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23 Title at the End 1,676 words
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Re: Heroes X Marvel X DC
Author :WayneSteine
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23 Title at the End 1,676 words

--- Feb Xth, 2010 ---

John POV

『Michael』"It's already 2 months with the foundations thoroughly established, we can now begin start building the cities. I got to say, John, I'm beginning to feel like it going to look like Tomorrowland."

『John』"Haha, is your standard so low? That one is mostly Cyberpunk like the one we are building is a combination of multiple punks including; Solar, Bio, Nano, and Elf punks."

『Michael』 "I see... Have you named the name for the country yet? and have you thought about the reaction of the UN or any other superpower countries?" showing his concern to his boss.

『John』"Still deliberating... Though you don't have to worry about the messed-up politics, leave that to the lawyers we have. What do you think about the Eidolons?"

『Michael』"Pretty great actually, with their help and the futuristic machines you just released is speeding up the build-up process."

『John』"Aight, how fast do you think we can start accommodating soon?"

『Michael』 "If that big 'World Tree' keeps producing more Eidolons it will be around the middle of July we can open the borders."

『John』"Nice! By the way, how come you didn't go for the formula that gives/activates your powers and just the strengthening one?"

『Michael』"Well just from observing you and your clones, I can see the hassle it brings. It is like learning how to walk again like a baby with an additional leg.

With the amount of work you're leaving me, I don't think I will have enough time to work on it."

『John』"Good point!" remarked as he walks back to the flower portal connected back to his base of operations.

Oh, right time skip, another explanation about some terms such as Eidolon.

After removing Krakoa's sentience, I have managed to fuse it with:

my Clone(Soul) - to bind it to me and place the Augur's System within.

Di'Allas(Creation, Time, Space Monoliths) - Creation responsible for creating bodies for Eidolons, Time for protecting the island from any alterations from the past, Space for protecting it from those who can teleport except the Space-stone.

Lifestones (Moonstone, Power Prism, Godstone) - increasing the durability, defense mechanisms, and other abilities of the island.

Siege Perilous - protects the island from reality warping powers changing the current universe.

Gravitonium - able to control the increase and decrease the island's gravitational pull.

Zodiac Key - strengthening the creation powers of the Heart tree (biggest tree in the middle of the island.

Terrigen Crystal - helps manage the Inhuman's powers within the island.

Crimson Gem of Cyttorak - giving the island and connecting it to the [Strength Force] to handle Avengers level fights.

Life and Death Seeds - Taken from Apocalypse before he even grants them to his horsemen and creating the Twins. These stones will be responsible for creating new life within the island and granting evolutionary possibilities to those living within.

Freedom ring - with Spider-man's early opponents popping out, the clone manages to steal the ring from Curtis the supposed owner before him. It is a Cosmic Ring Shaped from a piece of a Cosmic Cube, the Cosmic Ring allows Curtis to warp reality within a limited radius.

Ego's Seed - granting celestial properties to the island preparing it in case a Celestial try to visit.

Staff of One - was a magical object so powerful that, according to Tina Minoru, it made even the likes of Dormammu tremble. Stolen from Minoru's family one of whom will be a part of the 'Runaways' crew.

Amplifying magical properties within the island for magic practitioners defending it at the same time against those who show hostility against it.

Star Brand - is a zero-point energy collector, drawing power from the fabric of space-time itself. It is unlimited in potential, though the upper limits of the star-like tattoo of power are determined by the imagination of its wielder.

Knowing the location of the asteroid that caused a mass extinction event that wiped out the majority of life on the planet, including the dinosaurs.

Just continuing the events that followed after his clone managed to find Vnn's body that expired due to the brand draining its Life force retrieving the brand himself.

This one will be responsible for producing renewable energies to power up the whole island's multiple mechanisms such as the defenses, cloaking, and other stuff.

Of course with the Star Brand symbol enlarging in the middle of the island with the Heart-tree as its center, I have no choice other than to build the capital city along it to hide its figure.

Think it is OVERKILL don't you? Well, it is not! Especially 'if' ever the Living Tribunal pays this universe a visit, again though no cosmic entity is present as of yet. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Now that plans are in motion, the time where I release the Navi's is getting closer though will be exclusive within the island first to get feedback from both Rathnians and Meta/Humans.

