Ranker's Return
Chapter 357
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 357

[Favorability with Dumon, the vice-captain of the Knights of Keon, has risen by 30.]

[Favorability with Mun, a member of the Knights of Keon, has risen by 20.]

[Favorability with Night, a member of the Knights of Keon, has risen by 23.]

There were endless messages about an increase in favorability, and Hyeonu smiled at them as they filled his eyes.

‘Even something like this increases favorability.’

Gaining an NPC’s favorability would be useful someday. No, it was useful right now too. One of the things needed to clear quests was favorability.

“Shall I show it to you right away?” Hyeonu asked the Knights of Keon.

“Please!” They responded with one voice. Dumon didn’t try to stop it anymore. He just stepped back and watched Hyeonu with serious eyes.

“I understand. Then I’ll show you what I’ve learned from Master,” Hyeonu said while pulling out the Mysterious Sky Sword.

The eyes of the Knights of Keon focused on the Mysterious Sky Sword, which emitted a blue light. They were knights, so they had a lot of interest in weapons. It was natural for the sword to attract their attention. However, it was only for a moment. The moment black flames rose from the Mysterious Sky Sword, their attention shifted to Hyeonu’s magic power.


They admired his strength, which soared in an instant.

‘It isn’t a bad reaction from NPCs of this level.’

Hyeonu smiled after hearing the admiration of the knights, but his concentration didn’t dissipate. Rather, he focused on his magic power even more because he thought he should show a better image. Hyeonu lightly kicked off from the ground of the training ground.

This was Mysterious Sky Steps, so he split into dozens of afterimages. His afterimage wasn’t as clear as Lebron’s, but the human form was obvious. The dozens of Hyeonus took the same stance, and the Mysterious Sky Sword was drawn from right to left.

Just then, exclamations broke out again.


“Is this possible?!”

“It should be possible for Dumon, right?”

The sword energy blades of the distant afterimages were the longest, and the length decreased as they got closer to the center. At the next moment, the afterimages disappeared instantly according to Hyeonu’s will.

‘This time it is Mysterious Sky Range.’

The following stage was Mysterious Sky Range. Black magic power swirled around Hyeonu’s sword and firmly joined together. The pure energy that emerged seemed to be lengthening endlessly. Once the pure energy reached a certain length, Hyeonu started swinging the Mysterious Sky Sword.

One, two, three times...

Every time it was swung, a black crescent moon appeared in the air. It wasn’t just Mysterious Sky Range but Mysterious Sky Range combined with Crescent Moon Cut. The crescent moons that filled the air started to fly toward the place where Hyeonu’s final strike was pointing—a cliff far from the training ground. Before they disappeared, Hyeonu prepared the next one.


The magic power that covered the Mysterious Sky Sword disappeared. To be precise, it rushed to the end of the sword, continuously compressed into this small bead.


There was the boom of an explosion, and a black ray of light shot toward the place where the crescent moons had previously flown. However, the black ray of light was much faster than the crescent moons, and it pierced through them. Then something amazing happened.

The ray of light sucked in the surrounding crescent moons and grew in size, turning into a thick black line that penetrated the cliff. Consequently, the cliff was dealt great damage and left with a gaping hole where the ray of light had passed through.

Following that, Hyeonu deliberately placed the Mysterious Sky Sword into his sheath. It was only then that the Knights of Keon regained their senses. They were just overwhelmed by what Hyeonu showed them and couldn’t connect their words properly.

“Everyone, did you enjoy it? Should I show you more?” Hyeonu smiled cheerfully and raised his right hand.

There was a black claw around his hand, just like when he fought South Rock. In particular, the sharp protruding parts were made of Mysterious Sky Demonic Strength. He said, “There is something like this...”

One black claw was released straight into the air. The moment it was released, another claw took shape again.

“What? Again...”

“It’s okay, My Lord!”

Another chorus rang out. The spirited Knights of Keon screamed while staring at Hyeonu with respectful eyes.

“If you’re okay with this... I will stop here. I would really be grateful if you can do something like I did just now.” Hyeonu smiled lightly and left the training ground with Dumon.


Hyeonu kept knocking on Yeongchan’s door.

He asked Yeongchan, “Hey, aren’t you coming out?!”

It had already been 10 minutes. Yeongchan didn’t come out after entering the room to change clothes. Hyeonu wanted to give up, but he was forced to wait like this because he didn’t want to see Yeongchan sulk for a few days.

“This je...” Hyeonu couldn’t stand it and was about to swear at Yeongchan when he stopped his mouth. It was due to his smartphone that vibrated loudly.

‘Who is it?’

No one would call him at this time. If there were anyone, it would either be Kale or Mason. Hyeonu cocked his head and pulled out the smartphone from his jacket pocket.


A familiar name appeared on the screen.

‘I’m right.’

“Yes, Kale, why are you calling this early in the morning? Did something happen?”

The call from Kale meant that something had probably happened. He wouldn’t be calling just to give his regards. Hyeonu had a perfect business relationship with him.

-You didn’t disconnect from Arena like I thought you would, so I was late to contact you. I’m sorry, Mister Gang.

Kale had accessed Arena and waited for Hyeonu to log out. Yet for some reason, Hyeonu had continued to stay connected after the stream. As a result, he made the call only at this time.

