Ranker's Return
Chapter 352
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 352

Hyeonu raised his eyelids with difficulty and saw a clear sky.


Watching white clouds drift slowly across the sky, Hyeonu blinked several times. He couldn’t remember what had happened before.

‘Did I doze off?’

Hyeonu was searching his memories when he heard a familiar voice.

“Have you woken up now? You are weaker than I thought. I can’t teach it now...” It was Lebron.

He was sitting and drinking. Seeing Lebron, Hyeonu finally remembered why he was lying down. He raised his upper body from the ground and yelled at Lebron, “How could you do this to me? What did I do wrong?! Huh?!!!”

It was unfair. He had been beaten unconscious just because he informed Lebron of the emperor’s decision.

“I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry, okay?” Lebron apologized, waving roughly with a look that didn’t show any remorse at all.

When Hyeonu saw that, he tried to speak, only to shut his mouth in the end. He realized that he would only suffer no matter how much he said. Instead, he decided to get his question answered: “It’s fine. By the way, how much have you learned of the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art? You’re a total monster...”

Lebron shook his bottle silently, trying to figure out how much alcohol was left. Then he laughed and took a sip like there was still a lot remaining.

“The deeper the achievement, the more mature it will be.”

“So how much...?” Hyeonu once again asked as he tried not to let his expression distort at Lebron’s answer.

“I naturally studied to the end. What do you think of me?” Lebron replied like it was natural.

‘Truly a monster...’ Hyeonu truly admired him.

It hadn’t been long since he handed over the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art to Lebron, yet the latter had already learned it to the end.

“Can you show me once, Master?” Hyeonu requested politely.

Lebron got up from his seat with the bottle of alcohol and then raised the bottle back to his mouth.

“These are all things I taught you,” Lebron said and raised his free hand.

This hand wasn’t holding a sword, and the reason for that soon appeared. A black magic power that felt different from Hyeonu’s flowed out of Lebron’s hands. If Hyeonu’s magic power was just black, then Lebron’s one gave off a brilliant feeling. The spreading magic power soon took a certain shape.

It was a sword—the one that Lebron usually used. Lebron swung the sword made of magic power, and a subtle slicing sound rang out. A black line was drawn in the blue sky.




The lines continued to increase. As a result, the number of Lebrons gradually rose, and Lebron’s figure was seen all over the training ground. Each of them wasn’t an afterimage but a perfect Lebron.

‘Crazy...’ Hyeonu’s eyes shook. It was an unbelievable sight. Dozens of Lebrons had appeared in the training ground, swinging swords of different lengths on different trajectories. Yet if it were this alone, Hyeonu wouldn’t be surprised.

‘They are cutting one by one.’

The numerous Lebrons were stabbing their swords at certain points. They aimed so desperately that it gave him goosebumps.

‘The foundation is Mysterious Sky, and Mysterious Sky Steps and Magic Power Control are added on top of it.’ Hyeonu carefully guessed the principle of this technique.

It was Mysterious Sky Steps that created so many clones. Creating swords of different lengths with magic power was the role of the magic-power-related skills. Then he was brought back to reality due to Mysterious Sky.

‘Can it be stopped?’ Hyeonu shook his head.

He didn’t think it would be the case. It seemed impossible even if the proficiency of the skills went up.

‘It doesn’t feel like it can be stopped.’

In fact, it felt like the technique could only be stopped with an invincible skill. It seemed hard to hit the numerous Lebrons one by one or to endure their attacks.

“Master, what about the delegation?” Hyeonu asked Lebron, who had finished the demonstration and was drinking alcohol again.

“What can I do? The order has been given, so I have to go,” Lebron replied.

Perhaps it was because once the order had been given, it could no longer be taken back. This was the majesty of the emperor of Yusma. His spoken words must be kept.

“I understand.” Hyeonu nodded.

Then a message window appeared in front of him.

[Deliver the Message has been cleared.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

[17,389 imperial contributions have been acquired.]

“Then come to Derek Castle in four days. We will leave then.” Lebron waved his bottle of alcohol with a look of regret.

“Yes, I understand. Derek Castle in four days.” Hyeonu could only smile in the end.


Hyeonu barely opened his closed eyes. The desire to sleep filled him, but he couldn’t sleep yet.

‘I haven’t had the opportunity for such quality streaming content in a long time...’

He couldn’t miss it. Hyeonu was a bit obsessive-compulsive and always felt the desire to show good content. It was the burden of his great popularity, which pierced the sky.

‘It isn’t fun for me to just cross the Balder Mountains with Lebron.’

Of course, it would receive hot interest as streaming content. It was because this was the first piece of information Hyeonu would disclose. Suddenly, Hyeonu’s smartphone started vibrating. He saw the message that appeared on the screen of his smartphone and immediately unlocked it to make a call.


