Ranker's Return
Chapter 325
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 325

‘They look like players?’

A group of people caught Hyeonu’s eye just as he was about to end the stream. They were warriors in colorful armor and priests in white robes; it was a party of players.

“Before I finish the stream, let me do an interview with players in Phinis.”

-That’s a good idea.

-We need the reviews of players with realistic specs, not Alley Leader’s specs.

-Right, right. I need a review from a similar friend.

-Let’s ask intensively about Mount Canary.

The viewers also agreed. They wanted real information—reviews from people like themselves, rather than the ideal Alley Leader.

“Excuse me! Are you a party? Can you give me a bit of your time?” Hyeonu approached the players with a common greeting.

“Is he Alley Leader?”

“It can’t be. Why would Alley Leader here?”

“It’s because it is his territory, idiot.”

“Isn’t this fake?”

The players exchanged glances as they whispered to each other. Of course, they didn’t forget to glance at Hyeonu as well.

“Perhaps... are you Alley Leader?” A boy with a childish face, who was standing at the front of the group, asked Hyeonu.

Hyeonu nodded and replied, “Yes, I am streaming right now. I’m not an impersonator. Would you like me to show you some evidence?”

The players heard Hyeonu’s answer and looked at each other several times.

“Wow, it’s really him?”

“We don’t have to give money or items anyway.”

“We can do it. It’s just talking. The hunt is over for today anyway.”

They quickly sorted out their opinions and flocked to Hyeonu.

“Then can we take some authentication shots first?”

“Of course. Who should I take it with?”


“Get lost. It should be me.”

“You get lost. I’m the best.”

They had young faces and boasted a teenager’s unique beagle-like beauty,

When the Viewers saw this scene, they smiled.

-I also had a lively time like that once...

-Cute kids...

-How are they so cute...

Hyeonu felt the same way. It was like he was seeing Yeongjun, Yeongchan’s little brother.

“I’ll take photos with all of youone by one, so come in turn. I’ll start with that person standing over there,” Hyeonu said. He was kind enough to take photos with them. After taking all the photos, Hyeonu got to the point: “Then I’ll ask a few questions now. Can I do that?”

The group nodded.

“Shall we start with a simple introduction? Just tell me your class and level.”

Once Hyeonu’s words were over, the players opened their mouths one after another, starting with the boy on the far left.

“I’m level 190, and I have the warrior class.”

“I’m a level 186 priest.”

“I’m a level 186 warrior.”

“I’m a level 193 magician.”

“I’m a level 191 archer.”

It was a party of five people.

This was a slightly unusual combination considering that there were usually six people in a party.

‘There are only five?’ Hyeonu wondered about that inwardly before asking out loud, “You are only hunting with five people?”

“We were originally like this. We started together at the beginning,” the boy with disheveled hair answered calmly.

“It is still more efficient to have six people. Why do you only have five people?”

A party of six was better in terms of hunting speed and stability. The reason why rankers moved in groups of six wasn’t that they lacked skills but that it was the most efficient way.

“We are friends in reality. It is comfortable for us to go around like this, so we have no intention of changing it. We just want to enjoy the game...”

‘It is possible if they are real friends.’ Hyeonu nodded at the answer understandingly. It could be burdensome to add someone they didn’t know to the party, both for them and the new party member. In a way, it was a very wise judgment.

“Then I’m going to ask what the viewers are most curious about. How is the hunting on Mount Canary? Is it hard?”

-Now it’s coming out.

-This is the important thing.

-You can skip the previous introduction.

-This is the de facto main question.

Hyeonu asked the question that was his original purpose—the onethat the viewers wanted answered.

“Mount Canary? It is good. It isn’t particularly hard, and there are few people around. It gives a lot of experience, and the drop rate is pretty good.”

This was high praise. It listed all the benefits that a hunting player wanted. The field level wasn’t difficult, but it gave high experience and rewards. With low risk and high returns, it had the ideal form.

-Isn’t this a pretense?

-It is suspicious that players were wandering around Phinis at this time.

-Won’t we be completely caught in a trap if we go? Mount Canary might have a hell difficulty, and the experience...

However, it was still hard for viewers to accept it. After all, they had to look before they leaped, so they doubted it first.

“Ah, that’s right. There also seems to be many quests? There are quite a few simple, repetitive quests... It is worthwhile to come here before going to the Balder Mountains or a field of a similar level.”

As the disheveled boy continued speaking, the viewers were shaken. His vivid expression was too real for his words to be treated as a lie.

“What about the others behind you? The magician with close-cut hair over there, tell me.” Hyeonu pointed his finger at the magician in the group.

The magician turned his head to the left and right like he didn’t know who Hyeonu was pointing to. Then once everyone stared at him, he realized that Hyeonu was speaking to him.

“Me?” The magician uttered.

“Yes, you with the close-cut hair. Please tell me. How do you find Mount Canary? What about Phinis?” Hyeonu asked.

