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615 Here He Comes

Chapter 615: Here He Comes

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Ye Xiao wouldn’t give in on this matter. He would never show weakness.

If Bing-Er went out with her extremely beautiful face, she would be missing within half a day…

Ye Xiao knew that she couldn’t understand how dangerous it was, but he clearly knew about it.

Besides, he was a bit selfish doing this. [Bing-Er’s beauty should only be shown to me alone… Such a waste to let others see her!]

That was such a strong male chauvinistic idea!

Ye Xiao would actually rather let Bing-Er become an ugly village girl that men whoever saw her would be regretting it for three years… while she was actually a world’s No. 1 beauty…

When he came home, he surprisedly saw Zuo Wuji waiting there in front of the yard with a book in his hand. He was sitting there quietly.

He didn’t look impatient at all.

Zuo Wuji and Lan Langlang were two of the few people who could wait for him just outside his room. Well, that was a privilege set by the previous Ye Xiao. Song Jue didn’t object to it.

However, the sudden visit of Zuo Wuji meant something abnormal was happening!

Ye Xiao and Bing-Er walked over to him. Zuo Wuji raised his head.

He was amazed and then returned his calmness.

Ye Xiao praised it in his heart. Zuo Wuji truly was really good at self-control! Every man was stunned when Bing-Er showed up. Ye Xiao knew that if he were Zuo Wuji and he saw such a beautiful girl, he would definitely get lost.

Only Zuo Wuji could calm himself down after just a glance with surprise. After that, he was calm and steady like he only just saw a pink skeleton. Ye Xiao admired him on this.

And then Ye Xiao suddenly remembered… [Oh, right… He is disabled on that thing…]

[Well, I feel sorry for him… I am capable of curing that now… Hmm. Let me do it today!]

"Xiao Xiao, you are back. Finally. And this lady is…?" Zuo Wuji asked casually.

"My concubine." Ye Xiao nodded and smiled. He was declaring ownership.

"Alright," Zuo Wuji answered indifferently. That pissed Ye Xiao a little bit, since Ye Xiao was gloating somehow.

Hmm. It was not that he wasn’t calm and steady enough. He had just become a real man for two lives. He naturally had a strong feeling of protectiveness for his woman. Besides, he felt like gloating about having such a beautiful girl after all. That was normal.

In fact, Ye Xiao and Zuo Wuji were exactly in the age that gave them the strongest feeling of this kind. Ye Xiao had lived two lives, but he was a beginner in romance. He was exactly like a teenager at the moment. However, Zuo Wuji seemed much older. He was so calm. He didn’t look like a teenager at all!

To put it in a nice way, Ye Xiao was being honest and sincere, however, Zuo Wuji was just like a little old man!

"Xiao Xiao, we need to talk," Zuo Wuji peacefully spoke.

"Okay. In to my room."

They didn’t hesitate; they just went to the study room. Bing-Er left them after serving them tea and hot water.

The room belonged to the men now. Even she wouldn’t interrupt. She just waited outside the door.

Zuo Wuji held the cup in his hands for a long time before he talked. He was silent.

Ye Xiao didn’t rush him at all. He just drank the tea and waited. [You must have come for something important. You don’t say it, I won’t ask.]

After a while, Zuo Wuji looked down at the tea in the cup. Finally he talked, "I am here for one thing. I have a question for Feng Monarch."

Ye Xiao seemed calm, but he was actually a bit impatient. As Zuo Wuji finally talked, he quickly answered, "What is it? Go ahead."

And then he suddenly realized something. [Wait! What did he say?]

[Feng Monarch?]

"What Feng Monarch? You have a question for Feng Zhiling, then why are you here?" Ye Xiao hurriedly tried to cover it. His head was in a mess. [Zuo Wuji, you prick. Why bring it to this so fast? I am not ready for this…]

[How on earth did he figure this out?]

[He actually brought the foppish young lord Ye Xiao and Feng Monarch together?]

"That is not interesting if you keep denying it." Zuo Wuji frowned. "Honestly, I truly couldn’t imagine the world’s richest man and the best dan-maker in the world is actually one of the ‘three lords in town’, my best friend! I am only convinced by the truth!"

Ye Xiao looked at Zuo Wuji without saying anything.

"I said it was the truth. Don’t you think I am lying!? I guess you will have to keep denying it, unless I tell you how I got to know it? Fine. This must get done soon anyway. Let me show you what I have." Zuo Wuji humphed. "Don’t I know your real personality? You just won’t give up before death catches you!"

Ye Xiao threw up his hands and shrugged. He said, "I don’t mind if you want to make things clear. But I truly didn’t get it just now."

He was denying it, in a perfect way.

"Humph. I know you won’t admit it easily. You are good at playing tricks. So loathsome!" Zuo Wuji cursed and said, "First, when I suggested you a strategy and concerned for Ling-Bao Hall, you kept speaking for Feng Monarch… Ling-Bao Hall was in a death end, and we were trying to figure out something to help Ling-Bao Hall. All those schemes I said, should be no more than just our own imagination. No matter how good they are, they shouldn’t be given to Ling-Bao Hall for real! However, that night, Ling-Bao Hall actually did what I suggested… Everything I suggested…"

"My house was burned because of it!" Zuo Wuji looked at Ye Xiao with anger. "No compensation at all! No nothing!"

Ye Xiao rubbed his head and coughed. He said, "Well that is not a strong proof anyway…"

"What proof do you need more? We are the two people in the world who knows what I said that night. I didn’t leak it to anyone. Who brought that to Ling-Bao Hall? Huh?" Zuo Wuji spoke in anger.