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293 The Duties of a Maid

Liu Yang did not know when the people who were behind the plot involving Zi Wei would come, but one thing he knew, it was not going to take long for them to get to his clinic. He did not mind that, as long as they do not cause problems for his clinic and those around him.

After renovating the building, Liu Yang went to the Adventurers Guild and bought protection for twenty years, this would make a mysterious power to prevent conflicts within the clinic. If this rule is broken, the person who attacked will be punished severely by the mysterious power.

Liu Yang imagined that this power would be equal to the MMORPG in his previous world, where it was impossible to use skills or attack other people in the city. According to Arthur Pendragon's memoirs and the words of Xillia Wolf, there were thousands of cities that allowed the use of skills and fights, in that kind of town there were even deaths. These cities were known as the Lawless Cities.

The next day, after attending all patients, Liu Yang returned to the upper floors to complete the treatment. The months he spoke before were only a lie, the treatment could be done in just one day, but he had to hold himself so as not to shock Zi Wei and the old man any further.

Liu Yang chose to speed up the process as he had the feeling that the enemies of Zi Wei and the old man would be coming. And they had to be prepared to fight.

Arriving upstairs, Liu Yang met Zi Wei, she was wearing a beautiful, short and sensual maid dress, her back were fully exposed, it was possible to see part of the two round mountains in the chest area, her beautiful legs were covered by two black and long stockings with garter belt, black high heels that her rounded buttocks brought up, the skirt down to the middle of her thighs, whenever Zi Wei lowered herself, a beautiful sight could be seen.

Zi Wei was cleaning the rooms and the rooms on the two floors above, she could only wear these clothes for Liu Yang and no one else. If the old man found out that his precious granddaughter was wearing such an indecent garment, he would burst with rage and try to beat Liu Yang.

Noticing the arrival of Liu Yang, Zi Wei became nervous, she never thought there could be such an indecent outfit before. For a pure and innocent young woman how to use this sort of thing was extremely shameful.

When Zi Wei woke up in the morning, she saw that Liu Yang was sitting in a chair next to her, she felt the heat in the heart when saw it. When realized she was naked, Zi Wei hid under the sheet because of the shame, she knew that Liu Yang had seen her naked body after fainted because of the pain. Her face began to turn hot and red because of it.

Seconds later, Zi Wei heard Liu Yang telling her to wear the uniform, showing only her head, she saw a black dress that was rather short, covered until the buttocks, the legs would be covered by a long and black stocking with a garter belt. Zi Wei was extremely embarrassed to look at those clothes.

Even the three women inside the ring were ashamed to see this sexy dress, they never imagined that there was something like that in the world. Asking where Liu Yang had gotten this, he just replied that he saw in some old book about maid clothes and that he made these clothes using high-quality silks.

As Zi Wei did not know how to wear this kind of dress, Liu Yang taught her step by step. He wore her carefully while explaining about the dress, some advantages were drawn during the explanation, Liu Yang rubbed on her legs and buttocks while he put on the stockings, he blew some cold air into the small cave when he was putting on the garter belt, Zi Wei let out a seductive groan because of it.

That kind of moan was something Zi Wei never imagined she could do. It was very perverted.

Put on the dress, Liu Yang stroked her back and the breasts as she adjusted the dress. Throughout the process, Zi Wei did not complain or say anything, she kept looking at the young man who looked like 25-28 years old while he helped her dress while taking advantage of her at the same time.

Zi Wei did not know what she was feeling at the moment as it was the first time she was so close to a man and this man could be her savior. She had intended to resist, but when she thought of the problems he had to get the items that could help her, Zi Wei controlled herself.

During her time in the library, Zi Wei read a few books about the work a maid should do, in addition to daily chores such as cooking and cleaning, the maid also has a duty to serve her master, whether in bed, bath or any other place they are.

After she heard Liu Yang's request about her being his maid, she imagined he would be wanting her body or something. Zi Wei was proud of her beauty and was pleased that Liu Yang was interested in her, but at the same time ashamed, for she would have to do things that couples did.

On these two days she spent in the clinic, Zi Wei was thinking seriously about it. When Liu Yang saw the naked body and touched her body during the morning he was helping her to dress. Zi Wei made a decision, not only for her but also for the old man.

Zi Wei did not want her grandfather's efforts to be wasted or the efforts of Liu Yang, she had already agreed to be his maid, from that moment she belonged to him, even if he said it would only be to pay for the items, Zi Wei believed it was more than that.

During the return journey, she and her grandfather talked about the background of Liu Yang, in the end, even after several days of research, nothing was found, it only showed that his background was extremely mysterious.

If joining someone like him would be extremely beneficial to her and the old man, after two days thinking about it inside the clinic, Zi Wei decided to become a permanent maid of Liu Yang, she threw away her pride as a young miss who came from a clan powerful and influential, and accepted the proposal of Liu Yang.

One of the motives that made her accept this was that the Zi clan had abandoned her, the other was her grandfather, for he had spent a great deal of wealth and two hundred years of his life searching for someone or something to help her.

Liu Yang had not told her yet about the plot that was involving the Su clan and the Zi clan, because it was not yet time. And as Zi Wei and the old man were subordinates of Liu Yang, if something bad happens to them, he will make the people who did it pay a heavy price.

When Liu Yang reached the top floor, Zi Wei came to him and bowed submissively. Although she was embarrassed by this sort of thing, she was thinking it interesting.

"Little Zi Wei, it seems that you know how to receive your master, very good. Let's go to the kitchen, I want to see if the food of my little Zi Wei can be delicious. "Liu Yang appeared behind Zi Wei and hugged her waist, he did so because he realized that she had made her decision to serve him as his personal maid.

"Master ... Zi Wei does not know how to cook ..." She was quite nervous at being carried that way, she was feeling a warm hand tightening her breasts.

"Do not worry, the master will teach the little Zi Wei how to cook" Liu Yang carried her like a princess to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Liu Yang started cooking various kind of basic dishes like a fried egg, soup, fried fish and other things that anyone could do. When experiencing Liu Yang's food, Zi Wei was totally delighted as it was the first time she had eaten something so delicious, even the special food she ate in her clan was not as good as Liu Yang's food, she wanted to show for her grandfather.

Liu Yang did not prevent Zi Wei from giving the food to her grandfather, although he did not need it as he could quench hunger by simply absorbing the natural energy. But before she could leave, Liu Yang pulled Zi Wei into his embrace.

"Little Zi Wei, the clothes you are wearing at the moment is just for me, seen only for me. When you go out, use another outfit. "Liu Yang whispered in her ear before blowing, he was using his hands to grasp and squeeze the two round buttocks.

"Yes, master ..." Zi Wei was extremely timid about Liu Yang's actions but did not stop him from doing so. She found the feeling she felt quite pleasant.

Liu Yang took Zi Wei to his room, he had to help her change clothes yet, he looked at that beautiful naked body in front of him and began to imagine various kinds of thing. Feeling the warm look of Liu Yang, Zi Wei was pleased with herself, but at the same time, a bold thought popped into her mind.

"Master ... If the master wants to, tonight ... We can ..." Before she could finish speaking, Zi Wei finished dressing and ran downstairs.

Liu Yang just laughed at this situation, he knew he could completely remove the curse and make Zi Wei have a breakthrough in her power.