Ranker's Return
Chapter 310
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 310

-What a surprise.

-What is this?

-What is the situation now?

-My eyes!

-A lightning flare was thrown.

The viewers felt like they were instantly blinded as the world turned white. Then they noticed it. What was the identity of the white thing? What could create this effect in Arena? They started to think about it themselves.

-By the way, what is that white thing?

-A lightning flare, a lightning flare.

-My eyes, my eyes.

-Don’t mess around. What is it?

-Isn’t it like a thunderbolt?

The viewers were talking to each other when they heard a familiar voice.

“Groan...” Hyeonu let out a groan. Patting his neck, he said leisurely, “It feels like I got a massage. It’s exciting.”

The damage wasn’t as significant as the intense visual effect.

‘Tyrant’s Heart hasn’t been used.’

Tyrant’s Heart had a condition where it would be triggered if Hyeonu’s health fell below 30%. The fact that the skill wasn’t used meant that Hyeonu’s health hadn’t decreased by much.

‘I like Tang-E’s buffs.’

He didn’t feel this way very often because he never received much damage normally, but the effect of Forest’s Blessing was truly enormous. Even at this moment, his physique was rising rapidly. It was as fast as a syringe sucking up medicine.

“I’ll have to figure out which jerk struck me with lightning.” Hyeonu picked up the Mysterious Sky Sword that had fallen to the ground. Then he turned his head quickly and looked around. It was at this moment that a fast-moving object struck Hyeonu.

“Master dude, are you okay? Did you go crazy?” It was Tang-E. He had been relatively far away, so he could see it precisely. A human had suddenly appeared and waved his hand. It had been instantaneous. Something had popped out of his hand, and after that, lightning fell from the air.

“I couldn’t stop it. I just watched. I’m sorry, Master dude...” Tang-E blamed himself. It had been Tang-E's duty to keep the unidentified human in check when he appeared. Yet Tang-E had forgotten his role, so this was obviously his fault.

“It’s okay. It doesn’t matter. He will die in one shot. There is less than a minute left for him to breathe air.” Hyeonu stroked Tang-E’s back several times before putting him down.

“Buff me again, Tang-E,” Hyeonu said while walking forward. Even at this moment, Hyeonu’s eyes were still moving. His efforts had paid off as he managed to find the shaman. It was a middle-aged man with thick blond hair, who gave off the impression of being a slightly skinny person. This was Guan, the second group leader of the Secret Camp.

“Hey! You’re finished today,” Hyeonu declared. In his mind, the stream and having fun were already erased from his mind. He was filled with a desire to repay that hit.

‘Giant's Nature, Giant’s Origin, and One Who Yearns.’

[Giant’s Nature has been used.]

[Your strength stat has increased.]

[Giant’s Origin has been used.]

[Your strength stat has increased.]

[One Who Yearns has been used.]

[All stats have increased.]

Hyeonu pulled out skills he hadn’t used. In addition, he pulled out another secret technique, which had been kept hidden until now.

‘Tyrant’s Eyes.’

Tyrant’s Eyes was an effect built into the helmet made of Caruso’s leather.

[Tyrant’s Eyes: Steals 15% of the target’s stats and randomly inflicts an abnormal status.

Duration: 30 minutes.]

Hyeonu’s eyes turned red. Then black magic power slowly covered them. The two colors began to mix, only stopping when the strange red glow became a black-red color. Hyeonu’s mask had been formed with the eyes section hollowed out. In other words, his pupils were always visible. Naturally, this meant that other people could see Hyeonu’s eyes, including the viewers.

-Wow, it’s full of charm...

-It goes well with the clothes.

-Look at the matching colors.

-It is the same color from head to toe.

The Tyrant Caruso set was black and red—the same color combination as Hyeonu’s eyes. All of this was harmonious, but Hyeonu looked quite strange in this space. Just then, Guan opened his mouth and asked, “Who are you, and why are you invading this place?”

In the meantime, the red menon had already moved behind Guan.

“Me?” Hyeonu reached out a finger and pointed to his own face. It was a strangely mischievous tone that he used. Hyeonu felt like a naughty boy. He said, “I’m a busy person. I have to get revenge and to be successful. One of them has to do with you.”

After hearing Hyeonu’s words, Guan’s expression became distorted. He questioned Hyeonu, “What do you mean? Did you come because of my fame? The reputation of being a shaman in Dinnei?”

“It is due to your reputation, but it isn’t related to Dinnei, Guan—the second group leader of the Secret Camp.”

“What?” Guan’s angry face stiffened instantly. It was unexpected.

‘Where did this person come from? The only ones who know are the leader and upper ranks...’ Guan’s mind was confused. Nevertheless, one thing was clear. Guan had to kill the man in front of him in order to keep things quiet.

Pulling out an amulet, he threw it without hesitation. Then Guan paused for a moment as he met Hyeonu’s eyes. It was just for a very short period of time. Once again, Guan moved toward his original purpose, but it was a white hand, not an amulet, that flew through the air.

The cause of the problem was Guan’s hesitation after he threw the amulet. Hyeonu used this gap to run over in an instant. He fired pure energy with a swing of the Mysterious Sky Sword swung and cut off Guan’s hand.

