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6 February 1974, Nepal Tribhuvan International Airport.

As Henry already decided to recruit a group of orphans, of course, he would choose the best. If you want to talk about which are the strongest ethnicities, my answer would be Gurkha. What is Gurkha?

The term Gurkha refers specifically to inhabitants of the mountainous Gorkha region, an independent kingdom until the unification of Nepal in 1768. They serving Nepal own national army, and Gurkhas have formed part of the British Army since 1815 when they were recruited to help suppress uprisings in India. Around 3,600 Gurkha men serve in the British Army Brigade of Gurkhas now.

They are physically the best of the best. The 200-300 men who join the Brigade of Gurkhas every year from a pool of more than 20,000 applicants are the products of a grueling recruitment process.

Their fighting abilities are without a doubt is the best, especially, if they come to close combat. They use a distinctive curved knife named Kukhri. There is a say if one Gurkha men armed with a Kukhri facing 10 ordinary armed men close combat, the Gurkha men would win.

This makes Gurkha people favored by many mercenaries, army, and a bodyguard. The living condition of Gurkha is very harsh as they live in a cold region of mountainous terrain. This makes many Gurkha live in poverty. So many of Gurkha decided to serve various mercenaries, army, and a bodyguard.

Henry came to Nepal to recruit orphan Gurkha. Henry came alone as he wants personally picked his own bodyguard. If nothing goes wrong, the orphan he recruited here will be protecting him and his family safety in the future. Henry believes in his own choice as he has faced many people in his past life as CEO.

As this is the first time he came to Nepal, Henry truly did not know the way. This makes him like a headless fly after looking around for 2 hours. Henry just learned a little bit of Nepali language before coming here, so he only knows some simple word. Finally, an airport staff notice Henry confusion and offered his help in English.

"Sir, do you need my help ?" The airport staff asked.

"Yes, can you get me a guide as I want traveling around. I heard Nepal is a beautiful country, so I decided to come here for a vacation. Who knows only a little people know English here." Henry embarrassedly says as he truly did not expect this.

"Please wait a bit sir, I will get someone to you." Then the airport staff leave

Henry just sits in the waiting room while looking around. After 10 minutes, a burly man came and approached Henry.

"Do you need a guide? Only for $10 and I can take you around the whole day." The burly man then offered to be a guide with his broken English.

When Henry heard that, he thought this may be the guide that airport staff looked so he accepted the offer. Then Henry takes his luggage and tells the burly man to go to a decent hotel as he want to take a nice shower and put his luggage. 5 minutes later, the airport staff earlier came to the waiting room with a man. But when he looks and see there's no sign of that western man, he looked around with confusion.

The burly man and Henry came to the only 4-star hotel in whole Katmandhu. Nepal in 1974 is very backward, even the capital of it, Kathmandu looked like some countryside in the United States. $1 can be exchanged for 1000 NPR and the cost of family daily living in Kathmandu is only $3. So you can imagine how backward it is.

Henry then tells the burly man to wait as he want to take dinner after showering. Of course, the burly man raises no objection as Henry pay $10 for his guide. $10 can feed his family for 3 days, so of course, he did not want displease Henry.

After 1 hour of showering and rest, Henry then set out with the burly man to a nearby restaurant. Henry wants to taste Nepali Cuisine, so he ordered the burly man to take him to the best Nepali restaurant.

Henry then eating delicious Nepali Cuisine like Momos, Gundruk, Bara and many more. When he is eating, Henry offered the burly man to eat. Even though the burly man embarrassed, he still accepted Henry offer as he was truly hungry as he only takes his breakfast today.

After eating, Henry then chatting with the burly man and found out this burly man is named Sajit. Henry then tells about his purpose come here to see where's the Gurkha live. Sajit then tells Henry Gurkha live in deep mountainous Himalayan. Sajit tells he himself is a Gurkha, but he long ago goes from the tribe as he wants to experience outside world.

Even though Sajit has long left the tribe, he still remembers where's the Gurkha live. Henry, of course, ecstatic about this discovery as he did not expect the random guide would be a Gurkha. This would make him easier as with a Gurkha as a guide, the recruitment would be easier.

Henry and Sajit chatting for 2 hours about various thing about Gurkha. Henry then found Gurkha quite offensive to an outsider if they approached the tribe living space. Henry feels quite fortunate about this as he did not yet go to the Gurkhas. Now with Sajit as a guide, everything would be easier.

Henry and Sajit decided to go to Gurkha region 2 days later as Sajit must say goodbye to his family as the journey would take at least 1 weeks for a round-trip. The Gurkha region is deep in the Himalayan area, so to reach there, they must take a donkey-drawn carriage.