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31 Back to Harvard

Henry explains the detail of what company Apple should be and the general direction of it. Henry explains this to Steve Jobs so he can be saved from many detours. As for the rest, he left it to Steve Jobs to improvise based on his plan.

Steve Jobs just listening to what Henry said with great concentration as Henry explanation is very perfect. Not only he describes what would the future computer be like, even regarding company management, Henry also has great insight. Steve Jobs truly shocked as Henry plan for Apple basically foolproof.

Apple development will be as fast as lightning if Henry plan done well. So for the first time of his life, Steve Jobs truly excited as he was really curious what the future of Apple would be.

Henry ended his lecture for Jobs after 2 hours of tireless explanation. With just this 2 hours, Henry believes the future of Apple is already set on stone. But now Apple is just an empty company with only service staff. To truly start Apple, it's the time for recruiting the formal employees.

"Hey Jobs, do you have any contact or friend that you know have skill or talent on the computer? You know now Apple is just an empty shell, so if you have contact you know, you can try invited them in." Henry casually asked.

Steve Jobs silent for a split second before he replies, "Actually, there is one of my friends that have talent on computer. He is my childhood friend and he is really interested in the computer since he saw it for the first time."

Henry's lips curved upward as his plan success, so he asked, "Oh really? Where's he now?"

"Well, the last time I met with him, he already an employee at Hewlett & Packard. If nothing happens, he must still be working there." Steve Jobs answered.

"Hmmm, can you convince him to work at Apple? Tell him if he agrees, I will double the salary he gets from Hewlett & Packard. If he still not agree, then triple it, I don't believe he won't be tempted with that amount of money." Henry quickly orders Steve Jobs as that man is important for Apple.

Steve Jobs immediately lit up and replies, "I can guarantee he will come to our company in less than 1 week, you just need to wait."

"Well, I must go for a business, so just take your time. I will be back in 5 days, if your friend came before I arrived, just inform him about everything he needs to know about Apple.

After that, Henry immediately leaves as he booking a plane ticket earlier and the plane would be boarding 2 hours later.


<Harvard University>

Henry once again back to Harvard as he has much business to be done here. But before all of that business, Henry wants to do something. He then makes his way into the girl's dormitory, he already knows the way here as he already goes to this place many times.

The study at Harvard already started since the Holiday is already over. Especially now is the afternoon, so many students going out of the class for lunch. Many students quickly notice Henry as he is just too 'different' compared to the rest of them.

As Henry comes from the future, his aesthetic and fashion style is very different from this era. Now is 1974, the popular style for young people is that Hippie. Long hair, beard, khaki, and exotic clothes, so Henry fashion style is completely different. Coupled with his outstanding face and temperament that he exudes, Henry basically just too shiny to be ignored.

"Oh my god, who is he? Why he is so handsome~~" A girl said while her eyes seem shaped into a heart. She is a transfer student that just come in New Year, so basically she is a freshman.

"Isn't that the Prince of Harvard Henry William? Why he is going back to Harvard? I heard from my professor that he can already graduate last year." Another girl quickly reveals who that handsome man.

In less than 10 minutes, the entire Harvard already knows their 'prince' already back. Henry quickly surrounded by many girls and now he is struggling to get out. Henry already begins to regret why he is not wearing at least a cover today so this situation doesn't happen.

He did not expect this would happen as his mind is too focused on Susan today. But as this already happened, Henry still smiled at the girls as he quite like being surrounded by them. Henry quickly invited by many girls to the cafeteria. Henry just politely decline as his today goal was Susan, not them.

Many of the girls that already familiar with Henry know he would like to be not too restrained. So with Henry decline, they quickly backed off.

"Thank you all, I have a business to be done today so maybe another time." Henry explained his reason as he quickly leaves out the crowd.

Henry quickly fastened his step toward the girl dormitory as he already learns from before. Soon he arrived at the girl dormitory, he doesn't inform Susan about this visit as he wants to surprise her. From his knowledge of her, basically, she would be in the dormitory in the afternoon as her class all done that time.

He already familiar with the gatekeeper as he often goes here many times, so he allowed in. If Henry just a normal male student, he won't be allowed to even approach the girl's dormitory. Originally Henry wants to buy a house for Susan that not far from the Harvard.

But she declined as she wants fully experienced her college year and her dormmate is nice too. So Henry just let her be, but he usually gives $100,000 per month for her to spend.

Then Henry quickly approached Susan room and knocked on its door. After a while, the door opened. It was Susan who opened the door and Henry can see her face is very surprised.

"Surprise." Henry quickly hugs Susan and kiss her. Susan is confused right now as she didn't expect Henry would come today.

But quickly she quickly tries freeing herself and timidly said, "Not now dear, my dormmate is inside."

Henry, of course, would not force Susan so he quickly releases the hug and said, "You don't know how much I miss you since our trip to Europe. Well, tonight you can't go anywhere~~"

Susan just timidly nodded as she knows what would happen tonight. Then she quickly invited Henry in as Henry never truly saw her dorm mate. Henry too curious as he hears from Susan that her dorm mate is a black girl.