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816 Genius in Conservation!

Chapter 816: Genius in Conservation!
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A lucky man who had just ascended to the upper realm and ate the inner core of a Golden-scaled Dragon Fish, gets a great luck to get an outstanding cultivation storage and become a personal disciple of the three great cultivators. However, it took time to improve himself in cultivation after all.

It might be possible that he would reach Dao Origin Stage after one or two hundred years!

To reach the peak of Spirit Origin Stage in one and half a year?

That was impossible, no matter how much potential he ha.

"What? You don't believe it?" The three old men frowned and looked at Yue Changtian.

"Yes. Yes, I do believe it. I can't wait to see that day!" Yue Changtian smiled.

No matter what, the three old grandmasters finally had their personal disciple at the last period of their days. They had a peerless genius in the world to be their inheritor. It was such a great thing that would make them laugh all day.

The next moment, the over a dozen men who had left the hall returned.

They looked troubled and solemn.

Lei Dadi was surprised. "What? Are you going to take away our new disciple?"

Zhan Yunfei felt it both funny and annoying. He said, "No… We forgot to discuss about something really important."

When he left the main hall, he suddenly remembered something. They all forgot to discuss about one thing, which was more important than having Ye Chongxiao to be their disciple. They needed to talk about that secret organization…

It concerned everybody's life. It even impacted the future of their sect.

That was why he stopped everybody else to return to the main hall.

"It is not about Chongxiao. Good. Then it isn't anything serious. I will let you guys make the decision." Feng Wuying took a breath out of relief and said, "I must take my disciple with me. It is better to cultivate earlier."

Yun Piaoliu frowned and said, "Right. There is one more thing. Nobody talks about Chongxiao's talent and anything about the heaven's selection. Whoever violates this will get the most severe penalty!"

Yue Chagntian nodded and said, "That's right. Chongxiao is the key to the great future of our sect. Nobody should leak anything! Who violates this will be sentenced with treason to the sect!"

"Hmm. By the way, now Ye Chongxiao is a personal disciple to all the three of you… What should we do? Should we announce it to everybody in the sect?" Yue Changtian said.

"No! We say nothing about Chongxiao!" Yun Piaoliu suddenly raged up. "You think we three old men should waste time to think of such things? What do you think we need a Prime Master for?"

After that, the three of them crowded around Ye Xiao and left the main hall.

Yue Changtian rolled his eyes. He was speechless about it.

[What is that?]

[Are you telling me you do not know what you need me for? Look how you keep getting away from all troubles and leave all the sh*t to me.]

He thought for a while and spoke in a deep voice, "We need to keep it a secret strictly. No one tells anything about Chongxiao joining the ground competition until the three grandmasters train him for three months. We should tell every disciple that he is a rookie disciple when that day comes. After all, every sect knows he will become our disciple anyway. We can't hide this."

"Three months? Somebody is going to get through three months' of hell." An old man was gloating.

"Sure. Qualified as Ye Chongxiao is, he surely should have the chance to get through the three months in hell." Yue Changtian said, "However, it is still a problem whether he can get over the three months."

Everyday stayed silent. Some of them looked ashamed. They didn't pass the three months trial of hell in the past…

"It is the basis of everything else!" Yue Changtian said, "The three months trial of hell will be the real path to the greatness. Let's just wait and see."

"I hope he can get through it safely." Yue Changtian sounded full of expectation. He spoke word by word, "If Ye Chongxiao can get through the three months trial of hell, maybe our sect…"

When he said so, everybody else was staring at him. It seemed they had thought of something unbelievable.

Yue Changtian took in a long breath and said, "Maybe… There will be a real Saint!"

The others stayed quiet.

Three month trial of hell, only talented disciples had the chance to get through it. However, to pass the trial didn't depend on how talented a disciple was.

Nobody knew whether Ye Chongxiao could pass it.

However, they had high hopes for it, because Ye Chongxiao was more talented than anybody they knew!

"However, what should we tell others about who became his personal master?" Zhan Yunfei frowned. "If we tell them the three grandmasters are his personal masters, then… it means we tell everybody we have a great talented disciple!"

Everybody else smiled bitterly. "Then the other sects will do whatever they can to destroy Ye Chongxiao. They might even make suicide attacks."

"Even if everybody in Cold Moon Palace would die to protect him, we might fail."

Since they had such an expectation on him, then they would have to do everything to protect him.

"Hmm… Xiao Mufei had a disciple whose name was Fang Dalong, right?" Yue Changtian had an idea. "Fang Dalong is dead now. He died for Chongxiao. Let's tell the public, Chongxiao became Fang Dalong's personal disciple so as to return the favor to Fang Dalong…"

"One more thing… His name…" Another elder said, "The other sects must know about his name."

"That is not the biggest problem. Chongxiao ate the inner core of the Golden-scaled Dragon Fish. The sects will definitely pay special attention to him. They will try everything to get as much information about Chongxiao. We can't hide everything. We tell everybody he becomes Fang Dalong's disciple. It may show them how Chongxiao values friendship. The sect will definitely see him as a hopeless and soft man. The sects will slightly lose attention on him. After all, a man who is too stubborn won't be a threat to them after all. They know Ye Chongxiao will never be a great cultivator if he follows Fang Dalong's league," Yue Changtian said.

"Besides, it also shows the other sects that he is just a normal person who has a good luck. It will show them that we don't really value him that much… It will reduce their attention on him too."

"Step by step, the problem gets solved."

"Prime Master is wise and smart indeed. We respect you!" A middle-aged man smiled and thumbed up. "No wonder you can become the Prime Master."

Yue Changtian's face turned dark. He shouted angrily, "Nonsense! Get back to the main topic!"


Ye Xiao followed the three grandmasters, moving fast to a big mountain. It was the highest mountain in Cold Moon Palace.

On the mountain, there were three thatched cottages. The three grandmasters lived there.

On top of the entire place, beyond the palace, there were only three thatched cottages!

That was such a special scene!

Ye Xiao was shocked when he saw that.

Who would imagine that the three most powerful men in Cold Moon Palace actually lived in three shabby thatched cottages, in the highest position of the sect!

Looking at Ye Xiao's surprised face, Yun Piaoliu casually asked, "What? Surprised?"

"Yes." Ye Xiao was honest.

He was surprised!

"You are from the lower realm. I thought you should be more experienced and steady than the other young generation. It turns out you just talk like that. You are not experienced. You just looked like so! You are just older!" Lei Dadi said.