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6 Unexpected Meeting

Henry finally decided what car he will buy. It was Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 black color, and it's cost just for $30,000. Henry choose this car as mainly it looks quite good but not attract attention as this car is fairly common at this time as even his father has one.

After decided, Henry then goes to Chevrolet dealer to buy the car. After 2 hours of the various document and stuff, Henry finally gets the car. Henry then circles Palo Alto as his home is near the famous Silicon Valley.

Henry feels quite fortunate as his home near Silicon Valley, to get there you just need 10 min drive. This will save trouble later if he wants to recruit talent here.

Henry circle Palo Alto and the Silicon Valley for 2 hours to familiarize as in the future he will have a lot of activities here. Henry deciding to stop as now is time for lunch and drove to a nearby restaurant.

Henry sits in the windows side as that is his favorite spot. Henry then orders a steak and a juice to fill his stomach. The restaurant quite crowded as this is a time for lunch. At this time Henry then spotted someone familiar, but he not quite sure.

That person then approached Henry as all the seat are full and just Henry opposite seat not occupied. It was a man with long hair and quite a messy beard.

"Hello sir, is your seat occupied, as you see now all the seat is full ?" He asked with a polite tone.

"Sure, get yourself occupied." Henry answered as he still thinks who this man is.

The man then sits down and begin to order.

"May I know your name? I seem has seen you somewhere." Henry asked as he is really curious, someone he familiar must be an acquaintance from the future or Henry know him.

"My name is Steven Paul Jobs, but people usually call me Steve." The man introduced himself

When Henry heard that, he shocks as he didn't expect to meet Steve Jobs here. At this time Steve Jobs still has his hair and about the same age as Henry as Jobs is 1 year older than him.

Henry quickly calm his mind as he introduced himself, "Nice to meet you Steve, my name is Henry William, but you can just call me Henry."

They then chatted for a while until Jobs food arrived. After Jobs finish his food, they chatted again about their lifestyle and hobby. Henry then learned Jobs now is in Reed College and looking for a part-time job.

Henry did not expect this meeting as now is still too early. After they chatted for 30 minutes, they parted way as Jobs has other business to do. Henry then pays Jobs food as they make a friend. Henry feels this is still too early to pull Jobs into his company as his preparation is not enough and Jobs still need to mature.

If Henry pulls Jobs too early, it will only counterproductive as now Steve Jobs he knows in the future has not yet mature. So Henry just makes a good impression to Jobs to make things easier later.


Henry goes home and parks his car in the garage. His garage quite big as it can hold 2 car, 1 his father, and another his car.

As Henry enters the home, Margaret is sitting in the living room while reading a newspaper. His father Jacob usually home late at night as his job as a professor at Stanford is quite busy.

Henry then greeted his mom, "Hey mom, what are you reading ?"

"Your book now became a bestseller in the US, many media want to interview you." Margaret replied with a smile as she feels proud her son have this achievement.

"Of course, that's because my work is good. Oh yeah mom, I have a new book here, I already completed it last night." Henry feels proud but then he thinks now is the right time to launch the 'Da Vinci Code'. Henry plans to use 'Devotion of Suspect X' heat to hype the release of his new book so the book is selling faster and hotter.

"What book is it honey?" Margaret curious as now she knows her son is a genius at writing, maybe his new book can bring her surprise.

"Wait a minute, I gonna change my clothes and bring the book"

Henry then goes upstairs to change his clothes and bring the 'Da Vinci Code in his drawer.

Henry holds the book and gives it to Margaret. Margaret then read the book for 5 minutes as Henry wait patiently.

After Margaret read the book, her tone somewhat weird, "Are you sure you want to publish this book?"

"Of course."

"Do you know what are you writing? this can be considered as blasphemy!!!" Margaret tone somewhat high as William family is Christian, even though they just barely faith in it, but they still respect the religion.

"Of course I know what I'm writing. But listen to my explanation mom, all of this based on the historical research and various material that I researched. So the content is 99% according to historical material and about the content the book itself, I don't know much as I just fictionalize the rest of it." Henry explained to Margaret as he knows the content of the 'Da Vinci Code' is controversial and has condemnt many Christian in the future.

But he determined to publish it as the 'Da Vinci Code' is the bestseller of 5 years and sold for a total copy of more than 80 million in 2009. This book is determined the fund he needed for the company establishment.

Margaret was then silent for a while. Henry knows she is thinking now, so he just waits patiently.

After about 10 minutes of struggling in her mind, Margaret then says "This is the last time I helped you honey, if you want to publish this type book again in the future, I will not help you." Margaret then agrees as who makes Henry her son, so she decided to help him.

"Yes, this is the last time I write this type of book, I promise mom. And can you negotiate with the publisher about the royalties, it's best if you can help the royalties reach the highest." Henry promises as he knows writing book is just a way for him amass the money need for company.

In the future, there are a countless way to make more money than writing a book so he thinks this may the last book he released, maybe he will release a book later if he has time.

"Well, let mom call my friend and discuss this with her." Margaret then walks away from the living room and prepared to call her friend.