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After Nolan enters the room, he found it was like a library. The room was very big and all the bookcases are stick to the wall. The entire room decoration style is simple, but at the same time, it exudes an aura that can't be described.

Nolan walks slowly into the room and saw Henry is reading a book right now. He saw the book that Henry read is Darwin On the Origin of Species. He confused why would someone like Henry read a book about biology.

Seeing Henry didn't seem finishes his reading soon, he walks around the room. He casually grabbed a book and open it. The book was filled with many complex mathematical equations that look absurd to him, so he just closes the book and returns it.

He opens another book from this bookcase and saw it was the same as the previous one, mathematics. He then realizes maybe this entire bookcase is filled with mathematics books. This makes him confused a little, but maybe Henry just like collecting it.

So he walks toward another bookcase and opens another book and found it was biology subject. On another bookcase, it was filled with chemistry subject. He suddenly realizes that maybe all the book here is the science subject.

He doesn't find a single book that isn't science, at least he doesn't find it. This discovery shocked him as who would collect only science book? Moreover, Henry did not seem only collecting it as he can see it just now.

This discovery makes him suddenly remember certain famous people recently. A genius teenager that also a famous author and also wealthy. Coincidentally, the name of that teenager and Henry is the same. But he doesn't think this is just a coincidence.

Combined with his discovery now and understanding of Henry, maybe two of them are the same people! Because the newspapers only reported his deed, but there is not a single photo about him. This makes public only know Henry name, but his looks remain mysterious.

No wonder Henry can buy his Atari, it turns out to be like this. Initially, he suspects Henry is a son of certain rich people. If Henry only a brainless rich second generation, he plans to squeeze some extra money from him. But, now since he already knows that background Henry was, he plans to befriend him.

The genius the like of Henry usually manage to rise to the top of society. But all of the genius basically immersed in their research, so they have little time to take care of other things. For example Einstein, he was known as the greatest scientist of this century for his Relativity.

But Einstein basically just immersed in his research all day and have no interest in the business. He can see Henry is different from the usual genius just because of his interest in the business. Furthermore, Henry vision is not bad according to his estimate.

Combined all the factors, Henry will only successful. So to befriend him before he rises is a wise move. So he quickly finishes his short tour and back to where Henry was.

Henry already knows that Nolan already arrived since he opened the door. But he has a habit that every morning after his usual exercise, he will read at least one book in this library. When he started reading, he will focus on it so he can fully understand and absorb the knowledge within the book.

Since his ambition to create technology that beyond his future which is 2016, he knows it needs countless knowledge. Not just ordinary knowledge either, but the advanced one. Even the advanced one is not enough to create the technology he wants.

It needed new advance knowledge to supplement it, and the new knowledge is not yet available since it was not invented yet. To create new knowledge, it needs hard work, research, patience, opportunity and the most important of all, the Intelligence.

Without all the prerequisite listed above, you can't research new knowledge. Henry confident he can fulfill all the prerequisite, especially the Intelligence. His 200IQ++ is already the peak of a human being now. He confident his intelligence will give him a massive boost.

Albert Einstein was known to only have 160IQ, but even with that, he can invent Relativity Theories. Henry did not believe with his intelligence he can't invent a new knowledge. He even wants to learn as much as possible.

It's common knowledge that most people only excel at 1 field, as even Einstein only excel his physic. But Henry is an anomaly itself just from his traversing to 1973, it even boosted his already genius intelligence.

Mathematics, Physic, Chemistry, and Biology are 4 major foundations of modern science. Just studying in one of them already enough for most people to indulge their entire lifetime. But as the time is running, more knowledge continues added.

More and more branch knowledge sprouted, it means more knowledge to be mastered. Science became more complex as time goes, like Thermodynamic, Quantum physic, Relativity is just branch of Physic. But even that can be divided again, so new knowledge is being discovered every day.

But to truly develop a new revolutionary knowledge require luck, patience, and great imagination. Since Albert Einstein discovered Relativity Theories, there is no new knowledge that can match it's even in 2016 where he came.

This means to invent something truly revolutionary is as hard as ascending to heaven. Most new knowledge that discovered today only a derivative from the old knowledge. Almost every possible knowledge has been discovered, so it almost impossible to create something like Relativity.

But the technology he wants can't be created from the existing knowledge. This makes him a headache just to think about it. Just say like his most want Life Serum, there is not even foundation knowledge for how to make it.

Longevity is always haunting for those who need it since ancient time. Every emperor, ruler, rich people will be glad even if they can trade all their belonging just to add 1 year to their longevity. To achieve it, they command people to research it. But there is no result even after 5000 year worth of research. This show how difficult to just make new knowledge.

The road ahead him is not even clear, this requires him to make a new road. So he tries his best to achieve his ambition. Every day he must at least read for 4 hours or even more, he will read a book in every his free time.

Because he knows to create new knowledge, at least he must have the foundation for it. So before he mastered the majority of all existing knowledge, he will not attempt to create a new one. Because he knows will waste his time too much if he directly researches it.

His entire lifetime maybe not enough to learn it all. So how can he fix this? If he has 200 years worth of longevity, maybe it's enough. So he plans to focus on biology to research the life serum. If he successfully researches it, then the rest is easy.

Longevity is the key to all the problem he encountered. With life serum, he will not only gain some longevity, but even his subsequent research can also be greatly helped with his extended longevity. He can also use the life serum to exchange something to those who need it.

So just successfully research the life serum will be like one stone hit many birds.