Ranker's Return
Chapter 341
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 341

Instead of leaving for the Hejin Great Mountain Range, Hyeonu remained in Yusma because he had another person to meet.

‘It was almost a big problem.’

Hyeonu was now standing in front of Lebron’s mansion. He had forgotten about Lebron and almost left.

‘I almost had to come back one more time.’

Lebron’s discomfort was a bonus. He would have found out that Hyeonu had stopped by the imperial palace the moment he knew that the emperor had new alcohol.

“Master! Master! I’m here!” Hyeonu screamed for Lebron while running around the mansion. As a result, he entered Lebron’s training hall and was confronted with a sword that glowed in a bloody manner.

“Your unworthy disciple came to see his master. Why don’t you put away such a dangerous thing so we can speak?” Hyeonu shook a bottle of alcohol and smirked. The effect was immediate, and Lebron instantly lowered his sword.

“Come over here,” Lebron’s voice rang out from a distance.

Hyeonu instantly doubted his eyes and thought, ‘What?’

Lebron was obviously standing in front of him with the sword, yet he was also standing far away in the middle of the training ground.

“Am I a dog, a cow, or a monster...?” Hyeonu pouted.

As Hyeonu approached, Lebron reached out and pointed to a corner of the training hall. It meant he wanted Hyeonu to put down the bottles of alcohol there.

“I see. Everyone only looks for alcohol when they see me,” Hyeonu grumbled while putting down over 10 bottles of alcohol on the ground. Then a fluent lie emerged from Hyeonu’s mouth, “These are some of the best alcohol in the East Continent. They were very hard to obtain.”

He had brought all the alcohol directly from Buncheonru. Hyeonu hadn’t even spent one gold. Regardless, Lebron had already opened a bottle and put his nose to it. He was enjoying the rich aroma.

“Hrmm... I really like the aroma. I like it.” Lebron started drinking just like the emperor had done. “Is this the only reason you’re here today? Nothing else?”

Hyeonu nodded. Today, he really had nothing to request for. Then he remembered something and said, “Ah! I have something to ask you. Did you receive any contact from the duke? I didn’t find any traces of him in the East Continent.”

There was one thing. Duke Blake, the former commander of the Knights of Keon and the master of two monsters—it was to look for his trail.

“That guy? Not yet. I can’t get into contact with him no matter if he has soared into the sky or fallen to the ground. I don’t know where he has gone...” Lebron spoke with an expression that had no worries. “He wouldn’t have died because he can’t be beaten. Just walk around and meet him when you come back. Don’t try to make things big while trying to find him.”

“I understand.”

“Right. Do you know about that?”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about.” Hyeonu shook his head.

Who would understand from talking like that?

“There are those in Phinis who have learned the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art. I was contacted by those who are teaching the knight candidates, and they told me that they are teaching the Mysterious Sky Demonic Art now. Stop by the territory and check it out.”

“Ohhh...” Hyeonu felt like he had received an unexpected gift. It was like finding money in the down jacket he wore last night.

“I mainly sent those who are talented in teaching, so the level will rise quickly.”

“Thank you, Master.” Hyeonu was grateful for Lebron’s consideration in handling all the details so he wouldn’t need to worry about them.

Then Hyeonu said, “Stop by Phinis sometime. The construction has finished as planned. The food of the East Continent is being served as well.”

This was the only thing that Hyeonu could give in return. Lebron nodded with a smile of satisfaction at Hyeonu’s words.

“If I go, you will give me alcohol, right? I’m looking forward to it.”


Hyeonu finished talking with Lebron, but he didn’t go straight to the Hejin Great Mountain Range. Instead, he sat in a corner of Lebron’s mansion and started going over the rewards of the East Continent quest—one coat and two elixirs. There was the long cloth that looked like a coat given by Chen Long and the elixirs given by the emperor.

‘I’ll look at the coat first.’

Hyeonu pulled out the black cloth.

[Blood-stained Night]

[A coat that the Mysterious Sky Demonic Senior used to wear. The damage is so severe that much of its original function is lost.

Currently, it has been repaired with materials of a similar texture.

Rating: Rare

Restrictions: 90 strength, 100 magic power

Durability: 59/59

Defense: 32

Effect: None]

‘Um...’ Hyeonu’s expression stiffened when he saw the item information. It was just superficially fine. However, in reality, it was just like a straw mat. It had a defense of 32 was close to useless, and there was no effect.

‘No, no.’

Hyeonu shook his head after once again reading the description of the item. He found some possibilities. Since it was damaged, that meant it would regain its original condition once it was repaired.

‘Let’s put this back.’

The black cloth disappeared, and a small box took its place. It was one of the two boxes containing the elixirs he’d received from the emperor. The box opened without any squeaks.

‘Will this have an advanced rating?’

Hyeonu thought about it and checked the content of the box. There was a black lump the size of a fist. It was bumpy all over, without a single smooth surface.

[Corrupted Dragon’s Wish Bead Fragment]

[The fragment of a wish bead held by a dragon who failed to ascend to the heavens because he was stained by darkness just before ascending. It is just a fragment, but it still contains a strong magic power.

Rating: Unique

Restrictions: Possess the corrupted attribute, 2,500 magic power, can only be taken by animals.

Effect: Stats will randomly increase when taken (a maximum of 200 points per stat). There is a normal probability of creating a skill. There is a low probability of creating a stat.]