Eidolon's are the Rathnians that managed to finish the ascension process but wanted to live in the real world.

As soon as the Heart-tree was set up, it was connected to the «Underworld Project» through Augur where the Heart-tree with the [Creation] properties of multiple relics produce the body of the Rathnian that wants to ascend to «Above-world»(real-world).

--- Flashback ---

Yao's POV

Arriving in front of John in the mirror dimension after he conquered the monster island, I can't help but show myself to him once I notice him pulling out power relics and artifacts including summoning a clone with the Star Brand on it.

Fusing all of it to the huge green heart in front of him, making it pulse with power reaching level of Odin.


『Yao』"Congratulations! You are now just a few steps away from joining the Council of Godheads." clapping her hands upon revealing herself.

『John』"Joining the Council? What do you mean? I'm not a god yet though..." showing a confused look not surprised at the arrival of an uninvited guest.

『Yao』"Wait for it..."

『John』"..." thinking long and hard regarding his intel on the Council of the Godheads.

"AWW SHIT!" understanding belatedly at the last minute what he had done.

『Yao』"Correct, with you fusing multiple relics, artifacts of godly and celestial origin to a living island you have managed to create the foundations of your own [Pantheon] by gaining your own [Domain]."

『John』"Well, what's done is done! It's not like they noticed with it's cloaking defenses all juiced up now." throwing his hands up in the air shaking it off with a shrug.

『Yao』"It's not just that, it seems your [Astral Form] is becoming more tangible. Looks like you went through another tempering."

John going silent as he checks out his status noticing his Soul State upgraded a level onto [White (Ascendant – Intermediate)].

『John』"Unexpected harvest I guess. Anyways once the cities and Academies have been built you'll be teaching a lot of students by then, is everyone back in Kamar Taj already at the Master level?

Because if not I don't think that ones you have can survive the influx of students those you'll be teaching in a few months. I can create more clones if you need more help with improving their level."

『Yao』"That won't be necessary, everyone will be ready by the time this island is ready for accommodation." with that she went and disappeared back to Kamar Taj.

--- Baxter Building ---

『Johnny』"Yo Jimmy! Thanks to your contributions we expect the project to be finished by the end of the year!"

Grabbing the shoulder of the colleague next to him and shaking him in excitement. One who looks like Bradley Hamilton.

『Jimmy』"Well it's also thanks to your Mechanical Expertise Johnny not just that it's also thanks to Sussy and Vicky over there! Bet you'll get that car back soon I guess. HAHAHA"

Laughing together with his buddy with the face of Zac Efron.

『Reed』"What about me?" complained.

『Jimmy』"What about you? You know I feel like your not loved by your parent's man... The 'y' thing doesn't slide off smoothly bro, listen." facing the guy looking like Ioan Gruffud at the age of 20+.

"REEDY" while spreading his arms outwards palms facing him showing a great emphasis on the term.

『Jimmy』"See? Sounds like greedy instead bro. I feel sorry for you.." tapping the guy's shoulder gently seeing him down getting the emotion of not belonging.

『Victor』"Cut it out Neutron! I feel like if you're not here we could've finished it way earlier. You and your distractions." sending a glare at the guy than looking at the blonde girl on his right side.

『Jimmy』"Always the killjoy that you are Victor. Don't worry I bet you'll find your soul mate someday." kissing the blonde girl next to him deeply while looking at his antagonist seeing him ball up his fist.

『Sue』GASP! "Cut it out Jim, we still got work to do!" inhaling deeply then going back to work.

『Johnny』"Yeah, you guys always being so touchy. Like, can't get enough of each other. Blerghh" while doing a puking sound to show his disgust.

--- Wayne Enterprise ---

Back to his office, he checks the polls of his clones against the suggestions of his staff, family, and friends to finalize the name for the country.

『John』(Well then, looks like it's decided...)

『Augur』(...) keeping quiet as he thinks his remark will just annoy his host.

『John』(Release the announcement to everyone, and check on the progress of the Legal Department for our laws.)


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