Ranker's Return
Chapter 353
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 353

[Streaming entering the East Continent with NPCs and a beginner.]

It was a truly shocking title and one that anyone who enjoyed Arena would click on. The East Continent had been a hot topic since Hyeonu discovered and publicized it. Now, a beginner and NPCs were going to the East Continent? It was ridiculous. If that were possible, it meant that millions of people could go to the East Continent. Many of them included the viewers.

“I am Alley Leader, who is wandering around the foot of a mountain in search of a beginner. How is everyone?” Hyeonu greeted viewers in a cheerful voice as usual.

-Yes, hello?

-I want to take that bus?

-Will NPCs pass if they break the monument?

-I also want to go to the East Continent.

“Everyone must be curious about today’s stream? Then I will start with the explanation.”

Hyeonu stopped talking for a moment. Then he turned his head and looked around like he was searching for someone.

“The East Continent is completely open. Now you can go there without killing the drake.” It was said in a very soft voice. In fact, he whispered it.

-What? Streamer, is this true?

-I will kill you if it is a joke.

-Are you tricking us again?

“I might play around, but I don’t lie. Therefore, I have brought a guest. Please come out.”

Hyeonu beckoned, and a man in a leather suit appeared on the screen. It was Jamie Moore.

“This is Jamie Moore, the CEO of the management company I belong to, Nike Management.”

“Greetings to the over 10 million viewers. Hello, I am Jamie Moore.”

In some ways, this was the appearance of a face that was much more famous than Hyeonu’s, which was still covered in a veil of mystery.

-It is really Jamie Moore...

-Isn’t he wearing an outfit for beginners?

-It’s usually only worn until the first class transfer though?

Some viewers were surprised by Jamie Moore’s emergence while others cared about something else—Jamie Moore’s items. They were items usually worn when first starting Arena and clothes that could be quickly removed after putting in a bit of effort.

“Ah, in the case of Jamie Moore here, he is currently level 7. He is a beginner who hasn’t even changed classes yet. He is so weak that he might die if he just makes eye contact with a monster in the Balder Mountains. He is going to the East Continent today,” Hyeonu poured out these words in an excited voice.

As a result, the viewers started losing their composure.

-A level-7 player is going to the East Continent?

-Then I can go too.

-You can’t go. There is no Alley Leader with you.

-Then how do we go?

The viewers made a fuss. In the end, nothing was different from before. They didn’t need to kill the drake, but it still required an effort equal to that.

“Aren’t you being too cheeky? First of all, you should cheer that you don’t need to kill the drake anymore! Now you just need to cross the Balder Mountains and you can go to the East Continent!”

The viewers stopped chatting after being bombarded by Hyeonu’s words. He was attacking them with facts. There was no attack more powerful than this.

“In addition, as long as the East Continent is open, Quency will patch it. A starting point will also appear in the East Continent,” Hyeonu immediately comforted the viewers.

He brought up a patch that didn’t exist at all. However, it was a likely story. A new area and a new starting point—the linkage was good enough.

-I see. Then I just have to wait a bit longer.

-Today, I will put up with Alley Leader’s stream.

-??? Why are you only putting up with it today? You have to put up with it until the patch is applied.

Hyeonu smiled at the chat window that was going as he wanted.


“CEO Jamie, you just have to follow me. Now I am going to proceed with the quest in earnest.” Hyeonu took Jamie and moved to the east gate of Derek Castle where Lebron was waiting.

While Hyeonu did so, his mouth never rested.

“CEO Jamie, how are you normally enjoying Arena?” Hyeonu learned this was the first time Jamie had appeared in a stream and naturally interviewed him.

“I mainly use A-World. I know my talent well. I don’t even dare move by myself.”

“Then how about applying for a lesson at Alley Leader Academy later? I will take responsibility until you are at the level of an average person.” Hyeonu mentioned Alley Leader Academy. He didn’t forget to bring it up from time to time so that viewers wouldn’t forget.

He was throwing them some bait.

“I won’t forget this agreement. You know it will be hard to get rid of me, right? Once Alley Leader Academy reopens later, I’ll definitely be one of the students.” Jamie was as pleased as a child receiving a birthday present.

It really looked like he was going to make an appearance.

“Yes, please come out. I won’t stop you.” Hyeonu nodded.

It was a good thing if Jamie appeared. The CEO of Nike Management was entertaining enough. Hyeonu’s interview continued, going from a light catch-up to changes in the direction of Nike Management in the future. He asked things that viewers might be interested in.

Eventually, they arrived at the east gate. There were many people present, ranging from knights wearing armor to people who looked like merchants. There were also magicians and priests wearing luxurious robes, and there were notable people among them. They weren’t wearing fancy armor, but their armor emitted a silver radiance. These were the Knights of Keon.

“Master, I’m here!” Hyeonu approached the man standing at the center of the Knights of Keon.

