Ranker's Return
Chapter 351
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 351

“It was already gone from the moment you killed that drake over there,” Johannes spoke with a shrug.

Hearing Johannes’ words, Hyeonu thought about the situation carefully. Come to think of it, there had been something strange.

‘He didn’t give permission to move to the East Continent.’

Originally, the order was for them to destroy the monument and then be given permission to cross when he appeared. However, it wasn’t like that today. Johannes never said it.

‘It’s fast, but... I expected it.’

Hyeonu showed no surprise behind his mask; he was just happy. He hadn’t expected it to take that long for an additional 250 people to move to the East Continent. It was just that it had occurred a bit quicker than Hyeonu had expected.

‘I guess the pro gamers were in a hurry.’

The 250 people were probably professional gamers, with a portion of them being large guilds that made some type of deal or had a friendship with professional players.

“So everyone can go to the East Continent?” Hyeonu asked Johannes to confirm it again.

“Not everyone. Don’t they need to have the skills to cross the Balder Mountains? Or they should have other things.”

Johannes was probably talking about money or power, but Hyeonu already didn’t care about such things.

‘Is this the so called, ‘out of sight, out of mind’?’

It didn’t matter if someone spent money to go to the East Continent. Hyeonu had little interest in it. The important thing now was for Hyeonu to run to the emperor and inform him that the barrier had disappeared. This would allow Hyeonu to gain the sweetest honey.

It was precious honey that no one else could eat. He was thinking of swallowing it all at once at a time when no one else knew about it.


Hyeonu was on the way to see the emperor, but he stopped in a small garden in the imperial palace. The flowers were in full bloom, and the pond was so clear that it looked white. He sat down naturally on one side of the garden, treating it like it was a room in his own house.

‘I’m going to look at the skill book.’

It was time for the rewards settlement. This was a time that always came after clearing an instance dungeon and killing the boss monster. Hyeonu carefully pulled out two books from his inventory and placed them down on the ground. Then he knelt down and started to pray: ‘Please give me a necessary skill that is beyond the rare rating... In addition, let it be a continuous skill rather than an immediately-activated type. It is even better if it is unique-rated.’

After the short prayer that he didn’t even know whom he was saying it to, Hyeonu reverently opened the first skill book.

[Curse of Blood]

[A powerful curse of blood.

It strongly curses the blood.

Type: Immediately Activated

Rating: Rare

Restrictions: Black magician or necromancer class, 1,800 magic power.

Effect: Casts a curse that reduces health by 0.05% per second on up to three players. In addition, it randomly triggers an abnormal status.

Duration: 3 minutes.

Skill Cooldown Time: 5 minutes.]

“Ah...!” An exclamation burst from Hyeonu’s mouth. It was with a feeling of sincerity that came from the depths of his heart.

‘Yes, I can give this to Sunny...’ Hyeonu tried to think positively. Otherwise, it seemed like a mental breakdown would soon occur.

However, his mind and his body were different. Hyeonu’s hand was shaking as he put the skill book into his inventory. It was a strange action filled with regret and anger.

‘Yes, there’s one more.’

Hyeonu started the road to happiness by looking down at the skill book that was below the one he put away.

“Unique, unique, unique, unique, unique...” Hyeonu muttered these words like a madman.

It lasted a long time before he finally opened the skill book with trembling hands.

[Blood Magic Power]

[There is magic power in the blood.

The entire body is full of vitality.

Type: Continuous

Rating: Rare

Restrictions: Warrior, knight, and fighter classes.

Effect: Health and magic power recovery speed will increase by 10%. Movement speed will increase by 10%.]

“Um...” Hyeonu saw the message and let out a faint groan. It was a bit too vague to like. This wasn’t the unique rated skill he wanted, but the effect was good for a continuous skill.

‘The recovery isn’t so good, but... the movement speed is quite good.’

“It is still a gain, a gain.”

It might not be a huge profit, but it was still a medium-sized one. Ultimately, it was an unexpected profit, so he couldn’t help feeling good. Hyeonu got up while brushing off the green grass from his butt.

‘Now all I have to do is meet the monster.’


“You came too late. Why have you only come here now?” The emperor stared at Hyeonu with curious eyes.

It was a really strange look when combined with his listless expression. However, when Hyeonu saw it, he just felt like he was going to die.

‘Who reported it this time?’

He felt a sense of oppression from the emperor’s expression. Avoiding the emperor’s gaze, Hyeonu opened his mouth and said, “I remembered something urgent… so I stood still and pondered on it for a while.”

“Really? I have to believe it if our Earl Gang Hyeonu says so,” the emperor spoke up to there and paused.

Silence flowed throughout the great hall. The emperor’s eyes curved as he smiled. Making an interested expression, he opened his mouth again and said, “Yes, let me hear why you’ve come here today.”

“The barrier is finally gone, Your Majesty.” Hyeonu could only state the reason why he had come to meet the emperor.

After hearing that, the emperor’s mouth moved slightly: “Prepare the expedition. No, I will correct that. I have an appointment with the lizards... So form an envoy delegation.”

The moment the emperor’s words finished, a person in black appeared out of nowhere without any signs. It was like he had been there from the beginning.