“It’s a good place for magicians. The monsters have low magic defense, so the damage will increase rapidly. Everything hits well regardless of attribute. Instead, the monsters are a bit fast. If a tanker or close-range damage dealer can’t stop it, then it will hit straight you away.” The magician left a pleasant review.

Behind the mask, the corners of Hyeonu’s lips rose like they were going to pierce the sky. It was great that the players only said good things about Phinis.

“Yes, thank you for participating in the interview. I hope you have a good hunt in Phinis.” Hyeonu ran away before they said anything else.

He had escaped from any accusations. Arriving at the castle with a quick pace, Hyeonu started playing out his final publicity move to the viewers.

“There are quests of good quality, high quality hunting grounds, and a smithy with a dwarf. There is also a huge statue of Tang-E. Why are you hesitating? You can make your way here right now,” Hyeonu said and then paused for a moment.

He didn’t stop for long though. Still, he waited and really took a break.

“Phinis is always waiting for you,” Hyeonu announced with both hands spread wide open.


At a cafe in Sinsadong, the eyes of the people inside were focused on one table where two men were sitting. One was a cute young man with blond hair, and the other was a man who could be called handsome. They drank their drinks, unconcerned about the gazes around them.

“Brother, it seems interesting lately. I want to go to the East Continent...” Mason stared at Hyeonu with a sad expression.

Hyeonu smiled at such a Mason and said, “I will bring everyone soon... My work will soon be done, and our teammates still have to clear Laek to some extent. What are you doing now?”

Mason frowned upon hearing Hyeonu’s words.

“Don’t say that. Everyone’s been working hard and doing a good job,” Mason started to actively defend the team’s players when he felt he wouldn’t be going to the East Continent anytime soon.

Yet Hyeonu’s target was Mason, not the other teammates.

“You should work a bit harder. How long are you going to stay there? You should go to the next academy,” Hyeonu said.

Upon getting attacked by Hyeonu, Mason spat his drink back out.

“Pfft... No... Do you think I don’t want to clear it? Brother, you’re so strong. How can I beat you? I’ll clear it later, later. Don’t worry about it,” Mason spoke with a face full of resentment.

He didn’t want to be stopped there either, but he failed to see the answer every time he challenged it, so he just stopped.

“Yes, well... Putting yourself aside, Dwayne is stage 6, Yuri is stage 6, and Lee Hoon is stage 6. Are you holding hands to clear it or what?” Hyeonu didn’t understand it. Obviously Laek was cleared alone, so it was strange that they were progressing at the same time like a party.

“It is because when one person clears it, they share the approach. It seems the skill levels of the three people are similar.”

The three of them shared everything about Laek. They thought about how to clear the task through discussions, and if someone passed the stage, they shared the method.

“Seon Hwa-ssi... You said she cleared the third stage?” Hyeonu asked as he sipped his drink.

“Sunny? She cleared the third stage yesterday.”

Sunny’s real name was Seon Hwa. Her surname was Seon, and her given name was Hwa. She barely passed stage three yesterday. It was a great achievement considering her serious lack of control.

“That is better than I expected. I thought she would never be able to clear stage three in her life. Who taught her?”

“We all rushed over to help. Sister Yuri suffered the most.”

“Amazing, amazing. I wanted to die when I tried teaching her...” Hyeonu admired them.

He knew since he had taught Sunny in the past. Be it her movements or rhythm, she was terrible at the game. Sunny simply played it wrongly.

‘I thought I was going to die from frustration at the time.’

Hyeonu hadn’t been able to bear the frustration. It was even more so because the difference in capability between him and Sunny was too great; Hyeonu played all games well.

“So take me to the East Continent. The Balder Mountains are no longer interesting. I can’t hunt deep inside, but the starting area is too boring.”

It had been a long time since Mason began stagnating in the Balder Mountains, and boredom had set in.

“Hold on a bit more. I’ll come to you in a few days. However, there is really nothing different about the East Continent. It doesn't make a big difference,” Hyeonu spoke like it wasn’t a big deal.

Mason’s expression distorted when he heard it.

“That is because you are you. We haven’t been there yet, so how can you say that?” Mason shot up onto his feet.

“Okay, I understand, I understand. I’ll bring you over by all means,” Hyeonu said while smiling at Mason.


“You’re here?”

Instead of his usual sloppy outfit, Chen Long was dressed up when he met Hyeonu. He exuded a noble temperament while dressed in dark robes with an embroidered blue dragon, which looked like a dragon up in the night sky.

“It seems we are going somewhere really important today? You sure aren’t playing around with your outfit,” Hyeonu remarked.

When he heard Hyeonu’s words, Chen Long smiled and said, “This is the uniform of the Cheonryong Group. It has been a long time since I’ve worn it. It’s also the clothes I will wear from today on.”

Chen Long’s eyes narrowed, and he scanned Hyeonu’s entire body. Then he said, “Take out your weapon. I’m not sure if anything will happen, but... you should be prepared.”

“I understand,” Hyeonu replied and pulled out the Mysterious Sky Sword hanging from his waist.

“Then come along. I will show you the rotten flesh of the Samsungga today.”

Chen Long’s long robes fluttered as he walked.

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