Rebirth 1973
24 Ahupathi Decision
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Rebirth 1973
Author :Xandarx
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24 Ahupathi Decision

Ahupathi then slowly said something to Sajit who was then displayed a surprised face as he could only nod in place in disbelief as he carefully listened to the Elder's words.

Sajit then immediately told Henry what Ahupathi said.

"Ahupathi agrees to take the entire tribe to the United States. He said that while this is our ancestral land, everything here is very difficult. Food, disease, living condition, everything is difficult here." Sajit spoke with an enthusiastic tone. "Ahupathi says it better to move the tribe out to somewhere where it is easier to live in and where the era is advanced."

Henry then looked at the elder while keeping a calm demeanor.

"When we are going ?" He asked.

Sajit then translated it to Ahupathi, who then he quickly gave an answer.

"Ahupathi says the tribe needs time to prepare. He said it would take at least 1 month to get everything ready." Sajit nodded towards Henry.

When Henry heard that, he falls into a contemplating silence before speaking.

"I would have to go back to the United States first to get everything ready. And how many people there in the tribe ?" Henry spoke as he had made his decision.

Sajit quickly asks the elder and responded to Henry.

"There are 437 people." Sajit politely spoke. "50 are children, 170 are adult women, 150 are adult men while the rest of 47 are the elderly."

After the various conversation with Ahupathi, Henry decided to rest for today as he was immensely exhausted from the journey.

He was guided by one of the servants of Ahupathi towards a separate hut in the back of the main area where he was accommodated.

Henry did not wait anymore and proceeded to lay his weary self in the thickly padded cloth bed that has specially prepared for him.


<The Next Morning>

Henry woke up with a very refreshing feeling.

The mornings in Himalayan mountain ranges were very cold, but Henry could endure this cold as this is not too extreme.

Of course it's because Henry wore multiple layers of clothes right now so he felt comfortably warm. If he was just wearing normal clothes, he would have frozen the moment he stepped into these snowy mountains.

The Himalayan Mountains were known for having dry spells at the foot of the mountain while snow caps could fall in an avalanche in one was not careful enough. The differences in elevation alone was enough to make anyone sick if they rushed too fast to climb the mountain.

This makes Henry surprised at how the Gurkha can live normally in this weather. Not only the Gurkha that can live in cold weather but there were others too.

What made Gurkha stand out among others was their combat instinct, especially in close combat. This combat instinct is genetically inherited by the process of natural adaption and evolution, having deeply ingrained into genetic muscle memory, Gurkhas were great warriors in battle.

What makes Henry more excited is that the Gurkha tribe had relatively no contact with the outside world. The Gurkha that served in India and the UK usually are Gurkha clansmen that lives in the city like Sajit. The 'wild' Gurkha like this tribe already very rare as most of the tribe already move out to the city.

This makes this tribe very special as they retained most of their combat instinct compared to the one who lived in the city.

Even the Gurkha woman here is very tough as they must survive in extreme condition. Henry already considering to train some of the female children to serve as a special bodyguard for Susan and his future wife(s).

Now that Henry wakes up, it's time to walk around the tribe to see the situation.

Henry had just washed his face and brush his teeth before he quickly went out of the house to look for anyone who might want to become his subordinate.

The villagers already know they would move out from this place 1 month later. So many of them already prepared everything as this is Ahupathi's decision.

Ahupathi had been the spiritual leader of the tribe for many years. So his decision was never questioned by the villagers.

Having been already informed of the situation, the people immediately realized the significance of Henry, not only was he an outsider, but he was also able to get them out of the barren snowy mountains of Gurkha. To the people, Henry was already somewhat of a leader to them.

Many people here had soon started surrounding Henry to take a look at what their future leader looks like.

Henry walked around with the tailing crowd behind him for a little bit before Sajit approached him and asked when they are going back to Kathmandu.

Henry decided 2 hours later they would be a good time before they begin their return to Kathmandu. Henry had to go back to the United States as fast as possible to prepare everything.

His initial plan just to recruit some children, but plans keep changing as it is going, and Henry had to improvise.

Now the whole tribe is going to be abducte- err, "taken" it means his preparations are not enough.

Just bringing 437 people to the United States is already a headache.

Moreover, Henry must deal with immigration stuff with the US Government. So going back to the United States earlier is the best choice in order to smooth things out a bit.

2 hours later, Henry and Sajit go out of the village in donkeys full of supplies.

Ahupathi had sent off Henry with a strict reminder that Henry had to return after 1 month as they already promised.

Henry and Sajit quickly go out of the tribe area as the journey to their carriage would take some time. If they did not reach the carriage before dark, it would be dangerous for them as many roads here were dangerously steep.


<3 day later>

Henry and Sajit had finally reach Kathmandu.

Henry then pays Sajit $1,000 for his service.

Sajit immediately showed a flash of happiness as he received his payment. He knew how much $1,000 could do for his family and he could only think of the future they will share with a generous man like Henry.

Sajit knew his life will be better if he were to follow Henry, he already thought as such even from back at their stay in the village.

Sajit held a deep breat as he mustered up the courage to speak.

"Henry, I know you want Gurkha to be a bodyguard." Sajit breathed out. "Can you consider me? Even though I live in the city, my fighting skill is still there."

When Henry heard that, he held his laughter as he feels funny when a burly man like Sajit speaks so meekly like that.

"Well, you better be waiting here a month later." Henry chuckled. "I look forward to the protection you offer, Mr. Sajit."

Sajit, of course, can understand what Henry intended to speak, and enthusiastically replied, "Roger that, Boss."

Henry was just laughing at this rate, he then had chat with Sajit about various stuff about the tribe's intricacies.

After 3 hours of waiting, Henry's flight to the US was finally ready.
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