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919 Weird Ganoderma 1

Ye Xiao immediately entered the cave and found it nearly empty. It was just a shelter. The only special thing was the feathers of all different kinds of birds…

The entire cave was about two meters wide. It was pretty narrow.

"You have been living in this place for two years?" Ye Xiao felt sad about it, but then he laughed, "What a miserable life."

"It is good to have a roof here at least!" Li Wulaing laughed. "I was totally broken. I was truly lucky to survive…"

As they talked, Ye Xiao got to know everything after Li Wuliang fell off the cliff.

When he fell off the cliff, he passed out. The last thought in his head was death.

He didn't want to give up, but he knew it was fatal to fall off this cliff even when he was in prime condition, let alone he was nearly dead. How could he still believe he would survive?

However, when he got to the red and white clouds, he actually stopped right in the clouds. He didn't go on falling.

The red and white clouds created some strange energy which recovered Li Wuliang's body a bit. When he woke up, some of the wounds on his body were healed. When he was back to himself, he immediately felt the pain too. His soul was pulled by a strong power.

At the same time, because Li Wuliang was awake, the red and white clouds couldn't hold him anymore, which he had no idea why. He then fell from the clouds…

That was killing him but at the same time saving him. He was never able to get rid of the power of the red and white clouds by himself. If he stayed in it longer, his soul might be ruined. However, even though he fell off the clouds and kept his soul safe, that caused some new wounds on him. Luckily, when he was in the clouds, some wounds were healed. Otherwise, he should have died when he fell down to the ground.

Sometimes the will of nature was unpredictable.

Li Wuliang was truly a lucky guy to have all this happen to him after he fell off the cliff. The red and white clouds were thousands of meters high from the ground. Li Wuliang should have been killed while falling down to the ground from the height.

However, he fell on a pile of rotten bones. That was such a great suffering. In the end, when he was about to hit the ground, he only used a tiny bit of his energy to protect himself up a bit.

That was the only thing he could do.

He felt much worse after hitting the ground, but he survived. If there was a hard bone beneath the pile of rotten ones, Li Wuliang must have been a dead body now. Ye Xiao might only find a dead body of his brother which was stabbed through by a jade-like bone!

Li Wuliang was seriously hurt. Maybe he was blessed. The first thing he saw when he woke up again was a blood ganoderma on the pile of bones. It was totally red and had a beautiful scent.

Li Wuliang didn't hesitate. He used up the last bit of energy to grab the ganoderma and swallowed it directly.

The ganoderma must be something rather valuable. It didn't recover him instantly, but it kept him safe. He could at least stand up and move after that.

He was alive, but he was afraid to be hunted again. He didn't have any power to defend himself anymore. He kept looking around and found this fissure. When he crawled over the fissure, he reached the valley.

It was cold there, but it was covert. He thought maybe he could try to recover himself by cultivating in this place.

That was why he stayed in this place for such a long time.

"How did you stay so calm in this place? Your capability… Even though you were seriously injured, you should be recovered now…" Ye Xiao was confused.

Li Wuliang humphed. He said, "Since I fell off that cliff, there have been many strange things that happened to me. First of all, I survived. I was nearly unconscious and couldn't feel anything. At that time, however, I remember that something warm and soft covered me tight. When I woke up, I was going to hit the ground.

"I hurriedly held my breath to protect myself up a bit. That kept me alive. I am sure the bones didn't hold me up. Bones are not strong enough to hold me. When we saw the red and white clouds in the old days, we have been falling for ten thousand meters. The bones were firm, but the pile of bones could never be strong enough to hold me.

"The clouds… I still have no idea how I got past them. That was some overwhelming power that kept pulling my soul out. When I woke up, I was seriously wounded outside, but my soul was unharmed. My soul is fine. My soul power is recovered. If not for that god damn ganoderma, I should have recovered after three, no longer than five months after that…"

"Ganoderma? What is wrong with that ganoderma?" Ye Xiao was curious.

When Ye Xiao heard the part about eating the ganoderma, he felt that the ganoderma must be something extremely valuable!

That was certain.

There were lots of stories, most of which were made up, about some heroes being forced by the enemies to jump off the murderous precipice, but at the end survived down the bottom of the precipice. Besides, they usually met something real valuable and rare in the world, which could improve their power greatly. They ate the valuable materials and became invincible. In the end, they jumped up to the mountain, returned to the world, took revenge, and began a happy life with a gorgeous beauty…

Well, it didn't seem to be quite the same on Li Wuliang…

"That ganoderma… It was good. It was full of energy. However, there was also something extremely weird in it… I felt like it was an illusion but it turned out to be so real." Li Wuliang looked sad. "That ganoderma saved my life, indeed. However, it brought me endless bad luck afterwards. I have been living in hell…

"One day, the wounds were nearly healed. I actually felt my cultivation was coming back to me. I was so happy. You know how it feels. The next day, suddenly a mass of weird qi rose up inside me and tore my wounds apart… That was as painful as being cut into pieces…"

"Oh… That means… There were two types of energies. One could heal your body, while the other… would break your body…"

Ye Xiao grinned. "How lucky you are… This must be something really unique in the history… and it happened on you… Oh my…"

Suddenly, he was gloating that he was not the one who had eaten that ganoderma…

[1] Ganoderma is a genus of polypore mushrooms that grow on wood, and includes about 80 species, many from tropical regions.