 10 companies in 2018 already have a total market value of $6.020 Trillion. He already has 2 of them which is Microsoft, Apple and he believes it will increase later. The rest 8 include Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook, Alibaba and Tencent which all are a technology company.

For the technology, Henry believes no one or anything can match him in this era especially after his intelligence upgrade. With just those 7 companies alone, his net worth already closes to the Rothschild.

So for net worth, Henry not worried as it already seems set on the stone. With the various financial crisis, opportunities and the rest of the companies, he even doesn't know what will his net worth reach.

He can't even hide it completely as the amount just too big. So from the start, Henry did just basic protection to hide it from common people sight. For the elite, he doesn't care about them as with his net worth later, it can also serve as a warning sign.

If someday his net worth reaches an unimaginable amount, even anyone or anything can't move him without considering the consequences. It acts just like a nuclear bomb, it serves as a deterrent but at the same time bring peace.


2 days later.

Henry already completed all of his preparation as he must go to Nepal now. The Gates family already give him the green signal that the negotiation was successful. There is a price for it though, $10 Million as the one that Gates Family asked for is the California Senator.

The Gates family has been long known for supporting the Democrat. Coincidentally, the California Senator this year is a Democrat, so it went smoothly. The Senator named John V. Tuney and Henry directly meet with him to hand over the money.

As this is an underhand transaction, John doesn't want to get caught wet handed. So John ordered the $10 Million must be in form of US unregistered bond. It took him 1 week just to gather the bond, but it's all worth it. After the transaction, Henry already gained friendship from John.

This friendship is more important to him in his early stage especially when he has no political backer. So John can be counted as one actually, the $10 Million is well spent. Not only he manages to gain a pass for the Gurkhas, even he suddenly got a backer.

So after everything is ready, Henry directly flew to Nepal.

<8 April 1974, Nepal Tribhuvan International Airport.>

After 16 hours of tiring flight, Henry finally comes back to Nepal. This time he came with a different purpose which is to pick up the Gurkhas. Henry already told them to wait at Kathmandu earlier before he goes and gave Ahupathi $10,000 in advance.

If nothing goes wrong, they must already in Kathmandu by now. He must find Sajit first to understand the situation as Sajit is the one who connects the Gurkhas. As he can't contact Sajit in advance, he must take the initiative. Luckily he already goes to Sajit home before, so he rented a three-wheeler.

Sajit house is located at the outskirt of Kathmandu, it was the Slum area of Kathmandu. Henry dropped at the main road as Sajit house can't be reached by the three-wheeler. Luckily he only carrying a backpack as he doesn't plan to stay long.

Henry walks on his foot while enduring some glare from the native people. The tourist very rarely visits Nepal in 1974 especially a westerner like Henry. Last time he came here, he guided by Sajit so he didn't particularly notice it.

But now is different since he came alone this time, but he has nothing to fear since he is confident about his nearly 1 year worth of various training and exercise. His fighting skill basically enough for facing common people, he can play at least 5 people at the same time.

So he confidently walked so gradually the people stop staring at him. After 5 minutes of walk, Henry came to a crappy looking wooden house, Sajit house. He saw the door is closed, so he knock it 3 times.

There is no response after 2 minutes, this makes Henry think maybe Sajit not in the house now. So he keeps knocking for 5 minutes just in case there is someone inside. As he keeps knocking, a native people approached Henry and say, "Sajiṭ ahilē gharamā chaina."

It took a while for Henry to understand what he said but after 1 month studying the Nepali language. So he can understand what the native said that Sajit is not at home right now. So he ask, "Tapā'īlā'ī ahilē sajiṭa kahām̐ cha?"

"Sajiṭa bhanchan jaba ēka vidēśī āphnō ghara pharki'ē, usalā'ī batā'unuhuncha ki unī aba bahiṣkāramā chan....." The man replied.

"Dhan'yavāda" Then Henry give the man $1 which he accepted gleefully.

The man said Sajit already moved out from this house since 10 days ago to the biggest lodging in the outskirt of Kathmandu. So he directly rented a three-wheeler again and goes there.