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19 Trip to Europe

The next morning.

Henry wakes up with a great feeling as last night Susan is really wild! Maybe because they don't meet for more than 1 month, so last night she particular wild. Henry then goes to the bathroom to clean himself as his lower body feel sticky.

After finishes, Henry intends to go out as Susan still not yet wake up, maybe because she is tired. Henry then goes to a nearby restaurant to breakfast and bring some for Susan.

After he goes back to Susan dorm, she is already wake up and showering now. Henry plan goes to Susan family today as he wants to meet Susan parents. After 10 minutes, Susan out from the bathroom while wearing just a towel. Henry nearly salivated from the sexy sight of it, but then he endures it as today they have a business to do.

After 10 minutes, Susan ready and they set off to Susan parent house. Susan parent lives in Somerville, it's very near from Harvard as it takes just 20 minutes to get there. After 20 minutes, Henry arrived at a slightly old house as the paint already cracked.

Miller family is an average middle-class family. Susan father, John Miller is a police officer. His rank now is Corporal which mean he leads a squad of police. Susan mother Amanda Miller is a housewife. As they already know their daughter would come with her boyfriend, they already waiting in living room.

After Henry come in, he saw a burly middle-aged man and his face is tough looking. Henry already knows this would be Susan father, John. Beside him, there's a middle-aged lady although years have to leave trace on her face, you can see she is a beautiful woman in the past.

John then stands up as he assessing Henry as he already hears from his daughter, Henry is a super rich man. Usually, at the age of Henry, if they are rich, they are children of some rich man and they are a playboy. John fears Henry would like just playing with Susan and after a while, he dumped her.

"Boy, you are Henry right ?" John asked with a rude tone

Henry with a smile then responds to John as he handed his hand to John, "Hello Uncle John, my name is Henry. I'm an author and you must hear about my book which is 'Da Vinci Code'."

John surprised as he really knows about the 'Da Vinci Code'. 'Da Vinci Code' is the hottest book now as it already sold for 50 million copies all around the world. 30 million has sold in the United States alone, now the United States population is just 210 million which mean out 1 of 7 seven people in the United State own the book.

John then shakes his hand with Henry as he already understands why Henry can be rich at this age. Of course, he doesn't relax his vigilance as he still must 'interrogated' him. But it destined to be futile as Henry himself don't plan to dump Susan, after all, she is his first woman ever.

John then reluctantly agreed as he can see his daughter really happy with Henry. Of course, he considers Henry a rich man too, that means he has the ability to make his daughter live better.

After that, Henry chats various thing about his career as an author to John and Amanda as they curious how did Henry do that. 2 hours later, Henry leave Miller House as John and Amanda already satisfied with Henry, their prospective son in law. Henry leaves a bank card filled with $10 Million as he can see recently Miller family economy is a bit down. At first, John and Amanda reject it straight away as they feel Henry don't respect them. Finally, they accepted it after Henry uses his skill to persuade them.

After leaving from Miller House, Henry plans to travel to Europe with Susan as after a new year, he will be so busy that he will not have time to holiday next year. So taking this opportunity, Henry plan to use this well. Henry and Susan's passport is ready as Henry directly spend $10,000 to get it ready as soon as possible. That night they directly travel to Italy as their first stop.

Henry experience and his increase Intelligence has made him master the Italian language, and not only that, basically every major language has mastered like Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Germany, and Arabic. With 7 language mastery, Henry basically can travel all around the world without much hindrance.

Henry and Susan experience the mightiness of Colosseum, The wonder of Pisa Tower and Romanticism of Venice in just 2 days, even though they are not satisfied yet, but they must go to the next country as the holiday just lasts for 1 week. They take a lot of photo around the famous spot to captures their picture.

They use a plane to London, their next stop. There they are experienced the atmosphere of Buckingham Palace, the iconic Big Ben, and the National Gallery to look at the famous painting from many masters. When Henry looks at those painting, he feels possessive desire to own it alone. No wonder so many rich like to collect various art, as it really pleasant to look at them, Henry decided he would buy many art later after his net worth skyrocket.

The trip in London lasted for 2 days before they must go to the next destination, Paris. Paris is famous for its reputation of Fashion city, so when Henry and Susan get there, they begin shopping frenzy, especially Susan as she really likes many clothes there. After the frenzied shopping, they go to Eifel Tower to take a look.

Henry and Susan and take a photo in the front of Eifel Tower so this moment can be forever captured into the picture. After 2 days of traveling in Paris, the holiday is almost done as Henry must begin to work tomorrow. So they decided to end the holiday in advance. With this decision, the unforgetful trip is done.