Rebirth 1973
26 Find Steve Jobs
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Rebirth 1973
Author :Xandarx
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26 Find Steve Jobs

As Henry was chatting with Bill Gates about the issue, Henry goes on and talk about Microsoft issue.

After 2 months of development, Microsoft valuation has reached $1.8 Million solely due to Microsoft BASIC language copyright. Microsoft BASIC language is increasingly popular within the computer industry now, but it was still far less famous for the common public to know it.

As for Microsoft MS-DOS, it has already the favorite operating system of users due to the many advantages it has over many of its competitors. However, it had barely occupied 3% of market share right now as it had just been introduced last month. Henry believes this is just beginning as Microsoft definitely will rise soon.

After chatting with Bill Gates for a few hours, Henry left Microsoft HQ as he has many other things to do.

Henry decided to go to Sunnyville where Apple was.

As the search for Steve Jobs has yet to be successful, Apple has yet to truly recruit employees as it has nothing to do. While waiting for Bill Gates to bring news, Henry decided to jumpstart the Apple development plan.

Apple had yet to have it's office so Henry decided to rent a two story building for the mean time. It cost $20,000 to rent the building annually but this building was just a temporary office building, so Henry did not mind renting it for such amount.

With Apple's office set up, Henry has begun to search for a lead on Steve Jobs. This time, he had learned that he should have used money in order to search for him, and so, Henry did.

Henry quickly contacted a small newspaper company that was based on San Jose and gives the newspaper company $5,000 just to post news about the search for Steve Jobs. Henry offered a reward money of $1,000 for anyone that had news about Steve Jobs whereabouts.

The newspaper company had eagerly agreed with Henry's offer as $5,000 is very big compared to what they usually received.

The next day, the more than thousands of people that were subscribed to the small newspaper publisher knew about the reward money of $1,000 just to provide someone's location.

Many people were enamored as the reward is quite rich and the job is very easy too. $1,000 is very much to a lot of people as the unemployment rate is as much 7.2% this year, many people knew that stumbling upon such a quick buck was a good opportunity to earn some cash.

Under the encouragement of money, many people begin to search for a man named Steve Jobs. Henry provided quite detailed information about Steve Jobs, so the search went easier than anticipated.

Henry's hounds were already on the loose. It was only a matter of time before Steve would be found.

Henry was just calmly waiting for the news as he believes Steve Jobs would be found soon.

Under the excitement of people, Steve Jobs was quickly found.

The person who solld the information was Steve's colleague. After hearing the news, Henry quickly set off to Steve's location.

[Atari Company Headquarter]

Steve Jobs in 1974 is working on the arcade game leading company, the Atari Company. After searching for a job after his dropout, Jobs quickly found work at Atari as a technician, fixing up and tweaking circuit board designs. He was forced to do this job as he was about to run out his money.

Henry then approached Atari Headquarters and looks at the building for a moment before finally entering.

As he enters the building, Henry finds there are electronic parts everywhere on the floor, it was quite a messy sight. There are no front desk people, so Henry just helped himself to go in and find people.

Henry was quickly found out by an employee and was asked.

"Who are you? what are you doing here ?" An employee put down the box he was carrying and strode towards Henry.

"I'm searching for Steve Jobs, do you know where he is right now?" Henry explained his intention.

"Well, you don't look like a troublemaker, you looking for that new guy? follow me then."

The employee then walked away, while Henry was silently following while looking around. After a while, Henry spotted familiar sight and he now knows it was definitely who he was looking for all this time.

The employee just left after he guided Henry as he has a job to do. So Henry then approached Steve Jobs who did some work with some circuit board. He then pat Steve Jobs' shoulder lightly.

Feeling a pat on his shoulder, Steve Jobs stopped his work to look over to find who it was.

Henry then smiled while saying, "It has been some time, Jobs. Do you still remember me ?"

Steve Jobs just look over Henry curiously as he feels familiar with this handsome guy. After thinking about it for what seemed like minutes, Jobs finally reacted as he finally remembers who he is.

"You were that guy on the parking lot, yeah?" Steve stiffened a smile. "Haha, thanks for the ride man, I really needed it."

"Um." Henry chuckled. "Try again."

Steve furrowed his brows as he tried to remember.

"Uhhh… OH YEAH!" Steve snapped his fingers. "You were Kaitlyn's ex, right? Sorry, she isn't here right now."

Henry chuckled once more. It has been a long time, Steve had probably forgotten about him.

"We met before, at a restaurant a long while back." Henry laughed. "My name is Henry."

"Oh, you were that guy in the restaurant! It has been quite some time huh, what are do you doing here ?" He quickly shakes Henry's hand with Henry as Henry can be counted as one of his contacts.

Steve Jobs can't think what Henry is doing here. Heck, how did he find him was a question Steve wanted answered.

"I've been searching for you, Jobs. Can we move somewhere private? I need to discuss something with you." Henry then invited Steve Jobs as the place was not suitable for the discussion.

Steve Jobs hesitated about it a little bit, but then he replied, "Let me finish my work first, otherwise my boss will be mad if he finds out. It'll just be about 10 minutes."

Henry agrees as he wasn't in a hurry. He then stands there looking at Steve as he fixes a circuit board. As Henry was looking at how Jobs was fixing the board, he thought about the Atari Company itself.
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