Ranker's Return
Chapter 360
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 360

In the professional league, PvP was played under the same conditions. There was no difference in the data. Be it the items, stats, or skills, everything was the same. There was only one thing that differed—their ability.

The Hell Knight’s red sword moved in a neat trajectory. The blow might be neat, but it was not light. Instead, it was a heavy hit. It was a level of attack that would be considered quite overly aggressive. However, this was fundamental on the professional stage. Health and magic power were reset every match anyway, so there was no need to hold back.

Kingsman’s long black sword deflected the red sword. As such, Kingsman also did his best from the start. There was none of the showmanship of the usual Masked Fighting King. Immediately after deflecting Hell Knight’s sword, Kingsman pushed off strongly from the ground and approached Hell Knight. Simultaneously, his sword struck like lightning. Pure energy didn’t emerge, but the sword was filled with magic power, and the amount of power was naturally enormous.

Just then, there was an explosive sound as Hell Knight blocked Kingsman’s sword. This was the result of clashing magic powers. Regardless, the two continued to collide without a break. Their battle was so fierce that the viewers even forgot to breathe as they watched.

-It’s so exciting.

-This is real PvP. The Korean League is too low level.

-So is our country. Japan is just garbage.

-The US and Europe are at least interesting...

-We’ll see fights like this at Arena Week, right? I’m looking forward to it.

The viewers watched the fight in a mesmerized manner. It was a high level battle that hadn’t been seen in a long time. In terms of fighting skills, the streamed battles of the rankers who were masters in the arena were also of a high level, but they lacked the fierceness of today’s battle.

It couldn’t be helped. They had basic spec differences as well as differences in mindset.

“Who do you think will win?” Yeongchan asked Otherworld Warrior, the masked fighter beside him.

“The red one will lose. The black one will win. This is right,” Otherworld Warrior said. The answer he gave was simple. Hell Knight would lose, and Kingsman would win. However, Yeongchan felt strangely bad about this response.

“Why are you speaking like this…?” Yeongchan asked. He wondered if Otherworld Warrior was Hyeonu.

“...It is a concept,” Otherworld Warrior replied after a long pause.

Just then, Emperor of an Ancient Empire, a masked fighter sitting beside Otherworld Warrior, interrupted, “I have the same thoughts. I agree with Warrior here.”

Yeongchan glanced at him. Emperor added some words, “I also have a concept...”

Yeongchan lowered his head and frowned. He felt like he was stepping in shit.

‘Ah... This is completely...’ Yeongchan thought about it.

It seemed that people who were dozens of times stranger than the usual participants had been gathered here. In fact, only these people had gathered. Still, their vision and skills were real. It was evident as the battle gradually flowed in favor of Kingsman. To be precise, he was making it that way.

The black pure energy that Kingsman fired struck the front of Hell Knight, and Hell Knight’s red pure energy barely managed to intercept the black pure energy. If he had been one second later, the black pure energy would’ve hit his body, and his defeat would’ve been declared immediately.

Hell Knight needed to look at the situation calmly, even if it was only for a second or two. However, Hell Knight wouldn’t be given time to breathe. Kingsman knew Hell Knight needed a breather, so he was persistent in preventing the latter from getting one.

Consequently, Kingsman’s long sword stabbed at Hell Knight’s shoulder. Hell Knight took a step back and succeeded in stopping the attack from Kingsman. Yet he seemed to have reached his limit. No, this was definitely his limit.

“It’s over.”

“This is the difference between the pro league’s PvP and Masked Fighting King... The nerves are focused too much on one place.”

Warrior and Emperor confirmed that the first match was over. Hell Knight’s location was at the end of the stage, and he was in a precarious state. Going out of the field was also a defeat, so this meant Hell Knight was on the verge of being defeated.

“Eh?” Warrior swallowed his words just then.

It was because a sight appeared that made both Warrior and Emperor doubt their eyes. Hell Knight showed intelligence. In other words, it was a ridiculous mistake brought about by Kingsman’s carelessness. Hell Knight momentarily rushed at Kingsman’s lower body and flipped him over, slamming Kingsman’s head into the ground. By the time Kingsman tried to move his head, the long red sword was already nestled deep in his throat.

-It’s crazy, crazy.

-He lost to wisdom.

-Wasn’t it a very smooth flip?

-Even though I don’t know who he is, Kingsman has created a proper dark history. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The viewers watching the match admired it. There was nothing else they could do. They realized what it truly meant to visually enjoy something.

“The first match has ended with Hell Knight’s return from hell.” Yeongchan appeared on the stage and sorted out the situation. “There was a very cool scene at the end. It will probably be left forever in the history of Masked Fighting King.”

Kingsman just shrugged and scratched the back of his head awkwardly at Yeongchan’s words. He knew it as well that he had lost the victory in vain.

“The first victory of the day has been won by Hell Knight. We will take a break before starting Masked Fighting King again,” Yeongchan said.

Right after that, the masked fighter took out a 15-inch square-shaped mirror from his inventory. It was a mirror where the fighters could see the chat window.

-What is your identity?

-You aren’t Alley Leader, right?