“Who do you intend to entrust as the person in charge of the expedition, Your Majesty?” The man in black asked while kneeling down.

“Of course, Earl Hyeonu who brought the news should take over. Isn’t that fair?”

“Your Majesty, the other nobles will definitely oppose.”

“Let’s see... I don’t see anyone saying that except for you?”

“If so, how about appointing Duke Lebron as the head of the delegation?”

“That is indeed a good idea. Then do so. Appoint Duke Lebron to be in charge.

Hyeonu’s expression distorted as he listened to the conversation between the man in black and the emperor. He could imagine Lebron’s angry face after hearing the news.

‘He will blame me for making him do something so troublesome.’

However, it couldn’t be helped. Hyeonu had to get a quest, and Lebron was accidentally caught up in the process.

‘He can’t say anything if the emperor asks him to do it,’ Hyeonu thought positively.

After all, it wasn’t Hyeonu but the emperor and the man in black who brought Lebron in.

“Then I will prepare it.” The man in black disappeared as quickly as he appeared.

The emperor turned his head to look at Hyeonu and said, “Tell this to Lebron—prepare to go to the East Continent.”

As the emperor finished speaking, a message window appeared in front of Hyeonu’s eyes.

[A quest has been created.]

[Exchange with the East Continent]

[The barrier blocking the East Continent and West Continent has disappeared.

Succeed in an exchange with the East Continent.

Rating: MS

Conditions: The Yusma Empire’s delegation arriving at the Yuxin Imperial Palace 0/1.

Rewards: Experience, imperial contribution.]

‘It is the main scenario, the main scenario!’

It was just like what Hyeonu had expected. As a quest between continents, Hyeonu had expected it to be the 7th main scenario.

“Then what should I do, Your Majesty?”

“You should naturally tell Lebron this news, right? In addition, act as a guide. You are the only one who knows about the East Continent.”

Once again, a quest was created.

[A quest has been created.]

[Deliver the Message]

[Tell Lebron that he has been chosen as the representative to go to the East Continent.

There is a very low probability that problems might occur.

Rating: SS+

Conditions: Tell Lebron the emperor’s message 0/1

Rewards: Experience, imperial contribution.]

Hyeonu saw the quest and was startled. He was so surprised that he forgot he was in front of the emperor, and his mouth dropped open. The reason for that was simple. The quest window showed a rating he was seeing for the first time in his life—SS+. He thought there would be the S+ rating next, but he never thought the difficulty would rise in such a manner.

‘I’m going crazy.’

“I understand, Your Majesty. I will share this news with my master.”


Hyeonu stood at the entrance of Lebron’s training ground and sighed. He didn’t have the confidence to go in.

‘Ah, should I just take a break today and tell him tomorrow?’

Fatigue suddenly rushed in. Still, Hyeonu shook his head vigorously and entered the training ground He had made up his mind.

“Master! I’m here!” Hyeonu rushed to Lebron as cheerfully as usual, as if nothing had happened.

“Why have you come here again? I don’t feel good this time, so go back quickly. Don't tell me anything and just go.” Lebron felt uneasy when he saw Hyeonu returning in a matter of days.

This was why he waved his hand at the approaching Hyeonu and issued an order to leave.

“I’m here today to talk about something really important.” Hyeonu smiled bitterly and approached Lebron.

The sitting Lebron abruptly stood up. Hyeonu opened his mouth and said, “The barrier at the easternmost end of the Balder Mountains has disappeared.”

“So? Why are you telling me this?”

Despite Lebron’s tough response, Hyeonu continued speaking, “An envoy delegation is being organized to go to the East Continent. I think the scale will be pretty big.”

“Why are you telling me this?!!!” Lebron ultimately raised his voice.

It was his heartfelt anger that hadn’t been seen since his quarrel with the emperor.

“It has been decided that Master will be the representative of this mission. Of course, I didn't bring up your name. It was a strange guy dressed only in black,” Hyeonu spoke the truth.

His words were sincere. Lebron knew this, but he ignored it. He was filled with the annoyance of having to move and wanted to relieve himself of it.

“Hah... To think I am to be an envoy at this age... I am a duke. Why make me work?!” Lebron shouted with a voice full of anger. Black air currents began to form around Lebron and consume the light, gradually covering the training ground with darkness.

‘Crazy! What is this?!’ Hyeonu was shocked.

The unknown energy induced a sense of fear in him.

‘Mysterious Sky Demonic Art? Or Area Proclamation?’ Hyeonu tried to guess the identity of the black aura, but he couldn’t determine it.

There was no time for Hyeonu to think anymore because the energy rushed toward him.

“Master, regain your mind! If you want to relieve your anger, go to the imperial palace! Don’t release it at me!” Hyeonu screamed urgently.

Simultaneously, his feet were already moving. He used magic power to try and escape with Mysterious Sky Steps. Lebron saw it and waved his hand. Then the black air currents struck Hyeonu.

‘Eh?’ Hyeonu’s vision darkened.

Just before he lost consciousness, a smile appeared on Hyeonu’s face. This was the last thing he saw.

[Tell Lebron the emperor’s message 1/1]
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