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'Devotion of Suspect X' heat continue to ferment as now the total sales of the book is over 2.5 million copies. Henry has received a total amount of $3.4 Million USD and that figure is still increasing.

After 2 days, Margaret then brought the news to Henry.

"Honey, they agree to publish your book. After they read your book, they decided to publish it as they can see your 'Da Vinci Code' contain potential than your previous book. Even though this book contains a controversial issue, for money, even laws can be trampled."

"The agreement of royalties is you get 35% and this is maximum you can get. If you want to get more, you must open a publishing house yourself." Margaret explained the agreement between her and John & Son.

Hearing that, Henry feels quite satisfied as he knows what his mom said is true. If you want to get more royalties, you better open publishing house yourself.

"So, when my book get published ?" Henry asked as the SAT is just 3 days away, so he will definitely prepared.

"1 month later, they said they want to borrow 'Devotion of Suspect X' momentum and prepared better publicity this time. So at the time the book sold, it can get a miracle sales." Margaret answered.

Henry knows if 'Da Vinci Code' borrow momentum of 'Devotion of Suspect X' and better publicity, it can get an unexpected result. And he is not anxious to get the book published as his plan will be started when he is at Harvard University.

Henry then prepared to study as he never takes SAT in the past life as he directly enters MIT under the guidance of the US government. So he didn't want to mess up the test as this is related to his plan later.


2 days later.

Henry finally finishes the SAT. He didn't expect the SAT is very easy as is just take 30 minutes to finish the test. Not being arrogant, but he thinks the present him can be compared to the great figures like Einstein, Hawking, or any other. Henry speculated this is related to his the mysterious transmigration effect, but that none of his concern now as this is a good thing.

Henry walks away from the school with a fresh mood as he was 100% sure his test can get a perfect score. He then takes his car in the parking lot as now he plans to buy something.

The time now is April 4 1973, and a shocking invention appeared yesterday. The world first mobile phone on sale yesterday and successfully carried out its first call. It was Motorola DynaTac 8000x, the world first mobile phone.

The revelation of Motorola caused a frenzy in the world as this is truly a shocking invention. But unfortunately, the phone still in the laboratory stage and can't widely be commercialized so it's price very expensive.

A single phone cost for $10,000 and it can only be used for 30 minutes talk before it's battery to run out. It weighs 2 pounds and can be called 'Brick', but this did not hinder the enthusiasm of people. The high cost of $10,000 means that only slightly wealthy middle-class family could afford it now. The phone will be widely commercialized later in 1984 at the price of $4,000 and that too with the dollar depreciated.

Originally Henry wants to buy the phone yesterday, but as he is studying for the SAT so he canceled the idea as buying yesterday and now is the same. As he arrives in the Motorola store, he saw many people queue. This is understandable as this is the first ever mobile phone released, even though the price expensive it can't block the wealthy.

Henry queue for 1 hour before finally get the phone. It was indeed appropriate to call it as 'Brick' as this is indeed heavy! Henry came from 2016, so at first, he is troubled by how to use it as he gets used to using Smartphone. But after learning it for a while, he knows to use it.

Henry drives his car to a public library as he wanna better understand this era. Lately, Henry often went to the library as he wants to know if anything different from he knows as transmigrating is too mysterious. He wants to make sure it was the same so he can't be caught off guard so he better prepared.


Henry goes home after many hours of reading in the library, he finally confirmed no change made in history and anything. Even though later he definitely change the history from his action, but at least not now as his action is too small to change the wheel of history.

For publishing book, Henry believes it nothing compares to what he is doing later as this action is small and no substantial impact to change the general direction. Maybe just a small change in literature circle due to the book published in advance.

Henry goes to the dining room as now is the time for dinner. Henry saw his mom cooking and his gaze warmed. Henry always homes for dinner as he can get close to his mom as he never knows who his parent in the future. His dad always works overnight so he rarely saw his father in the dinner, as he usually just see him in the breakfast.

But he knows his dad always loved him as he always supports him through any decision. Henry swears to always make his parent happy and live a luxurious life. Henry knows both of his parents now in their mid-40s, so he wants to make them happy in the rest of their lives.

As Henry thinks about it, Margaret then brought dinner to the table. Margaret saw her son seem thinking about something and worriedly asked, "Is everything fine honey? how was your test?" Margaret asked as she thinks maybe her son think about the SAT.

"Nothing mom, I just thinking about something." Henry waved his hand as he answered.

"Good then, now let's eat before it starts to cool." Margaret exhales her breath as she relieved.

Then a pair of mother and son eating their dinner in a warm atmosphere.