Ranker's Return
Chapter 344
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 344

Edchan’s workshop was cold when Hyeonu visited again. The furnace that always released a hot heat had a lingering warmth.

“Edchan, get up. If you sleep in this type of place, your mouth will become crooked.”

Hyeonu woke up Edchan who was sleeping on a pile of wood to one side of the workshop.

“You’re here? Originally, strong dwarves can sleep in places like this... chi! No!” Edchan coughed and retched.

It was completely different from what he said.

“You should be careful,” Hyeonu advised. Edchan waved his hand at Hyeonu’s concern. Then he brought out the black cloth from the side of the workshop and said, “I processed it using the Red Anvil Tribe’s special method. Nobody else can make the drake leather this way.”

Hyeonu carefully accepted the black clothes.

‘Item Information.’

[Blood-stained Night]

[A coat that the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior used to wear. Repaired by the dwarf’s Golden Hammer using a special tribe secret. It is impossible to find the original characteristics.

Rating: Unique

Restrictions: 1,300 strength, 1,700 agility.

Durability: 3,000/3,000

Defense: 1,250

Effect: All stats + 50, ‘Swimming Blue Wings’ can be used.

Swimming Blue Wings: Once magic power is injected, your falling speed will be reduced. You can move slowly in the air according to your will.]

‘Okay. The effect is somewhat vague, but...’

It didn’t seem very useful. All it did was reduce the falling speed.

‘No, it’s okay. It allows me to move through the air.’

This effect seemed quite useful. Being able to move in the air meant he could create more variables.

‘It is much better than the Wraith Form.’

The frequency of using Wraith Form was extremely low. Basically, the amount of defense and stats growth made Blood-stained Night a much better choice. Hyeonu immediately took off Roton’s Ceremonial Coat and put on Blood-stained Night.

“Then I will be back next time. If there is anything good, I will bring it with me. Edchan, if you’re worried about Tresha, you can come to a place called Phinis.” Hyeonu said goodbye after achieving his purpose in coming to visit Edchan.

Meanwhile, Edchan murmured, “Yes, I’ll go if I’m curious. Phinis...”


While Hyeonu was in the midst of bartering with Edchan, Cruise Mountain became a hotspot for players to hunt the drake. They were all pro gamers. Their affiliations were different, but their purpose was the same.

‘Move to the East Continent to acquire imperial contributions.’

They had already received all the quests related to it. Now, they just had to go to the East Continent and bring back the goods.

“Is everyone familiar with the strategy?” Kim Jinyong asked as he looked around at the players of the team.

The players nodded at the same time. It had taken more than just a few days to collect and analyze information related to the drake through various channels. Anyone who didn’t know the strategy meant their ability as a pro gamer was questionable.

“Of course, Hyung.”

“I’m still playing the videos in my head.”

Kim Jinyong laughed when he heard the players’ unique answers.

“Yes, watch your language today. It’s fine if it is just us, but there are other teams. They are all domestic teams, so be more careful. It is a different matter from bumping into a large guild,” Kim Jinyong requested earnestly.

They had to be careful usually, but they had to be even more cautious today. People in the industry were colder, and their opinions were more important than anyone else’s evaluation.

“Once again, there are four teams gathering today—UK Heights, Barrett Fighters, and Charlotte Dragons. All teams in the Korean League’s semi-finals have come to kill the drake,” Kim Jinyong said

Jung Hanbaek added, “In fact, two teams are enough. How much time did we spend analyzing the drake? We’ll be able to kill it right away.”

“Don’t get careless, Jung Hanbaek. This is the first attempt. It isn’t something we’ve experienced. It’s good to be confident, but you can’t be complacent,” Kim Jinyong snapped at Jung Hanbaek.

They were sobering words, but they were necessary for the current situation.

“Hyung, Hanbaek hyung isn’t wrong. You’re worrying too much. Honestly, we can kill it with just UK Heights alone,” Yoon Bin, the youngest member of JT Telecom, defended Jung Hanbaek.

However, Kim Jinyong shook his head and said, “That doesn’t guarantee we’ll succeed. We have to be more cautious in this case. This is a moment that can’t go wrong. Our quota for the league depends on this.”

The atmosphere of JT Telecom stiffened due to Kim Jinyong’s words. To be precise, they started to become nervous. Carrying this mood with them, JT Telecom moved toward the monument on top of Cruise Mountain with the players from the other teams.

“Jinyong, are you well prepared? You can’t be clumsy. It will be very serious if you make a mistake,” Jung Jinnam, the captain and ace of UK Heights, greeted Kim Jinyong like this.

Nonetheless, there were hidden meanings in his words.

“We’re always perfect. We are the number one team in the Korean League for a reason,” Kim Jinyong returned it in kind, hiding the knives behind his smile.

Jung Jinnam didn’t get angry and answered calmly, “Yes, I know. Still, won’t the next Winter League be hard?”

Today was the day they had gathered to fight the drake.

“Let’s kill it quickly and then separate. We’re all busy. If we want to obtain the territory in a week, we won’t have enough time to sleep. We also have to eat and sleep. Isn’t that right?”

Hearing the intense conversation, the players from both teams, as well as the other two remaining teams, shut their mouths. Kim Jinyong and Jung Jinnam were the oldest players in the Korean Arena League and had long careers. They had the best skills, so there was no other player who was in a position where they could restrain the two of them.

“Yes, it’s a waste of time to keep talking here. So let’s take our positions and start the drake raid.”

