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(Here are, you deserve it.)

My consciousness was sinking into a frozen sea, I could feel my end, again, but this time it was different from the first. The first time was like falling into a bottomless abyss, almost like closing your eyes in the dark in the hope that when you open them see the light, but when you open that hope is replaced by disappointment.

But this time I feel it does not seem the end, maybe it's what that voice said, but what did it even say?... Or maybe it's the hope that that incompetent god will do it all again, and I can see her again…

In the midst of his thoughts he did not realize that the cold was gradually fading, and that the dark was getting more and more diffuse, and he certainly did not stop to feel the unique sensations he had never felt before.

Is this time I'm going to die forever? I think ... "ROOOAAAAAAR", but what the shit was that?

In the midst of his despair he shook his pseudo body and fell sideways, the sound of something breaking was heard and a splinter of light and hope shined and blinded him momentarily, but upon perceiving the light from the outside he eventually despaired.

"Where the hell am I?" This was the first thought that flashed in his head, a myriad of thoughts ensued, and even more fear arose in his heart.

In debating more, more splinters of light were emitted all over their small confined space, over and over until finally all the outer shell was broken, a sticky liquid was trickling down the holes.

"I finally came out," I looked around and saw some other gray eggs. There were two eggs in focus, one purple and one red. The eggshells I left were as gray and ordinary as the others.

Of course when I noticed eggs the size of a child I would check them, at least I was going until a screen came out of nowhere and intruded in my path and stole my attention.

[As the first to be born from your place of rebirth you got the Okka title]

Ah cool, I won a title, but for God's sake what does that mean exactly?, And place of rebirth? ... some useful information here please.

[Okka: the first child of his cave. Grant you the special right to be baptized by heaven]

[Do you activate the special Okka title function?]

And now? Apparently I've been reborn and I'm basically a homeless, nameless, homeless, but with a lot of little brothers and nothing, a uncle's voice tells me he can give me a name ?. He would be trying to kidnap me to try to get my precious organs ?.

I know this is a stupid thought, but for a person who has just been reborn a second time and who does not have the gift of speech and just talks to himself, I think it's strange that it can end up becoming normal.

Activate the title special function.

[Confirmation of the intention of the living being. The heavens will now baptize you]


Prum? How to?, explain it there or uncle.

[Did the heavens find strong intentions of local gods to be able to baptize, force, or surrender the right to the gods?]

Tell me the benefits of the two options.

[If a god baptizes him he can attach auxiliary skills to you as well as special attributes. The heavens will only help with an increase in status and the living grid of the living being in question]

So Uncle go on with your things, let those gods go wild there. I think it may even be that crazy god who must be trying to hurt me again.






[Failure to subjugate the will of the gods. His name will now be chosen by both gods, of destruction, and creation]

Suddenly everything began to fall apart and I appeared in front of a golden palace full of sacred light, and from there came an imposing and benevolent voice at the same time, and that made my mind reminisce of the beginning of all this confusion.

"Your name will be Mikhael," he said as if he was doing me a favor, when in fact he was only humiliating me in a different way.

Before I could curse this mischievous and misleading god I started to fall and as I fell I remembered the phrase that appeared in my head when he spoke my name, "No one is like God".

I'm hated by this deity or what, even my name is doomed to be an exaltation to this damn, come on demon, give me a name that will counteract this damn, maybe I'm wrong to trust the devil more than god, but it was he who helped me, and now only he can help me

In the end I fall in the middle of a black plain. The sky was red and in the middle of it all I saw a monster so big that his head was hovering above the clouds and I could not see his face.

At the sound of his voice all the few hairs on my body shivered, his voice was like nails being scratched against a slate, but at the same time it was a cry of despair, but I think that's just a thing in my head.

"Yhwh," was what he said, or at least that's what I heard.

Just trying to pronounce that name is already a great blasphemy against God, hahaha I loved it, and now how you feel with me taking your name, muahaha I'll be your biggest nightmare oh my creator.

In the end I returned to the place to which it seems that I had never left. Looking around I finally noticed that I was in a cave and that here there were only the nine eggs, with only two of them being different.

And finally I had the courage to look at my body, I had three fingers on my hands and feet, between my legs there was nothing, but this does not bother me at the moment, on my back I felt something, but they are not wings is something else incomplete, give a strange feeling ...

I have fine, sharp teeth, my nails are not deadly, so I do not know what kind of species I am, no visible tail, no innate ability to survive, I think I'm a bit fucked up.

"No sir, you're very well"

"I would say that pig will die in a few hours"

And lost in my thoughts these two voices arise. A soft, feminine voice and the voice of a strong man, and unexpectedly the man was looking like my slave and the woman was the one who humiliated me.