Ranker's Return
Chapter 298
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Ranker's Return
Author :rainbowturtle
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Chapter 298

Hyeonu was busy preparing for his stream. He had spent a day visiting Senu, so he didn’t have that much time left for his preparations.

‘What should I do?’

He was struggling. Should he stream the conversation with Chen Long or the progress of the quest after that? He was standing at the crossroads of choice. Just then, Hyeonu’s smartphone rang.

-From Kim Seokjung: Dongsaeng, are you busy?

‘What’s going on?’ Hyeonu questioned Kim Seokjung’s message that suddenly arrived, but his body was already answering.

-To Kim Seokjung: No, it’s fine. What’s going on?

-From Kim Seokjung: That is... what you said the other day. I hope I can do it...

Hyeonu had already talked to Kim Seokjung over the phone in reality. Apart from what was released on the stream, Hyeonu said everything that only he knew.

-To Kim Seokjung: Then use what I gave you and come over. I’ll be waiting for you.

Hyeonu had chosen Kim Seokjung—no, New World, so he had to cooperate with them. They had to go to Chen Long with him to get the quest related to the Samsungga.

‘We are in the same guild, so I have to do this.’

The others in New World were all as good as Kim Seokjung and Gang Junggu. They hadn’t been bothered by the people Hyeonu brought in, and everyone treated them like friends and family.

‘Of course, it is mainly for Heder, but...’

Aside from Lee Hoon, those like Dwayne, Mason, Yuri, and Sunny were unusual at first glance. Despite this, they were greatly welcomed wherever they went. As he was thinking this, some people appeared together with a burst of light.

“Hey, Brother! It has been a while. I’ve almost forgotten your face because it has been so long since I saw it. We should see each other more often, more often. Lately, it’s harder to see your face than ever before.” Kim Seokjung grabbed Hyeonu and poured out a stream of words from the moment he appeared.

The babbling continued until Gang Junggu grabbed Kim Seokjung’s shoulder and stopped him: “Hyung-nim, stop it. If you keep speaking alone, how can Hyeonu answer? You have to let him answer.”

“Come on. What do you have to say?” Kim Seokjung urged Hyeonu, pressing a hand against his head.

‘It isn’t like that...’ Hyeonu opened his mouth as he swallowed down the words he couldn’t possibly say.

“I just wanted to say that I wish everyone can have fun together. Some of us might be unfamiliar with each other, but we are still in the same guild, New World,” Hyeonu finished saying with an awkward smile.

In fact, Hyeonu had never properly been in a guild. He had always enjoyed playing games alone and only occasionally joined parties.

Joining New World was the first time he had been bound in such a fixed form, so it was naturally strange for him to be with others.

The only one Hyeonu always played with was Yeongchan.

“Of course! This is meant to be enjoyable. We should have more fun than anyone else. Isn’t that right?!”

At Kim Seokjung’s words, the other members of New World nodded. They had the same opinion as Kim Seokjung, their spiritual and material support: 'Arena is a game. Enjoy it. Fun is the top priority.'

Hyeonu now had a smile on his face. He seemed to be infected by their energy.

“Then let’s start streaming. If you want to turn it on, feel free to do so. It isn’t a big secret anyway,” he said, looking around as he prepared for his stream.

It was an expression of confidence that his viewers wouldn’t leave even if he didn’t monopolize the content. He was so confident that it might be seen as arrogance or pride.

“I don’t think this is right.”

“Isn’t it a complete nuisance?”

There was chaos in the surroundings the moment Hyeonu’s words were over. Regardless of what anyone said, this was Alley Leader’s content. They were just guests that Hyeonu had invited as a favor, so if they were to stream at the same time, they would be inserting a spoon into his meal.

“I won’t do so. I think it’s a nuisance.”

“That’s right. You allowed us to experience the East Continent before others and made it possible to participate in quests. How can we stream at the same time as you?”

The members of New World presented their opinions to Hyeonu. They were fine with this. Of course, they also wanted to stream, but not now.

‘This isn’t right.’

It wasn’t just the members of New World. Gang Junggu felt the same way. He expressed, “Yes, Hyeonu. I don’t think this is right. Do it alone. That will be more comfortable for us.”

This time, Hyeonu shook his head.

“It really is fine. We are part of the same guild. It won’t damage me, so feel free to do so. I am Alley Leader. There is no problem even if New World turns on the streaming mode. I won’t lose a single viewer.” Hyeonu finished speaking and smiled.

There was a mask covering his face, so the members of New World couldn’t see his expression. Still, they could tell that Hyeonu was smiling.

“What are you doing?! Turn it on when my dongsaeng tells you to turn it on! Don’t mess around later,” Kim Seokjung stated, stepping forward to resolve the situation.

“Seokjung hyung-nim, please look after me,” Hyeonu said.

“I know. I’ll be quiet. Don’t worry.” Kim Seokjung waved his hand at Hyeonu’s words.

As he watched Kim Seokjung, Hyeonu shook his head several times and then opened his mouth: “Hello, everyone. I am Alley Leader.”