-Mister Gang, it has been a while. I don’t remember the last time I saw your face.

“I’m sorry, I’m busy preparing to be a pro gamer. I have no intention of going to New York.”

-It is regretful. Yet you had time to travel to the island with Jin Sijong...

Hyeonu was currently calling Jamie Moore, the CEO of Nike Management. The latter had immediately responded the moment he received Hyeonu’s call and was hoping for more contact.

“This is why I contacted you, Jamie. Why don’t we meet in Arena if we can’t meet in reality?”

-Meet in... Arena? I understand that you’re very busy right now, but… Jamie stuttered at Hyeonu’s sudden suggestion.

His previous words were just a joke. He knew better than anyone else that Alley Leader was busy. In fact, Alley Leader was busy every day! This was Alley Leader’s current situation.

“I’m not joking. Just show your face on my stream once. In other words... appear on my stream.”

-Of course, I will go. This is Alley Leader’s stream, after all, Jamie responded so quickly that Hyeonu felt embarrassed.

Jamie hadn’t thought about it at all. He had answered yes like it was an unconditional reflex.

“Is it okay to just answer like this? The streaming time isn’t short. Nike Management... don’t you have anything to do?” Hyeonu asked once out of politeness.

It was just in case. Jamie answered confidently, -Absolutely. There is no such thing. The management job is done by Kale. I can postpone my personal schedule. Delaying it by one day won’t cause any big problems.

Hyeonu felt sorry for Kale who had such a man as his boss.

‘But he is good at work, responsible, and a kind person...’

Maybe these were the reasons why Kale was working under Jamie. Otherwise, he would’ve quit the company already or gotten fired.

“I understand. Then I’ll see you at Derek Castle this Friday at 6 o’clock.”

-Yes, I will see you then.


After the surprise call with Hyeonu, Jamie Moore smiled brightly and wandered around his office. He stood by the window and looked outside. Then he sat on a chair and stared at the blank white screen. Later, he suddenly picked up his smartphone and made a phone call to somewhere. There was a brief ringing tone, and a low and deep voice was heard from the smartphone.

-It’s Jin Sijong. Who is this?

“What? Don’t you know? Are you busy?” Jamie joked.

Jin Sijong showed a stiff reaction in response.

-What? Jamie? Why is this narrow-minded person contacting me? Kim Seokjung’s tone immediately rose when it was confirmed that the person on the other end of the line was Jamie Moore.

It was the tone that Hyeonu usually heard.

“Narrow-minded person? Who is the gangster who only knows about money?”

-So why did you call today?

Jamie smiled and showed off to Kim Seokjung, “I’m streaming too.”

-You’re streaming? Are you letting go of your position as CEO? Do you want to be a streamer? Did you go crazy from working too hard? Kim Seokjung asked in a surprised voice.

As far as he knew, Jamie liked Arena, but he wasn’t particularly talented. He was just another person in a sea of a million people. In addition, his sensitivity was so lacking that he couldn’t control magic power. Yet he was going to become a streamer? It was absurd.

“What are you talking about? I’m not doing it. I’m appearing in a stream. Alley Leader made a request of me. He asked me to appear. Now he has figured out the value of this Jamie Moore.”

-If this is true then it is the worst. The worst!

“In any case, you know about it now. In addition, tell those idiots. I already feel better thinking of their envious faces! I can work harder today.”

-I will repeat exactly what you said... I recommended you to hang up.

Jamie pressed the button to end the call at Kim Seokjung’s advice. Then he buried himself deep in the chair and imagined himself appearing on Alley Leader’s stream.


“It has been a while, Jamie. By the way... Your level is lower than I thought?” Hyeonu was surprised to see Jamie wearing basic clothes.

Jamie’s level was too low.

‘Isn’t this too low? He likes Arena, so I thought he would at least be level 100...’

Right after that, another thought came to Hyeonu’s mind about how such a low-level player was also going to the East Continent.

‘This is good as well.’

Jamie didn’t join to fight anyway. He would just make his way through the Balder Mountains among the NPCs.

“It is really unbelievable. I am actually appearing in Alley Leader’s stream!” Jamie looked very excited. “In fact, I actually didn’t sleep well yesterday. I was so excited. This is the first time I’ve been this excited since I joined Nike.”

Hyeonu looked at Jamie and smiled. Jamie asked Hyeonu with a curious look, “What am I going to do today?”

“Just stay still. The other NPCs and I will take care of everything for you.”

“Then my role is...?”

“A bus passenger. We will make you feel comfortable during the ride.” The smile on Hyeonu’s face deepened.
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