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1 week later.

'Devotion of Suspect X' has fired all over the United States. The intriguing plot and rhythm have great appeal to the reader. The sales until now are 1,130,731 copies and are still increasing. Due to the hot sales of the book, many printing houses have work overtime as the supply is insufficient.

The royalties fees still need to wait until the end of the month to receive. If all goes well, it will be over 2 million copies being sales, which mean Henry will get over $2.7 million USD.

As the book continues to ferment, many media has noticed the book. Over 1 million copies sold in just 1 week which mean is the rhythm of the bestseller. Many people try to find out who is the author of the book which is 'Henry William' to be interviewed.

So, many people came to John & Son publishing house which published 'Devotion of Suspect X'. But they came empty-handed as Henry didn't want to famous this early. So Henry told John & Son to keep secret of his identity as being famous early just unnecessary trouble.

But Henry knows paper can't wrap a fire, so Henry prepared if his identity exposed. Henry plans to publish 'Da Vinci Code after he receives the royalties from 'Devotion of Suspect X' and renegotiates about the previous contract.


His high school almost over and the SAT is coming. Henry prepared to take over no.1 in the SAT as it can be useful for his plan later.

Henry himself is a genius and have knowledge and experience 40 years ahead of this time, so if he can't a perfect score this time, he can just slap himself to death.

As the high school almost over and the SAT approaching, many students held a party to ease their pressure. Henry is invited by several of his 'friend', but he refuses as he feel the teenager party is quite childish. Henry mental age is over 40 combined by his 2 life and various experience, so he can't just enjoy the youth party.

Many of Henry ' friends' began to alienate him as they feel Henry is too nerdy and not fun. Even several girls that chase him begin to stay away from him.

Henry did not care about the reaction of his 'friend' as he already feels usual to this feeling of loneliness. To become a competent CEO of many large companies, he must not mix emotion and work as it often can cause chaos. So over time, his feeling toward 'friend' is cooled and he just barely have several people that he can call 'friend'.

That several friends are his roommate from the orphanage, so they understand him the best. As for many 'friend' he made in the business field, he just made a little contact with them. Many of them just want to draw his influence in the business so Henry just maintaining distance with them.

As for the girls, Henry is a virgin in his past life as he just too busy with his work. Many times he want to hook up with a woman, there's always something that blocking the chance. Either his work or just the woman herself as many of them just love his money.

So it became Henry regret over 30 years old in his past life, he never hooks up with a woman. Henry feels quite regret as many of the girls not chase him anymore, but then just it. None of the woman who chases Henry beautiful or has something that makes him attracted. So he just let the matter rest as he has many chances to hook up with woman later.


3 weeks later.

The royalties from 'Devotion of Suspect X' has arrived, it totaled for a sum of $2.8 Million USD. Henry feels excited as this is his first bucket of gold since he came to this world. This money is a huge sum as the Dollar has not yet inflated compared to 2016 he came from.

If you consider inflation from 1973 to 2016, it is worth almost 6.5 times which mean $2.8 Million Henry got now will be worth $18.2 Million USD in 2016. This is very huge money, you can buy almost all of the sports cars except that the limited edition one. You can buy a villa in Manhattan island or you can just be earning interest from the bank to live from it.

Henry plans to save this money as now he is just a student and not requires anything luxurious. Maybe later as his company has prospered so he can enjoy life a little, but not now.

But it not means he doesn't want to spend the money, as he plans to buy a car. He already has a driving license, he takes it last week as he definitely needs transportation later in the Harvard. Henry doesn't want troublesome, so he bought a car directly to facilitate his movement later.

As for what model he bought, he still thinking about it.