It was the beginning of his stream with New World.


It was an early start. A regular streamer would be troubled because the viewers couldn’t gather properly. However, this wasn’t an obstacle for Alley Leader. His stream was as lively as always.

-Today is a quest in the East Continent.

-That’s right.

-Is he doing it alone today?

-I don’t know.

The viewers chatted while maintaining a tone that was trendy now. After a while, the still screen started to move, and a man wearing a child’s mask appeared on the screen. “Hello, everyone. I am Alley Leader.”

-Let’s stream frequently!

-Is there no guest today?

-Will Tang-E come out?

The viewers applied the same strange manner of talking to Hyeonu. It was just that Hyeonu was a veteran streamer, so he was never pushed by the viewers when it came to trendy concepts. “Tang-E will definitely come out. In addition, there will be others present. You will probably find out in a moment.”

-It’s like... ~an uncle.

-Don’t do it. Alley Leader will also do strange things.

-Let’s just block those kids.

Of course, Alley Leader’s words weren’t a bad thing. Rather, the effect was excellent. The moment Hyeonu grabbed onto the concept and started speaking, there was a contradictory reaction. The viewers’ laughter and enjoyment changed into disgust. It was unclear precisely who it was aimed at...

“Yes, I won’t do it anymore. I will explain today’s content. I am back in the East Continent today.”

-So who is the guest?

-The guest is Tang-E. Anyone else is useless.

-Summon Tang-E and go.

-I love Tang-E!

-Tang-E is the Best Best has gifted you 11 gold coins.

The viewers laughed like wild dogs. Their goal was Tang-E, only Tang-E.

“I’m not going to summon Tang-E right now. The first thing to do is to clear the quest. Therefore, I have guests. Let’s all look at them together.” Hyeonu turned his head toward a group of people. Naturally, the viewers who shared Hyeonu’s vision also saw them.

-Uh? Sijong?


-Aren’t they all names from New World?

-Don’t tell me...

The viewers were rendered speechless upon seeing the familiar faces. So, Hyeonu said on their behalf, “It’s New World. No, should I call this a guild quest?”

-Now he isn’t profiting alone. It is the guild that’s profiting.

-Isn’t this like the previous scenario?

-It seems that Alley Leader and New World are dominating Arena.

“Hello, guys? It has been a while. It is nice to see everyone. I am streaming with my dongsaeng. If you still have time, then look at New World as well.” Kim Seokjung approached Hyeonu, broke into the stream, and started to communicate with the audience using his unique cheerful words and actions.

Gang Junggu had stopped him just some time ago, but Gang Junggu wasn’t here right now. He was streaming with the New World guild members.

-I’m already watching hard.

-Yes, that’s right.

-So please...

-Where did you go, Junggu hyung-nim? Please stop him!

In the absence of Gang Junggu, Hyeonu stepped out.

‘This is enough...’

Hyeonu had expected this flow. That was why he quickly started the stream earlier. The viewers then gathered during this period of time. In a way, he had predicted the progression of the situation and used it well.

“Hyung-nim, now you have to go and get the quest. I’ll introduce you to them,” Hyeonu said.

Kim Seokjung replied, “Ah, of course. You know what I, Jin Sijong, am like, our brother.”

He laughed and put his arm around Hyeonu’s shoulder. Then he shouted toward his guild members, “What are you doing?! Why aren’t you departing?”

Kim Seokjung’s sudden shout caused New World’s stream to bustle with activity as the guild members started preparing to move.

“We will talk as we move.”

Hearing Kim Seokjung’s words, Hyeonu smiled. ‘He isn’t the guild leader for no reason.’ On the outside, the man seemed really at ease, but this wasn’t the case. He controlled the guild members well.

Hyeonu said to the viewers, “Everyone, did you hear it? We’ll talk about the rest as we go.”


“I thought you wouldn’t come... Why did you bring so many people?” The guard leader, Chen Long, yawned and stared at Hyeonu.

“Guard leader, these are the adventurers I brought.” Hyeonu introduced Chen Long to New World. “They are all talented people who can use pure energy. They are the best among adventurers.”

Chen Long’s eyes narrowed. The number was greater than he had expected.

‘It’s real,’ he remarked inwardly. Honestly, he thought it was half a bluff that there were hundreds of immortal people who could use pure energy. Yet dozens of adventurers were already gathered in front of him now. It was then that Chen Long thought he had made a good choice.

“So... what can I do for you?”

“Before that, I have something to say,” Hyeonu stated.

“Something to say?” Chen Long asked Hyeonu.

He couldn’t think of anything Hyeonu might have to say. ‘What is there to say?’

“Tell me,” Chen Long spoke with no expectations.

“I have received an answer from the emperor. He said he wants to restore the past relationship if you become the master of the Samsungga. He said that he will give it a horizontal position, not vertical. The emperor of the Yuxin Empire and the master of the Gucheon Secret Department will rule the East Continent together.”

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