As Hyeonu approached, the Knights of Keon made a path like the parting of the Red Sea.

“My disciple is here. Who is this...?” Lebron greeted Hyeonu before his gaze turned to Jamie standing behind Hyeonu.

“He is an adventurer who helped me. He is called Jamie.”

Hyeonu pulled Jamie’s arm, and Jamie couldn’t resist his power. Jamie looked at Lebron in front of him blankly and remarked, ‘I am actually meeting Lebron.’

He was moved. He never dreamed he would actually meet Lebron, whom he had only seen in videos.

“Really? Then please take care of it. You only know yourself, but you aren’t stupid. So I’ll excuse you.” Lebron raised his eyebrow.

Hyeonu saw it and gritted his teeth while saying, “I only know myself? Even if I'm not at the level of a temple priest, aren't I pretty good by general standards?”

Hyeonu refuted Lebron’s words, and for some reason, Lebron nodded.

“Yes, if you say so. Then we are going to set off. Knights of Keon, line up.” Lebron had a subtle sneer on his face.

Upon seeing it, Hyeonu wanted to get angry. However, he couldn’t be angry. It was because he was currently streaming.

“Yes, let’s do that.” Hyeonu turned around and tried to go somewhere else.

Then Lebron grabbed onto his arm.

“Where are you going? Don’t you have to be here? You are the only one who knows the way,” Lebron spoke with a questioning expression.

Hyeonu heard the words and realized, ‘Ah... That’s right.’

Only he knew the way from the Balder Mountains to Cruise Mountain. Lebron and the Knights of Keon didn’t know it. Naturally, neither did the magicians and priests.

‘I don’t have anything to do in the back anyway...’


It was a good thing. Hyeonu rationalized it to himself and took Jamie to travel with Lebron.


Hyeonu moved a slight distance away from Lebron.

Beside Hyeonu was Jamie who was looking around curiously while asking, “By the way, isn’t it dangerous here? The Balder Mountains are currently the highest level hunting areas...”

“It looks dangerous here, but it will absolutely never be dangerous. There is my master, and I am also here. CEO Jamie, you won’t be in danger,” Hyeonu said, shaking his head.

There was no danger as long as that monster was walking in front. It might be different if a dragon came out, but a drake wouldn’t even be able to deal a scratch.

-Yes, liar.

-Look at this bluff.

-At level 7, it won't be strange even if he just breathes and dies.

-He will die as long as a monster roars once. That is what it means to be level 7.

However, the viewers didn’t believe it.

“Ah, no way... How many monster NPCs are here to protect me?” Jamie asked.

-Yes, Lebron is one.

-Aren’t you standing in front right now?

-Be aware of your location.

After seeing the chat window, Hyeonu and Jamie hurriedly looked around. It was true. Only Lebron was walking ahead. All the other NPCs were behind Hyeonu. So Jamie’s shields were only Hyeonu and Lebron.

“Still, this is fine. Duke Lebron is much more powerful than you think.”

“How strong is he? The appearance of Duke Lebron fighting was so short that nothing is known,” Jamie questioned it after hearing Hyeonu’s words.

It was a question that viewers were also curious about. Just how strong was Lebron, the number one knight of the empire? In the communities, there were articles comparing him to Arena’s rankers or NPCs from other games.

“I will die in one blow. Around this strength? I can’t hit him once and will die in one blow. That’s it,” Hyeonu spoke calmly. Yet his words weren’t calm at all.

The undefeated sovereign in the arena, the strongest player—such an Alley Leader said he would die in one blow from Lebron.

-Don’t be mischievous.

-Who would believe those lies?

Some viewers dismissed Hyeonu’s words as a lie. It was the same for Jamie because it was too unbelievable.

“Alley Leader in one blow? Oh, my god...”

“It's true. It is the same with the emperor. They are the most overwhelming NPCs in all the games I have played. I don’t know who thought about creating such NPCs, but... I’m not sure I can win even if I reach level 1,000 and wear items that have lots of enhancements.”

They weren’t the only ones who were strong. There were also the marionette bears on Bung Bung Island, orc chieftain Racoon, and Meadow Fighter Dakan, not to mention the dragons.

‘Thinking about it, aren’t the NPCs too much?’

It was a fact Hyeoni hadn’t realized before because he was so familiar with them. Lebron suddenly stopped and turned back to call out to Hyeonu, “Disciple, come this way.”

Hyeonu quickly ran to LeBron and asked, “What is going on, Master?”

“There are many monsters over there... Will there be many monsters in the future?”

“No, not that many. The Knights of Keon will reach Cruise Mountain without any damage.”

“Really? Then I will have very little to do in the future?”


“Then I will relax myself this time. You can go next time.” Lebron finished talking and rushed forward.

The moment when Lebron would show his strength to Jamie and the viewers came sooner than expected.

Hyeonu said, “Everyone, you will now see for yourself the strength of the best knight in the empire.”
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