‘Jackpot! Jackpot!’

A smile replaced Hyeonu’s disappointed expression. He was now very satisfied. Hyeonu could see the greatness of the empire that dominated the East Continent. Then his happy expression became distorted.

‘I can’t use it.’

An annoyed Hyeonu spat on the ground. He was hit by the usage restrictions, which were precisely tailored to Tang-E rather than him.

‘What else?’

Hyeonu quickly opened the other box. It contained a jewel that gave off a reddish glow.

‘Can I consume this one?’

Hyeonu cocked his head and raised the jewel.

[Soul of a Mad Killer]

[A bead that appeared after the death of Cruel, a legendary killer in the East Continent. It contains all of him.

Rating: Unique

Restrictions: 2,000 strength, 2,000 physique, and 2,000 magic power.

Effect: Stats will randomly increase when taken (a maximum of 200 points per stat). There is a high probability of creating a skill. There is a low probability of creating a stat.]

Hyeonu’s face brightened again.

‘This is better.’

It was because Hyeonu’s one was better than Tang-E’s. In fact, the two elixirs were very similar. There was only one thing that was different—‘a high probability’ instead of ‘a normal probability’. It was a difference of one word, but it made Hyeonu feel great.

“I will receive a skill,” Hyeonu muttered as he placed the red jewel in his mouth.

‘It’s... delicious?’

The red jewel melted and dissolved the moment it entered Hyeonu’s mouth. The elixir had a delicious taste as well like drinking tomato juice with added sugar.

[Player ‘Gang Hyeonu’ has consumed ‘Soul of a Mad Killer’.]

[The strength stat has increased by 125 points.]

[The agility stat has increased by 199 points.]

[The physique stat has increased by 53 points.]

[The magic power stat has increased by 178 points.]

[The fighting energy stat has increased by 102 points.]

[The dignity stat has increased by 89 points.]

‘The stats rose well.’

In addition to the main four, two more of Hyeonu’s had risen. They were essentially the same things, so there was naturally an effect on these two stats as well. It meant he had received increases for more than the average stats that could be obtained by taking the elixir. So it was natural for Hyeonu to feel satisfied.

[Player ‘Gang Hyeonu’ has consumed ‘Soul of a Mad Killer’, and a new skill is created.]


“Ahhhh!!” Hyeonu screamed when he saw the last message. He had succeeded with the high probability.

[Introduction to Disassembling]

[This is the disassembling technique that was used and honed by the killer, Cruel, throughout his life. It can be used without holding a weapon.

Type: Continuous

Rating: Unique

Skill Proficiency: F

Effects: Ignores 10% of the opponent’s defense. Has a certain chance to separate the area that is hit.]

It was a skill with a good effect that wasn’t inferior to any of Hyeonu’s other skills. The effect of ignoring defense alone meant it was a skill of considerable value.

‘Separate? To cut it apart? What does it mean by ‘separate’?’

There was just one line of the explanation that was hard to fathom. Nevertheless, he didn’t care because it didn’t seem bad. He was just satisfied about getting a defense penetration skill. However, the messages didn’t end here. There was still one more message waiting for him.

“Eh?” Hyeonu made a flustered sound.

[Player ‘Gang Hyeonu’ has consumed ‘Soul of a Mad Killer’, and a new stat is being created.]

[The killing intent stat has been created.]

[Killing Intent: A more primitive emotion than fighting energy. Significantly lowers the stats of opponents weaker than you. Slightly lowers the stats of opponents stronger than you. Remaining stat points can’t be added to it.]


It was a straight home run. If the skill was considered a solo or two-person home run, then the stat was a grand slam. No matter how good a skill was, it couldn’t compare to a stat as a stat could receive the modification of an item. The skill started at F-rank, but the stat didn’t.

‘Status Window.’

[Status Window]

[Character Name: Gang Hyeonu

Level: 258

Class: True Knight of Keon

Title: Benefactor of the Yuxin Imperial Family and 28 others.

Stats: Strength: 609 (+3,050) Agility: 976 (+3,000) Physique: 404 (+3,200) Magic Power: 796 (+3,200) Fighting Energy: 701 (+2,800) Dignity: 236 (+2,800) Killing Intent: 0 (+2,800)

Remaining stat points: 0

Retained Attributes: Dark]

Just like right now. He had just obtained the stat, yet he got an additional 2,800 points attached to it.

‘As expected of a S+ rated quest. The rewards are worthwhile.’

He was confident that, as a reward, ‘Soul of a Mad Killer’ would not be considered inferior to Reina’s or Mascherano’s territory. It might be pushed in absolute value, but it was never pushed in terms of the value it had for individuals. The skill and stat that Hyeonu received was as good as the worth of a territory for them.

Hyeonu packed up his things. He closed the empty box and placed it in his inventory. The box containing the dark blue mass for Tang-E was also put in there.

‘The sky is a bit dark now.’

Hyeonu had spent too much time checking his results, so he currently had no time to feed Tang-E the essence and wait.

‘I will go to see Edchan.’

There were good things Hyeonu had to hand to him—the metals obtained from Chen Long, the new leather of the drake he killed because of Mason, and lastly, the alcohol from the East Continent.

‘A friendship that grows through the things given and received.’

Bartering was urgent for Hyeonu right now.
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