“Kuaaack!” Guan grabbed at his severed wrist as he felt severe pain for the first time in decades. Then something flew at Hyeonu while he was rushing toward Guan. It was a white saw-blade spear, and there was a red hand holding it. They belonged to the menon whose body was encroached by a ghost.

Hyeonu moved the Mysterious Sky Sword through the air, and a black pure energy was fired along its trajectory. The pure energy flew with a sharp sound and cut the menon’s gray-white pure energy. Hyeonu’s pure energy now contained a different level of power, which wasn’t comparable to the previous one. Victory had already tilted to Hyeonu’s side the moment he used Tyrant’s Eyes.

[You have been exposed to the Tyrant’s Eyes.]

[All stats are reduced.]

[The menon whose body was encroached by a ghost has received the abnormal condition ‘poison’.]

In addition, the ‘poison’ condition was added. Immediately after the message appeared, the menon started coughing.

“Kuoooh!” Green blood spilled from the menon’s mouth. It was a different color from the blood the menon had spilled so far. Regardless, Hyeonu didn’t stop here. As he watched the menon cough up the poisoned green blood, Hyeonu swung the Mysterious Sky Sword.


[You have heard the Fear of the menon whose body was encroached by a ghost.]

[The influence of fighting energy allows you to ignore the Fear of the menon whose body was encroached by a ghost.]

The ghost cried out to block Hyeonu’s attack, but it was useless. Hyeonu’s sword still penetrated the menon’s head. The Mysterious Sky Sword moved in an unstoppable manner, and the menon’s head fell straight to the ground.

[The menon whose body was encroached by a ghost has been defeated.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

The moment the menon was knocked down, Hyeonu could see Guan still sitting while holding onto his severed wrist. Barely managing to move his hand, Guan took out an amulet. However, Hyeonu wasn’t just going to watch. He swung the Mysterious Sky Sword ruthlessly.

Guan, who was holding his severed wrist, quickly pulled out the amulet and threw it. There was a flash, and lightning struck from the empty air.

“I have to contact the leader as soon as possible. How did he find out my identity?” Guan said to himself. He was convinced that Hyeonu was hit by his lightning spell, so he just walked away without looking back. Right then, a noise spread through the quiet space, and Guan instinctively turned his head toward the sound.

“Wh...?” The thing that entered Guan’s vision was a solid black energy flying in fiercely. Guan couldn’t even finish what he was trying to say. Hyeonu’s pure energy had already pierced Guan’s throat.

[Guan, the 2nd group leader of the Secret Camp, has been killed.]

[Experience has been acquired.]

[You have leveled up.]

[All health and magic power have been restored.]

[Leaders of the Secret Camp Killed 3/50]

“It’s over, everyone.” Hyeonu’s words announced the end of the dungeon and the stream.


Two items remained in the spot where Guan and the menon disappeared. They each left one item in a good manner. Guan left a necklace, and menon left a pair of earrings. Hyeonu picked up the two items and said, “Everyone, this is the first dungeon successfully cleared on the East Continent.”

-So what about the item information?

-Are you looking alone?

-Isn’t it good to share?

-Practice the joy of sharing.

Hyeonu saw the chat and raised his free right hand to the mask, lifting it so that only his philtrum could be seen.

“Do you know? The more that information is monopolized, the higher its value will be. This is why I will see the item information for these items alone.”

Hyeonu’s lips curled up in a smile. It was full of obvious ridicule.

-Hah... This personality again...

-He is really poisonous.

-Let’s reveal just one. Just one.


“Yes, later. I will show it to you laaaaaater. Today’s streaming ends here. Thank you all for watching the stream today. Come watch again at the same time on Friday. Thank you so much for today. Bbeong!”

Hyeonu ended his live stream. Although he had behaved self-righteously, he wasn’t worried. Hyeonu knew that his image wouldn’t be hurt by this because it was too brilliant.

‘I’m already trash.’

No matter what anyone said, Alley Leader was an icon of no communication when it came to streaming. Hyeonu already knew it well.

“Master dude, what is in your hand? Is it a gift for me? If so, I’ll accept it.” Tang-E approached and climbed onto Hyeonu’s shoulder.

“This? Wait a minute. I will give it to you if it fits you well,” Hyeonu said.

He would give it to Tang-E if he really desired it. Of course, that was only for the necklace.

‘I don’t care about it because I can’t change my necklace at all.’

The necklace Hyeonu currently wore was an epic item called Mysterious Sky Guardian, and he didn’t intend to change it no matter what item he found. No, it shouldn’t be replaced. On the other hand, the earrings could be changed. The earrings that Hyeonu was wearing now were those he’d received from Patrick due to the past conflict with the Mano Guild. This pair of earrings increased Hyeonu’s magic power stat by 100 and had a skill that required a condition to activate.

‘It sounds nice, but it is still a shame.’

They were a disappointing item for Hyeonu who was unlike anyone else. It was an item that no one else could use, yet it wasn’t for Hyeonu at all. In fact, it was the worst item he was wearing. Hyeonu placed the necklace in his inventory and carefully grasped the earrings with both hands. Then he brought the earrings to his forehead, shoulders, and chest. Hyeonu wasn’t a Catholic, but.

I if he was desperate, he would pray to Buddha and all sorts of gods.

After completing a type of ritual, Hyeonu carefully grasped the earrings and muttered, “Item Information.”

The information of the earrings appeared in front of Hyeonu’s eyes.
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