-Who do you think Hell Knight is?

-What are you doing? Aren’t you embarrassed? Losing like that there.

Kingsman’s chat window was the most active. There were a number of messages teasing him and asking him about the identity of Hell Knight. Kingsman coughed a few times before starting to speak, “Um... Honestly, I want to run away right now. I’m just putting up with it because Alley Leader is appearing today.”

Then he paused for a moment. He looked around and whispered in a very small voice, “In my opinion, Hell Knight is like AK of France.”


-Is it the AK I know of?

The chat window was boiling at Kingsman’s words. It was because the name Kingsman mentioned had great ramifications. AK was France’s best melee player. That wasn’t just in Arena but in previous virtual reality games as well. He was a professional gamer and one of the best players in the world.

-So who are you?

-There aren’t many talented people who can drive AK into a corner...

-It isn’t that there aren’t many. There are probably less than five people in the same class ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

“I have no comment,” Kingsman hurriedly changed the topic when messages asking about his identity rose one by one.

“This is the end of the break! The second match will begin! I hope that a masked fighter who can stop Hell Knight’s winning streak will come onto the stage.” Yeongchan quickly took control of the tempo that was slowed down by the break.

The atmosphere had risen, so he had to push it properly.

‘This way, it is more fun to watch on TV.’

“Is there no one?” Yeongchan asked again. The masked fighters started fidgeting. Just then, Yeongchan laughed and continued, “Pfft. Will Otherworld Warrior challenge him?”

Emperor pushed Warrior, who sat beside him, and forced him to climb onto the stage.

“Huh? Yes, I’ll challenge him.” Otherworld Warrior glared at Emperor, who was staring into the air like he knew nothing, but nodded at Yeongchan.

“Good. The second match is between Hell Knight, who has one victory, and Warrior, who returned after saving another world!” Yeongchan shouted before once again going down from the stage. He naturally returned to where he was previously sitting and asked, “Who do you think will win this time, Emperor?”

“Hell Knight will lose. He will lose unconditionally.” Emperor didn’t speak informally to Yeongchan, which made Yeongchan care even more about what he said.

“Why don’t you speak informally?”

“...Can I?” Emperor asked Yeongchan, who was staring at him.

Yeongchan nodded slightly and replied, “Please do so. Isn’t it more fun for those watching if your concept is clear?”

“I know.” The emperor started to speak informally like he had been waiting for it.

“So why will Hell Knight lose?” Yeongchan remembered what was mentioned just now.

“He is already out of his mind. This isn’t a good environment to get over a broken mentality,” Emperor explained.

Yeongchan turned his head and looked around. They were in a training hall with dozens of staff and masked fighters sitting around while watching.

‘There is no one to care about his mental state.’

Everyone was a stranger. There was no one for Hell Knight to talk to. He was completely isolated.

“He beat the last person with talent, but that’s it. It is hard to beat a warrior in good shape with a broken spirit. Of course, it might be different if his talent is great.” Emperor really acted like he was the emperor of an ancient empire.

The immersion was perfect.

‘This is a perfect match...’ Yeongchan’s expression toward Emperor changed strangely.


The battle flowed as Emperor said.

Hell Knight was so one-sidedly beaten that it was hard to believe he was the same person who played the first match. Throughout the match, he only received attacks from Warrior, then it ended. It was a meaningless match and completely different from the previous match where there was a reversal.

“I don’t know who will come out next, but it will be pretty tough. The momentum is on Warrior’s side. He is able to show extraordinary skills...” Emperor murmured.

Yeongchan heard Emperor’s words before climbing onto the stage and wondered, ‘Will Warrior keep winning?’

“Hell Knight’s advance has ended here. If you are a new challenger who wants to stop Otherworld Warrior, please come to the stage.”

This time, someone came onto the stage the moment Yeongchan’s words finished. It was a person who wore clothes that were the opposite of Hell Knight’s—White Wing who descended from Heaven.

“I’ll challenge you,” White Wing challenged with boldness.

He looked really confident. His expression couldn’t be seen through the mask, but he exuded confidence.

“Then the third match is between Otherworld Warrior with one victory and White Wing!” Yeongchan shouted mightily before descending from the stage. He headed toward the now familiar spot and once again watched the third match by Emperor’s side.

This time, the battle was fierce. White Wing had seen Warrior’s pattern in the second match and prepared himself within a short period of time. However, it didn’t work. Warrior was full of energy and destroyed White Wing’s attacks with his peak skill.

“Sure enough, Warrior won,” Emperor whispered to Yeongchan, who had returned after announcing the break.

This time, Yeongchan didn’t stay still. He tried to attack the Emperor: “Do you have any plans to go out in person? He already has two wins. If he wins three more times, Warrior will become the Masked Fighting King.”

“Then should I go out once? That guy’s momentum can always be defeated.” Emperor was easily caught by Yeongchan’s provocation.

“In that case, are you going up for the next match?” Yeongchan asked while trying hard to suppress his smile.

“Just go up now.” Emperor really moved with these words.

He got up from his seat and stepped toward the stage while announcing, “I will challenge it next!”

The venue instantly fell silent.
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