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1649 You are Ineligible!

The two kings were man-shaped, and they talked like human beings. What would their children be like?

Ye Xiao had no idea!

Ye Xiao left the Boundless Space and went to Chihuo's room to check if he was fine.

Chihuo didn't have much time left, but he wasn't lying on the bed waiting for death!

Chihuo couldn't have a breakthrough in his Fire of Dragon and Phoenix, and that was the only reason he was going to die so soon. If he couldn't make progress in the three years, his life would not be extended to a great deal!

At the moment, Chihuo was concentrating on cultivating. The spiritual qi was rushing into his body.

He looked like a different person now, compared to the weak old man who talked to the Purple Dragon King and the Golden Phoenix King earlier. He was energetic and lively.

Ye Xiao just entered the room, and Chihuo already noticed him. He slowly opened his eyes and smiled. "Lord Monarch, you are here."

He spoke blandly, but his voice was full of respect.

Ye Xiao was young, but he had done such a great thing in the world. Everything about him was impressive. Chihuo sincerely respected him.

"Master Chihuo, how do you feel?" Ye Xiao smiled and asked.

"Well, I guess I am better than I expected. I didn't know the spiritual qi here is this dense and pure." Chihuo looked happy. "My wounds are cured. I think I will break the barrier on my way to the eighth level of the Fire of Dragon and Phoenix. I think I will make progress in half a year! I will be an immortal!"

He sounded so excited.

He thought three years were the longest time he had got left. Now he realized the Hall of Life and Death could save him!

As long as he could reach the eighth level of the Fire of Dragon and Phoenix, he could have a hundred thousand years ahead to live on!

He would become one of the best cultivators in the Human Realm Upon Heavens again!

That was such a great thing for him.

Nobody wanted to die.

Even though Chihuo had lived such a long life, he didn't want to die.

In fact, because Chihuo was so close to the top of the world, he didn't want to die!

"Lord Monarch, what can I do for you?" Chihuo asked.

Ye Xiao smiled and frankly said, "Master Chihuo, the Monarch's Hall doesn't have a really powerful cultivator. I've come to invite you… I want you to join the Monarch's Hall!"

Chihuo's eyes glittered. He said, "I knew you would ask me to join the Monarch's Hall, Lord Monarch. However, I wonder what position you want me to take?"

Ye Xiao said, "The Prime Guardian! What do you think?"

"The Prime Guardian. I thought you wanted me to be the Prime Elder…" Chihuo nodded and said, "I am glad that you invited me… I was worried because I really must not be an elder or something like that!"

Ye Xiao smiled and said, "Master Chihuo, was it because I might threaten you of not allowing you to stay here and cultivate?"

Chihuo seriously said, "To be honest, that is exactly what I am worried about. It would disappoint me if you did."

Ye Xiao blandly smiled and said, "There is no need to worry about that. I will look down upon myself if I do that to you."

Chihuo suddenly laughed loudly.

He was happy. Shaking his head, he said, "I have traveled the world, and I have been through one hundred and thirty thousand years in this cruel life. I think I have already reached the top of the world at some point… Although I am never the most powerful person in the world, I am still an influential one. Now, a young man, a kid, is asking me to join his organization… Does it mean I have to follow his orders from now on? Am I going to lose my freedom? Am I going to be a servant…?"

Ye Xiao just kept listening to him quietly.

"Before what just happened recently, I wouldn't accept such an invitation. Even if I know I only have three years to live, I may slap you to death!"

Chihuo said, "However, at this moment, I don't see why it is unacceptable. I am glad. In fact, I was excited about joining the Monarch's Hall before you asked me to! I really don't know what is wrong with me!"

Chihuo shook his head and said, "I don't know what I am thinking about."

Ye Xiao smiled and said, "Don't you? Don't you really? You do!"

Chihuo laughed again and said, "Great! Lord Monarch, I am joining the Monarch's Hall. There is nothing left to talk about. However, there is something I want from you."

"What is it that you want? Please, just let me know." Ye Xiao said.

"I think the position of the Prime Guardian is lower than I expected." Chihuo's eyes glittered.

"Oh? I think you misunderstood me. The Prime Guardian is only second to the Prime Leader of the Monarch's Hall. You will be as important and powerful as the Great Executor. You will be only second to me. Well, if you don't want to be the Prime Guardian, do you want to be the Prime Elder? Or perhaps the Great Dedicator? Would you like that?" Ye Xiao said.

Chihuo smiled and said, "I know how important and powerful the Prime Guardian is. It is such an influential position. I know it is a good position for me. I won't be a Great Dedicator or an elder in the Monarch's Hall either… Well… In fact, I heard that there are five positions that remain vacant which are called the Five Kings… I am wondering if I can be one of the Five Kings of the Monarch's Hall?"

Ye Xiao said, "Are you going to give up the position as the Prime Guardian for a position as one of the Five Kings?"

Chihuo nodded and said, "Exactly."

Ye Xiao paced a few steps and shook his head. "No!"

"What? Why not?" Chihuo was shocked. He couldn't believe Ye Xiao would refuse him. Ye Xiao actually refused him so decisively. Chihuo asked, "Why not?"

"The reason is simple. You are ineligible yet!" Ye Xiao blandly said.