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12 Identity Revealed

Since the day Henry applies to be an intern at DEC, he gradually being busy with the various task from DEC and various courses at Harvard. Henry rapidly absorbs knowledge and experience that DEC provides to him at a horrifying pace. In just 2 weeks, he already mastered most subject that DEC offered to him and integrate it into his understanding.

Harvard autumn exams are approaching too, Henry so busy that he sleep late every night lately. Henry thinks this will not work as he is too busy studying! Harvard knowledge has absorbed entirely except a few subjects that not worth mentioning. So he thinks, he must advance his plan.


Henry walked in a corridor while surrounded by many women. He basically looks like a playboy right now except he didn't! Henry reputation in the university is so famous that even has spread to all nearby university like MIT, Boston, and many more as a Genius! Learning Madman! Maverick! Prince Charming! Stronger than many professors!

Even Henry has been personally invited by HR director of DEC to be their formal employee with an annual salary of $500,000. Of course, Henry rejected it as he plans to resign as an intern in 1 week as DEC has no knowledge he needs anymore.

Every night, Henry basically invited to a party by many girls. Henry accepted it occasionally as he needs to relax too. But up until now, no women managed to gain his attention as he simply doesn't interested in them. Maybe there are one, that is Susan Miller that offered him a bottle of water in the morning every exercise. But Susan too just managed to gain Henry little attention.

Henry then walked into Economic class while surrounded by many girls. When the professor that teaches the class saw Henry and his group, he just ignored him as he knows Henry is a genius. Genius deserves special treatment, so many professors basically ignore Henry if he did not make any major mistakes.

Henry then sits in his usual seat while then he begins to write something in his notebook. The girls that side besides him curious what Henry write in his notebook as basically she saw Henry write something every day. But she didn't try to peek as she knows Henry will be angry if he knows.

Henry writes about his plan and many things he learned need to be noted. This notebook worth is unimaginable as if just one content of it revealed to the outside world, it can bring enormous change. Of course, even if the notebook got lost or stolen, nobody can decipher it as he writes the content with his special word that only he understands. With his intelligence that he infers equal to Einstein, it's not hard to create a set of a word that special to him.

Henry plans to register a company in the Cayman Island. He plans to register there as it's a tax haven. He already thought the name for his company, the Umbrella. He takes the name from the famous Umbrella company in Resident Evil in the future. The Umbrella in the Resident Evil basically overlord of the world and control everything. He hopes this company can be the same as it so he named after it.

The Umbrella will be the parent company of many companies he establishes in the future. He plans the Umbrella to be the major shareholder of his company in the future so he can hide normal people eyes as many of his company will be worth more than $100 Billion USD. He didn't want unnecessary trouble if his wealth reported too much.

Of course, Henry did not expect this move can hide eyes from the elite as this is easy to check for them. But that is later thing as in the future, he already prepares a countermeasure for it.


The time now is 20th June 1973, it's has been 3 months since he came to this era. On 1 March 1973, he transmigrates from 2016 to 1973. Since more than 3 months he came to this era, he has already made over $26 Million with his 2 novels: 'Devotion of Suspect X' and 'Da Vinci Code'.

'Devotion of Suspect X' has sold for over 8 million copies all over the world. It brought him a sum of over $2.3 Million. But the large part of his wealth comes from the 'Da Vinci Code'.

'Da Vinci Code' has sold for over 20 million copies all over the world. Even though it's faced with condemnation from many Christian, it's sold well as the subject of the book is unique. It brought him a shocking $23 Million.

The sales of 'Da Vinci Code' has brought shocking news all over the world. You must ask me, how can it sold for that much ?. The majority of the 'Da Vinci Code' buyer came from the United States. You must know the United States in 1973 entertainment source is very little compared to the future. Basically, entertainment in this era is just some classic film, tv show, and the book! Many entertainment modes in the future like games, internet and many more have not appeared.

So when a hot book appears, it became trending. Many people just buy the book for vanity as they feel they following the trend! Moreover, many young people will be ashamed if they did not see the 'Da Vinci Code'. So under the impetus of entertainment need and trend, the 'Da Vinci Code' can be fired.

With a huge sum of $26 Million USD, Henry has become one of the richest in the entire United States! And he is the richest author in the entire world. Many people have gone crazy to seek Henry true identity. So under pressure of public opinion, John & Son as the publisher of Henry book, finally could not hold it anymore. So they release Henry true identity to the media.


In a newspaper office.

A young man hurriedly walks away in the office as he held a paper. He then opened a door and quickly said, "Director, John & Son finally could not hold it anymore. 'Henry William' true identity has finally appeared." The young man excitedly said as he handed the paper to a fat man sitting in the room.

"Haha, I know they could not hold it." The fat man laughed as he read the paper content. After a while, his eye bulging as the content is shocking enough. He then roared "QUICK, tell the news department to make the news as soon as possible and print as much as they can. This is going to be very hot news"

The young man was scared shitless but he quickly said, "I'm will do it as fast as possible." He then runs as he too knew this is important.

The situation in many newspapers company basically same as well. Even large newspapers like the New York Times, Washington Post and USA Today has been reporting it.

"Shocking, the true face of the author of 'Da Vinci Code' turn out be a teenager in his 19!!!" New York Times

"True Face author of 'Da Vinci Code' Washington Post

"The richest author in the world turns out to be just a teenager." Wall Street Journal