The moment Kim Jinyong’s words came to an end, 48 professional gamers started to move. The priests and magicians stepped back, and the melee classes stepped forward.

“Let’s do it like in the league!” Jung Jinnam screamed and ran out.

“That idiot...” Kim Jinyong frowned when he saw that.

Even so, Kim Jinyong was already putting a buff on Jung Jinnam. In a pro raid, no—a systematic raid, most of the orders were given by these two people. One was the advancing melee class while the other gave rear support. This was a formation that had been hardened by their long experience in the pro league.

A magician, priest, or ranged-attack class looked over the entire battlefield and issued important orders. Meanwhile, the melee class was at the very front and occasionally sent out minor orders.

“Let’s imagine there is one bus passenger and focus. First, cast buffs on your team’s players in order.” The rear command was naturally done by Kim Jinyong.

None of the current domestic pro gamers had the skills to beat him.

“Use mainly the ice type magic. If you can’t, then fire is okay. Don’t use anything else. It’s a waste of magic power,” Kim Jinyong gave accurate instructions based on the information he had identified in advance.

This drake’s outer skin color was yellow, and a yellow drake had the lightning attribute. From the front, Jung Jinnam’s voice rang out as he directed the pro gamers: “Let’s start neatly with the buffs first. If we can’t kill the drake today, the front desk will come and scold me. Please save me once.”

His words caused laughter to burst out all over. Jung Jinnam’s personality was well known, but it was a different experience to actually witness it in person.

“Then I will go first.” Jung Jinnam rushed casually to the drake that was dozens of meters away without any fear.

He quickly fired his pure energy.

It was a single sword strike with a neat trajectory. The moment it bumped into the drake’s thick leather, there was a bizarre sound like a blackboard being scratched. Jung Jinnam’s sword couldn’t pierce the drake’s leather or leave a wound, but it succeeded in leaving a mark on the leather.

‘It’s definitely harder than a league raid monster.’

Jung Jinnam frowned at the dull feeling that was different from usual. It was his first time feeling so blocked off.

‘I think it will take around two hours?’

Nevertheless, this drake raid wasn’t done by Jung Jinnam alone. So even though he was blocked, there were still other players and magicians. It would take time, but it wouldn’t be impossible for them to succeed in the raid. Just then, he heard a welcome voice.

“Ice magic will enter in 20 seconds!” It was Kim Jinyong’s report.

“We will deal with it for 10 seconds. Deal light blows!” Jung Jinnam shouted and swung his sword. From then on, he started using skills. He didn’t care if the others did the same.

‘They are pro gamers, so they can do it on their own.’

Jung Jinnam’s thoughts were right. Close to 30 people wielded their weapons and used their skills as well. Showing off the skills of pro gamers, their colorful sword energies struck the drake’s entire body. There was no significant damage, but they succeeded in shocking it to a certain extent.

After that, all the melee classes moved away from the drake as they predicted it was now time for the magic to fly. Sure enough, the moment they stepped back, a huge blue ball rose above the drake’s head. Then sharp ice spears tore through the air from every direction and aimed at the drake.

“Kyaooooh!” The drake screeched.

It wasn’t an idiot and didn’t stand still, just waiting to get hurt. Instead, it swung its wings and deflected the flying ice spears. Then it grabbed the chunk of ice falling above its head with its front claws and smashed it directly.

‘I think it will take around three hours?’ Jung Jinnam muttered inwardly when he saw this scene. Two hours seemed a bit difficult. It would take more like three hours to kill such a monster.


“You now have the authority to go to the East Continent.” Johannes waved his hand at dozens of humans. Unlike his blank expression, his insides were raging.

‘I think I reduced the number for no reason... During this time, there have been nearly 100 people...’

He was desperately regretting having cut down the number by 250 people due to Hyeonu’s ridiculous threats.

‘What will I say to the lord? Ah... Crazy.’

Then someone spoke to Johannes, “Can I ask you one question?”

It was Jung Hanbaek, a man with the letters JT on his chest.

“Yes, I’ll listen to one. What do you want to know?”

“How many adventurers have now crossed to the East Continent?”

“How many... It is definitely over 500, but it absolutely isn’t 1,000 people.”

The expressions of the pro gamers changed to surprise after hearing Johannes’ reply. The number of players who had made it to the East Continent was higher than they thought.

“Thank you, Johannes.” Jung Hanbaek bowed and stepped back to the place where the players of JT Telecom were gathered.

The moment the exchange of question and answer with Jung Hanbaek was over, Johannes disappeared. Simultaneously, the players of the four teams started to move according to their own plans.

“I felt a chill when Junbaek hyung spoke. It’s terrible even if the dragon just moves his finger. I thought I would go crazy.” Yoo Bin smiled as he looked at Jung Hanbaek’s face.

“However, it seems a bit serious right now...” Do Jeonghyun stated with a serious expression. “If it exceeds 1,000 people, it will be difficult to obtain imperial contributions. If we jump into direct trade with the imperial family, the rewards itself will be reduced.”

It was obvious that as the number of people increased, the size of the rewards that one person received would decrease.

“Maybe we should unite in the East Continent as we did today,” Kim Jinyong said.

“Again? We have to see their faces again?” Yoo Bin asked Kim Jinyong.

“No, we don’t have to do it with them. We can attach ourselves to large guilds, those that don’t need territories.”

This was the best plan Kim Jinyong could think of.
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