Rebirth 1973
20 Microsoft MS-DOS
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Rebirth 1973
Author :Xandarx
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20 Microsoft MS-DOS

2 January 1974

After 1 week of the journey with Susan, Henry finally must go back to his career. Even though New Year just over yesterday, but Henry must work now as the time for his important point in his plan must be launched. So after getting back to Microsoft, Henry immediately speeds up the development of Microsoft MS-DOS with Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and a group of engineers.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen just take over their office now with Bill Gates as Chief Operations Officer (COO) as he must gain experience first as COO, later after Bill Gates more experienced managing the company, Henry will give the CEO position. And Paul Allen as Chief of Engineer as his technical knowledge is superior to many people here, Henry believes after he taught Paul some of his experience, his experience will be enough for holding this position.

As Henry feels more urgent for his recent plan, he basically works overtime every day as he personally coding the MS-DOS and at the same time, teach some knowledge to Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and some talented engineer.

After 1 month of hard work, Microsoft MS-DOS finally created. Even though it's function is very simple compared to Microsoft Windows in the future, but if compared to all Operation System in this era, there are many superiorities on it.

As the Microsoft MS-DOS created, it's finally time for Bill Gates put to use. From the beginning, since he creates the plan, Bill Gates is one of the important pieces as he needs Bill Gates family relationship to help him.

Gates family is an upper-class family with many connections on it. Even though Henry has super intelligence and countless future knowledge, but without foundation, all of it is futile if Henry can't use it. Henry needs the Gates family to help in this initial period, for example now.

Bill Gates mother, Mary Maxwell Gates, she served for many years on the boards of several major corporations: First Interstate Bank of Washington; Unigard Security Insurance Group; Pacific Northwest Bell Telephone Company, which became U.S. WEST Communications; and KIRO Incorporated. She also served on the UW Foundation Board of Directors, the UW Medical Center Board, and the UW School of Business Administration's Advisory Board.

Henry needs her help as her contact with many major corporations is extensive. Now that Microsoft MS-DOS has produced, Henry wants it quickly to occupy the market so his plan can keep going. Without a doubt, the fastest way to do it is working with IBM! IBM now deserved called Giant on the computer industry as they occupy 90% market on it. If Microsoft MS-DOS can be pre-installed on IBM computer, it's the same as occupying all the market.

Even though Microsoft MS-DOS is superior compared to many of its competitor, it did not mean IBM must use it. Even though Henry can convince IBM to use it, it takes too much time as his recent plan can't be delayed for another month.

So from the beginning of the plan, Bill Gates is the important node here. Mary Maxwell Gates must have contact with IBM and she can help Henry with it. And with the superiority Microsoft MS-DOS itself and with Mary Maxwell help, the result already known.

To convince her to help him, just as Bill Gates friend is not enough. So Henry already gives Bill Gates 10% of Microsoft so her son interest is already linked to Microsoft. 10% of shares are not anything as in the future, Bill Gates must become CEO of Microsoft. And with just 10% of Microsoft, he can tie Gates family to his chariot, so why not?

So Henry quickly communicates will Bill Gates about this plan. Bill Gates of course quickly agree as now he held 10% of Microsoft shares too. Even though Bill Gates parent never like their son to be in the computer industry, but since it already happens, Mary Maxwell quickly contacts IBM and act as middlemen between Microsoft and IBM.

So less than 3 days, IBM accepted Microsoft offer. Henry and IBM then negotiate about the contract, IBM agrees they will pay $500 per Microsoft MS-DOS. After this successful negotiation, Henry celebrates a little with Microsoft employee as this signifies his first step toward the plan.

After the successful launch of Microsoft MS-DOS, Microsoft finally starts to make a profit. Even though is nothing much, but it signifies it already profitable. After Microsoft MS-DOS begin to pre-installed in every computer IBM sold, it already became most popular as it is really easy to use.

Even though its nothing much, but it already has market recognition. As a result, Microsoft reputation has appeared in a small number of people. These people are the seed for the product that Microsoft developed later.

Henry did not content with this meager result as he knows this is just beginning. Now that Microsoft has done well, it's the time for he does another thing. Microsoft now basically just improve the MS-DOS and do bug fixes as Henry wants something to do, so he let Microsoft do it alone as it has already set on the right track.

After setting everything in Microsoft well, Henry then registers a company registered on California, Silicon Valley and it's the same as Microsoft, which is subsidiary of Umbrella parent company. Henry named it as Apple and its logo was an apple bitten. And yes, Henry decided to established Apple as the time is almost ripe.

Intel will release Intel 8080 microprocessor on April 4, 1974, which mean is 2 months later. Intel 8080 is a revolutianary processor and it's perfect for Apple. Apple-1 developed in the future is a revolutionary computer and it set off a crazy wave in the computer industry. It's the first personal computer, so it really shocking. Apple-1 is developed in 1975 after Altair-8080 computer.

The Altair-8080 computer developed by MITS has only a host, no display and keyboard, and no mouse. This is a computer without a monitoring program. Users can only program this computer in binary machine language. However, once such a computer is available, it can't help but shock the industry. Orders are constantly coming. The Global Catalogue describes it as: "This is an absolutely uncontroversial and unbelievable success that is formed overnight."

Even garbage such as Altair-8080 can be fired, it's no wonder the revolutionary Apple-1 can be hotter. In 1974, the term of a personal computer has not yet appeared, so Henry decided to take this chance as fast as possible.

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