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8 “Da Vinci Code“ Published

2 weeks later The SAT result came out, no surprise, Henry score is perfect. And not just that, Henry score is the only perfect score in the entire United States this year. It surprised many people as they know is Henry is a genius, but not to this extent.

Many of Henry 'friend' began to question the authenticity of the score as they found this too unbelievable. Many people have a similar issue as well as Henry score is the only perfect score this year. It causes many people to jealous as the perfect score can offer much help in the university. The help will be great, be it just easier to enter any university or even special treatment later in the university.

But, the idea is great as the action is futile. After confirmation from the relevant department, Henry score is valid as his answer is perfect. After a joint check by many professors, they found Henry answer is flawless as even they not sure if they can do it. This answer cannot be created by from simply cheating, it requires many knowledge and experience.

If by cheating you can get this answer, many professors said the price is too great. You can basically know later in the university from the performance. If the performance in the university is inconsistent with the SAT result, basically Henry career was over as his reputation will be destroyed. Just from this point alone can prove Henry not cheating as the price is too great.


After the Henry SAT score incident was over, the 'Da Vinci Code' was ready to release. After nearly 1 month of various propaganda, the public was anticipated the book release. They want to know if 'Da Vinci Code' is as great as it describes and it from the same author of 'Devotion of Suspect X'. The heat of 'Da Vinci Code' even more than 'Devotion of Suspect X' before it released.

Henry and John & Son believe this book can set a miracle in sales. In the morning of the Sunday, the book was released simultaneously in many bookstores in the US.


Barnes & Noble bookstore, New York.

This is the biggest bookstore in New York and the second largest in the US. After opening its door, many people swarm in. They came here to buy the 'Da Vinci Code'. After just 4 hours, the 10,000 supplies that provided sold out.

"WHAT? what do you mean sold out, I have already queued for 4 hours and you said it sold out?" An angry middle-aged man was cursing at the staff of the bookstore.

The staff was sweating and try to calm down the middle-aged man, "I'm really sorry sir, but it really sold out, but if you want to wait, the new batch will arrive 2 hours later."

"2 hours? guess I will just stay here then." The man then calms down. He wants to continue to wait here as he fears the book will be sold out again if he leaves. Even though now is almost time for lunch, but the man chooses to bear it.

The situation in many bookstores is similar as 'Da Vinci Code' sold out. Many bookstores keep requesting the printing house to print as many books as they could in this time. It could be foreseen that 'Da Vinci Code' will continue to sold out in the next weeks from the trend now.

At the end of the day, 'Da Vinci Code' sold for a record high of 1 million copies in the US. This number shocked many author and publisher as this is too high!!! Judging from the trend, it's not difficult to sell 10 MIllion copies in 1 week according to this trend.

The success of 'Da Vinci Code' has spurted many authors to write a similar theme to it. Many authors manage to gain success from it even though is not as much as the 'Da Vinci Code', and of course this is later matters.


House of William.

Henry keeps grinning as he read the newspaper. He knows it would be a success as this is a really popular book in the future. From the 1 million copies sales now, Henry gained over $8.5 million USD according to a book price $30 and his royalties 35%.

Jacob and Margaret read the newspaper too as now is the weekend. They feel proud as their son do something great. They did not covet Henry money as they live a comfortable now, so they just let Henry keep it himself.

"Son, what do you want with your money? according to the book sales, it's not difficult for you to earn $100 Million USD." Jacob asked as he wants to know what Henry will do. Jacob knows after many people get a huge sum of money, usually, they just wasted it to keep themselves happy. Many people have gone astray with a huge sum of money, so Jacob wants to advise his son as not go astray.

"I will keep it as I need it to build my own company later." Henry answered his father truthfully as he didn't want to lie to his father.

"Well then, that's good." Jacob breathes a sigh of relief.

"Professor Eric call me, they said the Harvard University already know you want to join them, so they send me an invitation in advance." Suddenly, Jacob tells a piece of news as he handed an envelope with Harvard logo in it.

Henry receives the enveloped and opens it. It's nothing much, as its content just the Harvard officially invited him. Its enrollment will start 1 week later, so he better prepared.


2 days later.

Henry finally bid his goodbye to Jacob and Margaret as he plans to drive to Harvard University with his car. He never does it in the future, so he would like to try it at least once.

"Well, eventually you must go. Take care of yourself there and don't do something stupid. If you need any help, you can just call mom." Margaret hug her son as her eyes redden. This is the first time her son got so far away from her, so she is sad.

"Yes, take care of yourself too mom. Don't do something tired, as you know, now I have a lot money, so you can rest assured." Henry say to his mom as he is a little sad too from the parting.

"Well, then I must go now" Henry release the hug as he taking his luggage and load it into his car.

"Well, take care of yourself, son." Jacob said as this the only sentence he can say

"You too dad." Henry got into the car and start the engine. The car slowly drives away from the house as the William couple watched it go.

"Our son has grown so fast, now he gets into a university. Time flies so fast, I remember yesterday he is still a child that drink my milk. In a blink of eye, he has grown up." Margaret wiped a tear that fall from her eyes.

"Henry now is an adult, so he has a responsibility to himself." Jacob replied.

The William couple continues chatting a while until they get into the house.


A black Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 gallop it's way in the interstate highway. The passenger is just one teenager that looked handsome.

"Harvard University, be ready for me, Henry William coming."