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18 Established Microsof

1 week later.

The Microsoft mainframe is already set and all the employees are ready. Henry rent a 5 story building in Silicon Valley for 1 year just for $100,000. This building is just temporary headquarters as Henry believes after 1 year, Microsoft must be flying under his guidance. So this building is just temporary as later Microsoft will build it's own headquarter.

After everything is ready and all the employees have been ready, Henry then gathers all the employees in a hall as he wants to speak to them.

"Hello everyone, my name is Henry William. I am your chairman and chief of engineer, you all must know I'm the one who developed Microsoft Basic Language that popular lately. All of you is the first employee of Microsoft and will be the veteran in the future. I'm decided to take 10% shares as a reward option and of courses, you can get only a dividend from it.

If you want to make a lot of money, you must work hard to make Microsoft bigger as the bigger the Microsoft, the bigger your dividend." Henry then gave a speech to encourage the employees and decided to take 10% shares as a reward so all the employees work hard.

Henry did not need a speech about an imaginary thing, instead, he takes direct reward as it's more real compare the imaginary thing. In this way, if everyone want to make their dividend bigger, they must work hard to expand Microsoft as it linked to their benefit. In this way, a virtuous circle is formed.

After all the employees heard that, they feel excited as they can see the Microsoft prospect too just from how their chairman developed something like Microsoft BASIC language.

In this way, Microsoft company officially started. Henry begins to teach Microsoft BASIC language to the engineer as Henry wants to cultivate them so they did not need Henry in the future about a small thing like subsequent update and bug fix. Microsoft BASIC is pretty easy to master, so in just 1 week, all the engineer has mastered it.

After all the engineer mastered the Microsoft BASIC language, Henry then begins to develop MS-DOS Microsoft version with the engineer. Because there is Henry this bug, everything went smooth as Henry himself is CEO of Microsoft in the future, so he basically familiar with thing Microsoft developed.

The team builds the MS-DOS all the way, but the time now is 24 December, Christmas is coming. Henry did not force the engineer work at Christmas as he himself needs a holiday too. Henry basically just keep developing something like Microsoft BASIC language and lately Microsoft MS-DOS version, so he really doesn't have time for a holiday.

Now that Christmas is coming, Henry plan relaxes until the new year is over. So the MS-DOS project is temporarily stopped and all Microsoft employees are given on holiday until 2 January.

Henry plan goes to Harvard as he misses Susan and sees Bill Gates condition as until now, he still won't come over here.


25 December 1973.

Harvard atmosphere is warm even though all around is snow. Because now is Christmas, there are only little people left here. Henry wears a thick sweater as he makes his way to boy dormitory. Bill Gates told him that he is in Dormitory now, so he plan to visit Bill Gates first as Susan now is now still outside.

Henry then came to the room and see how the room is different from his memory. Now it's full of various paper and computer. Henry then sees Bill Gates typing on a computer and there is a bearded man beside him. Henry already knows who is that bearded man as he is one of Microsoft founder.

The two people still not notice Henry arrival as they too busy with their stuff. Henry then decided to remind them.

"EHMMMMM." Henry clears his throat to remind them.

Hears someone in the room, the two-man immediately turn their back to find out who it was. Henry then laughs as he feels this two people too immersed as they didn't even notice him.

Bill Gates then came over and give Henry a hug while he introduces the bearded man.

Henry is no stranger to this person. Paul Allen is the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, and his computer skills are not inferior to Bill Gates. He and Bill Gates are two of the most famous computer prodigies in Seattle. They are also students at Lakeside School, however, Paul Allen is older as he in the upper grades, while Bill Gates is in the lower grades.

In the past, when even the prototype of the Altair 8800 microcomputer was not available, he developed Microsoft BASIC language with Bill Gates. With only one Intel-8080 processor manual, Paul Allen used the PDP-10 computer produced by DEC to imitate the Intel-8080 integrated block to develop the Microsoft BASIC language. It was almost impossible for engineers to do this, but Allen accepted the challenge. Eight weeks later, a set of Microsoft BASIC language was successfully developed. Since then, Microsoft has begun to appear on the scene, rolling all the way, becoming a nightmare for countless software companies!

After introducing and handshakes with Paul Allen, Henry decided to invites Paul Allen as his talent is no less than Bill Gates when it comes to technology. Paul Allen gladly accepted the invitation as he too obsessed with the future of computer. When Paul heard Henry has developed Microsoft BASIC language, he agrees with no hesitation as he feels Microsoft development prospect is broad.

Henry then chatted with two people about various thing for 1 hour. Henry then learned Bill Gates and Paul Allen is trying to develop something from Microsoft BASIC he invented. Henry just laughs as he feels this is funny as originally Microsoft BASIC is Bill Gates and Paul Allen invention. After that, Henry decided to leave as he feels Susan already come back to her dormitory.

Henry then makes his way to girls dormitory. Susan already told him that her dormmate has left for Christmas and not come back until next year. After Henry opened the Susan dorm door, he immediately welcomed by a passionate kiss from Susan. Henry surprised as he doesn't expect this, but he quickly responds as he closes the door and locks it.