“I’m sorry. It’s because I finished late. Kale doesn’t need to apologize.”

-Thank you for saying so. I contacted you because I have a proposal.

Hyeonu removed the smartphone from his ear and checked the time. It was 11:32.

“It looks like it is quite urgent since you are calling instead of sending an email.”

-That’s right. Time is tight, so it can’t be helped. Mister Gang’s intentions are the most important thing.

“I will listen first. What do you want to say?”

-I would like for you to appear on Masked Fighting King once again.

Hyeonu cocked his head at Kale’s words. ‘Masked Fighting King’ were words that were now far from Hyeonu. He had started it, but it was now content that was in Nike’s hands.

‘There is no reason for me to appear on it again.

Hyeonu was about to reject Kale when Yeongchan opened the door. It seemed like Yeongchan had taken a shower and dressed up beautifully in the short period of time he was in the room. Hyeonu waved his smartphone at Yeongchan and walked out to the balcony. As Hyeonu moved, Kale continued to speak.

-Of course, it won’t be an ordinary Masked Fighting King. The theme is to preview the Winter League for Arena Week.


Just as Hyeonu was about to decline Kale’s offer, he was reminded of something when he heard the word, ‘preview’, and felt intrigued. It was PvP. PvP could be called a preview.

“In that case, will there be skills and stats restrictions like in PvP?”

-I think so. Of course, the discussion with Quency has finished. They have just one condition: Mister Gang’s appearance.

“If so, I will participate. Instead, I also have a condition. Please only gather the best. Regardless of whether their team will participate in Arena Week or not, the stars who are famous in PvP should appear. That is my one condition.”

-Of course. You don’t have to worry. There will be inquiries even if we don’t send out invitations. It is a Masked Fighting King where Alley Leader will appear. It will also preview the rules of PvP. There is no player or team who won’t be greedy to appear.

Kale spoke confidently, and Hyeonu truly believed in his words.

“When is the date?”

-It must be shown before the Winter League begins, so I think we’ll be shooting next week. The airing date will be around one week before the league starts.

“Individuals naturally can’t shoot separate videos, right?”

-Of course. I will unconditionally stop any risk of there being information leaks about your power. You don’t have to worry, Kale responded quickly to Hyeonu’s words.

Such a thing wasn’t allowed to happen. A video recording...

It would be a critical hit for everyone if it were leaked.

-In addition... it seems the level of the PvP character in this league will be just after completing the third class transfer.

Kale indirectly told Hyeonu about the character that’s to be used for Masked Fighting King.

‘I can still use pure energy.’

Hyeonu thought it was fortunate. Compared to other players, he had several more areas in which he was overwhelmingly strong, and the biggest difference was his utilization of pure energy. Just being able to use pure energy was a huge advantage.

“Do you have anything else to say? There is someone waiting for me right now, so I think I should hang up.” Hyeonu turned and looked toward the living room. Beyond the glass wall, Yeongchan was staring at Hyeonu with a frown.

‘Co-me. Out. Qu-ick-ly,’ Yeongchan mouthed when Hyeonu turned around.

He broke down what he wanted to say syllable by syllable, so Hyeonu could figure out the words clearly. Seeing them, he touched the thumb and index finger of his free hand together, making an ‘okay’ sign. It meant that he understood.

-In addition, if you ever need an ordinary guest, please call me and not the boss. He is a person who only sees the opportunity to play, so please.

Kale’s last request was pitiful, but Hyeonu understood his grievances.

“I understand. The next time this happens, I’ll ask Kale directly.” Hyeonu came out of the balcony with these words. Then he asked Yeongchan, “Do you have no conscience?”

“What?” Yeongchan answered like a fool because he couldn’t understand Hyeonu’s sudden question.

This turned out to be a big mistake because it gave Hyeonu a powerful excuse to attack.

“You were locked in your room for almost 20 minutes to dress up like this, but you couldn’t wait a few minutes for me to talk? Aish, this narrow-minded person.” Hyeonu stabbed a sharp verbal dagger into Yeongchan’s chest.

“By the way, why are you dressed like this? Do you think you’re going on a blind date or something? We are going for fried chicken, fried chicken,” Hyeonu said, continuing to push him.

Yeongchan, however, was quickly filled with vigor: “This person... Why does it matter if I’m dressed like this? Are you just wearing that? There are many people when you go outside the house. Isn’t it embarrassing?”

He had suffered a lot in this period of time and developed the ability to endure patiently, so he didn’t collapse under this degree of attack.

“Even if I wear just this, I still look better than you do now, Yeongchan.”

It was just that Hyeonu’s brutal bombardment of facts didn’t stop. Still, a friend was a friend, and Hyeonu left the house with the dazed Yeongchan.

“By the way, the food was ordered in advance. Once we arrive, it will come out right away,” Hyeonu said.

Yeongchan stared at Hyeonu and asked, “Do you have the phone number of that place? I don’t have it.”

“The last time I went there, the boss said to contact her in advance, and she would prepare it? She gave me the phone number...? Therefore, I contacted the boss while waiting for you.”

Yeongchan heard Hyeonu’s words and looked like he was going to cry due to the unfairness.
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